Free Government Phone And Tablet Providers – How to Get in 2023

Free Government Phone And Tablet

How Do Free Phones and Tablets Help Low-income Families In the midst of the digital age, we rely on cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices more than ever. We need them to stay in touch with family members, friends, jobs, school, healthcare, and emergency services. We use them for communication, work, education, services, entertainment, … Read more

How To Get Internet On Amazon Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi

How To Get Internet On Amazon Kindle Fire Without Wi-Fi

Do you have an Amazon Kindle Fire? If so, you must be loving the device. After all, bookworms and other tablet users all over the world worship this high-quality portable device! It comes pre-loaded with all sorts of useful apps and options, however, connecting it to an internet network is vital, as this way you … Read more

How Do I Qualify Affordable Connectivity Program Xfinity

Affordable Connectivity Program Xfinity

How Does Xfinity Work with ACP Benefit? Comcast Xfinity is a telecommunications company that offers cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services throughout the country. The Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP is a government assistance program by the FCC that helps households get access to the internet services they need for work, education, healthcare, and … Read more

How to Get a Free iPhone Under the EBB Program

Free iPhone EBB Program

Does the EBB Program Offer Free iPhones? During the Covid-19 pandemic, the FCC established a temporary government assistance program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit (or EBB). This program was designed to help households that are struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. The program provided a discount of up to $50 ($75 on qualifying … Read more

How To Get T-Mobile Free Tablet

T-Mobile Free Tablet

Does T-Mobile Offer Free Tablets? T-Mobile is one of the three largest carriers in the U.S. The company offers cell phone services, versatile plans, and many different electronic devices, including cell phones and tablets. T-Mobile also offers subscribers access to their nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network, which happens to be the largest 5G network … Read more

Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit Guide

Straight Talk Emergency Broadband Benefit

The pandemic has had a profound effect on every element of people’s life. As such, both the public and private sectors are attempting to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus-2019. A major obstacle to this global pandemic is the inevitable migration of jobs to the digital world – the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is among … Read more

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Battery Last

Doorbell cameras, video doorbells, or smart doorbells are the basic equipment of every safe home. As they are connected to your smartphone, they allow you to answer the doorbell through the app even if you are on the other side of the world. In addition, they enable you to monitor what is going on in … Read more

10 Best Video Doorbell Without Subscription

Video Doorbell Without Subscription

First thing’s first. Let’s clarify what exactly is a video doorbell without subscription and why would you need one. A video doorbell or a doorbell camera is simply a doorbell equipped with a security camera. It’s a Wi-Fi enabled smart device that features motion detectors, recording capability and storage space, and a two-way audio microphone/speaker, … Read more

How Does Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home

Ring Doorbell Work With Google Home

What is Google Home and How Is It Useful? Google Home or Google Nest is a line of smart speakers by Google that enables users to utilize voice commands and thus communicate with Google Assistant. It is used for audio playback and control, receiving news, home automation, and more. It is a smart and convenient … Read more