How Do I Cancel My SafeLink Service in 2023

Ending a service can be a challenging decision, and when it comes to canceling your SafeLink service, knowing the proper steps can make the process smoother. Whether you’ve found an alternative provider or no longer require assistance, this article will guide you through the necessary steps to cancel your SafeLink service. From understanding the cancellation policy to contacting customer support, we’ll provide you with the essential information to ensure a hassle-free cancellation experience. Let’s dive in and explore how you can cancel your SafeLink service with ease.

Why Would I Want to Cancel My SafeLink Serice?

SafeLink Wireless is a wireless company provided by TracFone. The company participates in both wireless services-related government assistance programs – Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Only eligible low-income customers can apply and through these programs, they can receive free monthly phone and wireless services and other benefits, which include:

  • Free unlimited monthly talk minutes
  • Free unlimited monthly text messages
  • Free monthly high-speed data (the amount depends on the state and plan)
  • Up to 10GB of hotspot
  • A free smartphone
  • A free SIM card
  • Access to a nationwide network

SafeLink is considered one of the most generous Lifeline and ACP providers, as such, you may be wondering why would you wish to cancel your service in the first place. Well, there are many potential reasons. For instance:

  • You may be moving to a state where SafeLink doesn’t offer its services or an area where its network is less than ideal. 
  • You may have found another Lifeline/ACP provider that offers other benefits that suit your needs better (for instance, some providers also offer highly discounted tablets to eligible customers).
  • You don’t qualify for SafeLink’s Lifeline and/or ACP benefits anymore. In this case, you must inform the company within 30 days.
  • Your SafeLink phone got lost or stolen and you must cancel your service to protect your account and make sure that no one uses your monthly balance.

What Should I Consider Before I Cancel My SafeLink Service?

Whatever the reason for wishing to cancel your SafeLink service, make sure to first consider and do the following. This way, you will protect your data, prepare for the cancelation process in advance to ensure a fast and smooth cancelation, and avoid any legal issues that may arise from not following the company’s rules.

  • Take the precaution of backing up important data such as contacts, photos, and messages. This is especially crucial if the company will reclaim the phone provided to you.
  • Thoroughly examine your SafeLink contract and understand the terms and conditions related to cancellation. You can review the company’s cancelation policy in the next section. 
  • Ensure that your account is in good standing by paying any outstanding balances. 
  • Follow the instructions provided by SafeLink to return the phone and any accessories if required. 
  • Prior to initiating the cancellation process, gather all relevant information about your SafeLink account. The customer service agent may request specific details during the cancellation procedure.

Moreover, if you wish to switch to another provider, make sure to find a suitable option. Start researching potential new providers in advance. Evaluate their offers and network coverage, ensuring compatibility with your current phone if you plan to continue using it. If you also want to keep your current phone number, reach out to the new carrier. Provide them with your SafeLink account information and request a number transfer or porting.

SafeLink Wireless Cancelation Policy

You can cancel your SafeLink services at any time, as long as they have been paid off in full and your account has been active throughout. Your services can also be canceled if the device got lost or stolen, however, this must be reported during the cancelation process, as the process will differ. 

The phone is yours to keep and can be used until your airtime minutes run out or expire, or indefinitely as a TracFone or Net10 phone if you continue purchasing airtime minutes.

Keep in mind that SafeLink services are non-refundable. No refunds or discounts will be given for unused service balances that expire by your service end date, unused Service balances on your SafeLink phone if it is lost or stolen, or services purchased that are not compatible or supported by your SafeLink phone.

How Do I Cancel My SafeLink Service

Now that you are prepared to do so, we’ll show exactly how do you cancel your SafeLink service. The process is rather fast and simple, so just relax and follow these instructions:

  • Contact SafeLink’s customer service. It is important to do so, as a representative must cancel the service for you. Before making the call, prepare all the personal and account information that may have to be provided during the process. Contact the company’s customer service by calling 1-800-SafeLink (723-3546). You can see other contact options at!/contactUs. The support team is available from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 10 PM EST and on Sundays from 8 AM to 7 PM EST.
  • When in contact with a representative, tell them that you wish to cancel your service and provide a reason why because different reasons may have different cancelation processes. For example, if you only wish to cancel the service temporarily because the device has been lost or stolen, the account will be temporarily deactivated. Make sure to inform the agent if you want a temporary or permanent cancelation. Also, mention if you wish to keep your phone and number.
  • Provide any required information (such as full name, date of birth, enrollment ID, social security number, etc.) and answer the agent’s questions. Follow the agent’s instructions on how to return any equipment or continue using paid services If necessary.
  • Wait for the representative to process your request. When done, make sure to write down the confirmation number the agent will provide you with before ending the call.
  • Check whether or not the process has been successful. Simply check if you still have access to SafeLink’s network and if you can use its services.

The phone call should be finished in a few minutes but the entire cancelation process may take a bit longer (from a few hours to a few days/weeks. For instance, the process is likely to be longer if you wish to keep your number, have to return any equipment, or must pay any outstanding balances.

Can My SafeLink Service Be Cancelled Automatically?

SafeLink reserves the right to cancel your services on its own at any time under any of the following conditions:

  • If you no longer qualify for the government assistance benefits.
  • If your service cycle has ended and you failed to complete the annual recertification on time (within 60 days of receiving the notification).
  • If you didn’t use your free monthly services within the last 45 days.
  • If the device was lost or stolen.
  • If you failed to respect the company’s terms and conditions.

What Happens if My SafeLink Service Gets Canceled?

Once your service has been canceled, you will no longer be able to use your benefits – place or receive calls, texts, or use data. In certain cases, you may even lose your phone number and your voicemail messages, therefore, make sure to back up the data in advance. If your cancelation was only temporary, you will be able to reactivate the account.

If you are no longer eligible for the program, you can still enjoy the benefits of being a regular TracFone Wireless customer using your SafeLink Wireless phone, however, you will no longer be able to use your free monthly benefits. To continue using your phone and adding airtime minutes and service days, you have the option to purchase TracFone or Net10 Airtime cards and value plans. 

You can learn more about the airtime promotions offered by TracFone Wireless at or by reaching out to them at 1-800-867-7183. For Net10 Wireless, explore their offerings at or connect with their team at 1-877-836-2368. 

Can I Reactivate My SafeLink Service?

Regardless of whether your service has been canceled by you or automatically, if you wish to reactivate it, you should contact the company’s customer service as soon as possible. If it was deactivated automatically, ask why. Ask how you can reactivate your service and follow the agent’s instructions. Make sure to respond swiftly though, as otherwise you may lose your number or be asked to pay extra fees. 

The reactivation process will depend on why the service has been canceled. For instance, if you were no longer eligible, you will be asked to provide eligibility proof. 

Note that in certain cases, you may not be able to reactivate your service (if you have violated the company’s terms and conditions).

How to Switch to Another Provider After Canceling SafeLink?

As long as you only get the benefits from one provider at a time, you can switch to another provider at any time. Simply find another suitable provider, contact its customer service, and ask the representative to transfer your benefits to their company. Follow the agent’s instructions and provide any required information.