10 Best IPTV Service for Firestick in 2023

What is IPTV service?

IPTV is an acronym that stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is a service that enables you to watch TV directly through the internet. Unlike traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable television formats, IPTV delivers television content over the internet. IPTV enables you to pick and choose what content you want to watch and see it live On-Demand. This convenient modern way of watching television is very user-friendly as it doesn’t require any cables or satellites. IPTV provides different types of services, such as VOD (Video-On-Demand). It offers the ability to stream source media continuously and play it almost instantly.

How IPTV works

IPTV uses IP (Internet Protocol) – a transport protocol or a delivery mechanism to deliver the videos to the viewer. In a way, it works like internet browsing. When the viewer clicks on any TV program and requests the video, the video from different sources (servers) is divided into data packages and sent through the internet.

Different types of IPTV

There are 4 different types of IPTV:

  • Legal and free IPTV
  • Legal and paid IPTV
  • Gray area and free IPTV
  • Gray area and paid IPTV

Obviously, you want to have legal IPTV. Gray area IPTV providers may have established a solid customer base and acquired many positive reviews, however, they are all likely to vanish at any moment. If you do choose one of those providers, make sure not to sign up for more than a month at a time.

When it comes to the difference between free and paid IPTV services, the latter tend to be more reliable, especially in gray area IPTV services. Legal and paid IPTV services enable you to watch channels in HD, experience less buffering, and channel downtime.

The top 10 best IPTV services in 2023

Technically speaking, there are no best IPTV services that would apply to everyone, as it fully depends on the user’s preferences. IPTV simply needs to fit the user and the content they want to watch. People who are into sports may want to buy an IPTV sports subscription package, while others prefer cooking channels or news. However, there are many overall great providers that offer countless channels of just about every channel imaginable, from sports to movies. Here is our pick of the top 10 best IPTV for Firestick.


This is one of the most popular IPTV service providers. It is compatible with Firestick (as well as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other devices), free, and completely legal and safe. Even though it doesn’t upload new content regularly, there are countless movies and TV shows available at all times. It offers Video-On-Demand, a user-friendly interface, EPG, and remote management. This app doesn’t come with any subscription (it is free of charge), however, there is no option to purchase an ad-free membership.


  • Free and legal
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Provides VOD, EPG
  • It’s VPN friendly

  • Blocked in many countries (can be unblocked using VPN)
  • Ads
  • Only allows one connection at a time

Area 51

Area 51 is another great IPTV service provider. It provides more than 3000 live TV channels and more than 14000 movies. The app is fully legal and copyright-free, therefore the use of a VPN isn’t necessary. It offers a clean interface, EPG, and remote management. It is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Kodi, and Firestick. This provider, however, isn’t free. The pricing plans cost $10 per month and they have 4 different packages. Besides the monthly package, you can choose a 3-month package for $30, the6-month for $60, or a yearly plan for $120.


  • Legal and safe
  • Provides EPG, PPV
  • No ads
  • 7-days money-back guarantee

  • Blocked everywhere outside the US, Canada, and the UK
  • Cannot be used on Windows or Mac OS
  • No yearly discount
  • Only allows one connection at a time


Mobdro is a semi-free IPTV provider. Most of the more than 1000 live channels in 10 different languages from 30 countries are free (but contain ads), while some require a paid subscription. The prices depend on the content. Some channels are copyrighted or in other words, not legal. These channels are banned in some countries. However, you can bypass this problem by using a VPN. The provider also offers movies. The interface is remote-friendly and Full HD streaming is available.


  • Mostly free and legal
  • Allows various connections at a time
  • To watch free channels you don’t need to create an account

  • Blocked in many countries (can be unblocked using VPN)
  • Some content is copyrighted
  • They don’t provide their own content

YouTube TV

YouTube finally launched its own IPTV service, which offers around 70 live channels of different categories. They provide a DVR feature, which enables you to record any live telecast and watch it later. With a single subscription ($49.99/month), you will get 6 different accounts for 6 family members, however, you can only use 3 accounts at a time. This service is only available in some areas of the US.


  • Recording available
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Legal and safe

  • Available only in a few areas in the USA
  • Only allows 3 connections at a time
  • Expensive

Beast TV

They offer more than1000 local TV channels from the USA, UK, and Canada and over 2000 HD live channels from around the world. They focus mainly on sports channels. The provider allows 3 connections at a time with a single account. Beast TV is compatible with many devices. They offer a 48-hour trial for 1 connection ($3.99), a monthly plan for 3 devices ($11.66/month for 12 months), and a monthly plan for multiple devices ($14.99/month).


  • 3000+ channels
  • Provides VOD, EPG
  • Compatible with many devices

  • No free trial
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No DVR feature

Sportz IPTV

This provider offers over 6500 channels from the USA, UK, Canada, and other countries. They provide VOD and EPG. The service is compatible with Firestick and all Android devices, including Roku. Most channels can be streamed in Full HD, while a few only stream in 720p. There are 3 monthly subscriptions available: for 2-connections ($9.95), 3-connections ($14.95), and 4-connections ($19.95).


  • 6500+ channels
  • Provides VOD, EPG
  • Compatible with Firestick and Android devices
  • Legal and safe

  • Not available on Amazon Store, but can be sideloaded easily
  • A few channels only stream in 720p

Eternal IPTV

This is a very popular and very affordable IPTV provider. Their monthly plan costs $8.5. They also offer a 3-month plan for $24, a 6-month plan for $45, and a yearly plan for $79.9. These plans are all for 1 device only, however, it is possible to purchase an additional device. They offer over 2800 live TV channels and over 130000 daily VOD. This service is only compatible with Android OS like Firestick, however, you can use it on other devices by using Kodi Addon. In addition, they offer a user-friendly interface.


  • Affordable
  • Many channels
  • Provides VOD
  • 7-day refund policy
  • All channels can be streamed in FHD

  • Only allows one connection at a time
  • Only compatible with Android OS

Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV is known for its great and very user-friendly interface. You can watch your favorite show, movie, or program with a single click. They offer over 4000 channels, most of them in HD and they update their content regularly. You can sideload the Smart IPTV app to your Firestick. On the flip side, the service is only available for one device. The subscription price varies depending on your region.


  • Very user-friendly
  • A lot of content + regular updating
  • Allows various connections at a time
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Provides VOD

  • Only available for one device
  • Must be sideloaded for Firestick


Some say that Kodi is the best app to stream all the content for free. As Kodi IPTV service uses Kodi streaming software paired with third-party scrappers, you only have to pay a very low price for using these scrappers. It offers more than 4000 channels from many different countries, which you can choose depending on the language, region, and number of users. The service is available at $5/month.


  • Very affordable
  • 4000+ channels
  • Provides VOD

  • Some content is copyrighted

Set TV

This is an increasingly popular IPTV service provider, as they offer over 2500 channels in HD quality. Also, they are known for providing a customizable subscription plan to the users, which means that you can choose the channel you want to watch and just pay for just this one channel. The most popular fixed plan, however, costs $11/month. It is compatible with many devices, like Roku, Android, Windows, Windows PC, and Firestick.


  • 2500+ channels
  • Customizable subscription plan
  • Compatible with many devices
  • 24/7 support
  • Provides VOD
  • Free 3-day trial

  • Some content is copyrighted

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What to look for when shopping for IPTV

Before choosing an IPTV there are several factors you may want to take into consideration. Here is a list of these considerations:

  • Payment options

As the existence of these apps tends to be uncertain in the long run, it’s best to pay on a monthly basis, instead of paying a yearly subscription and possibly lose the money if the provider goes offline. When it comes to making payments online, make sure to choose a safe and anonymous way.

  • Number of connections

Some IPTV providers only allow users to view IPTV on one device at a time, while others allow users to view their favorite programs on up to five devices simultaneously. If you have a lot of family members, who are also planning to watch IPTV, you should consider opting for the provider with the largest number of connections.

  • Provided channels

Make sure to check how many channels are provided by your IPTV provider and above all, if your favorite ones are included.

  • EPG availability

An EPG or Electronic Program Guide is a very useful feature. It allows users to look up programs and search for viewing content. EPG shows which shows are available now, which shows were available in the past, and which shows are coming up in the future.

  • Price

The prices for best IPTV service vary greatly. On average, monthly subscription costs somewhere between $5 and $20. The more expensive services provide additional benefits, such as EPG, VOD, 24/7 customer support, and more.

  • Free trial

A free trial is always a good idea. It gives you the opportunity to test an IPTV service before purchasing it to make sure it fits your needs.

  • VPN compatibility

It is highly recommended to always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when using IPTV, as it protects your data, make sure that your IPTV provider offers VPN compatibility.

  • Customer support

A good, reliable, and fast customer support service is the factor that turns out to be most important in case you experience any type of issues. Make sure your provider offers high-quality customer support that is always available.

  • Premium sports options

If you are a big sports fan, make sure the provider offers premium sports options.

How to watch IPTV channels anonymously using a VPN

In connection with your IPTV subscription, it is recommended to always use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Regardless of which type of IPTV services you use, your private information is vulnerable to hijacking.

Best IPTV Service for Firestick

Using a VPN protects your data, identity, and accounts from being hacked, stolen, or logged. It enables you to stay anonymous by hiding your true IP address and hide your streaming and other internet activity from all prying eyes, including your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government, app developers, and hackers. Moreover, it stops ISP from throttling your connection, and thus improves download and stream speeds. Using a VPN also allows you to bypass geographical restrictions, as many services are blocked in several parts of the world. In short, a high-quality VPN will protect yourself and improve your viewing experience, therefore we highly recommend using it.

When testing different providers make sure to check if their service works with a VPN. If the IPTV service is not “location locked”, a VPN should work fine with the service.

IPTV terms

While reading about IPTV service you may run across several unfamiliar terms. Here are some of the most common terms used in connection to IPTV. Check them out to avoid any confusion.

  • ‘APK’ stands for Android Package Kit, which is a special application installer file format. It was developed for Android OS and is used by Amazon Firesticks.
  • ‘Connection’ refers to the number of devices you can have connected to your IPTV service simultaneously. Allowing up to three connections enables three family members to watch it on three different devices at the same time.
  • ‘EPG’ is an electronic program guide – a list of shows available to be viewed. It shows what can be viewed at the present moment, which shows were available in the past, and what is coming up in the future.
  • ‘PPV’ stands for Pay per view. It is when you pay separately to view a single show, game, or event, which is not showing on a regular channel.
  • ‘VOD’ stands for Video-On-Demand. This is a collection of videos that can be watched in any given moment, instead of at the scheduled time.
  • ‘VPN’ stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a protection service that provides online anonymity by encrypting your outgoing and incoming data. It also allows you to bypass geographical restrictions and provides access to streaming videos and websites blocked by your ISP or network administrator.

How to protect yourself while using IPTV

As we have mentioned before while using IPTV and during virtually any online activity, your private information, search history, data, accounts, and even your identity are vulnerable to hijacking. To protect yourself and your data from being stolen, make sure to use a VPN that will hide your IP address and thus enable you to stay anonymous. Read more about the benefits of using a VPN in chapter 6.


What is an IPTV player?

An IPTV player is an online service or application that plays or streams TV channels using IPTV subscriptions. IPTV providers usually have customized apps that work with specific devices and operating systems. A reliable IPTV player simplifies managing multiple IPTV subscriptions. If you are using Firestick, simply install any of the best IPTV players for Firestick in 2020.

What makes a good IPTV service?

A good IPTV service generally offers many available channels with minimal buffering, apps that can play the service on virtually all devices, including a smartphone, PC, Android TV box, or Fire TV Stick, the use of multiple devices, a free trial, monthly plans, and preferably the ability to pay with PayPal, as they will mediate a refund if you will experience any issues.

How to create your own IPTV service?

Creating your own IPTV service is a rather complicated task. You will need middleware, dedicated server(s), streams/source/VOD (in short, content), a website, a billing system, and much more.

Is IPTV legal?

It depends on the provider. Some providers are licensed and thus 100% legal, while others aren’t. Make sure to only buy from trusted and licensed providers.

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