9 Best Blue Light Reading Glasses With Buyers Guide

For anyone who regularly spends a lot of time in front of screens, blue light is a real issue, whether they know it or not. And we’re talking about more or less every person in the modern world. Read on to learn why and how blocking blue light can drastically improve your quality of life.

Blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm to such an extent that it has a noticeable negative effect on sleep. Even though it is scientifically proven, traditional medicine still doesn’t talk about this issue at all. Nevertheless, millions of people have severe challenges with sleep on a daily basis, which in most cases, is a direct consequence of excessive screentime. Sometimes there is a straightforward solution to a very big problem, and this is one of those times.

One of the most effective and low-cost ways of blocking blue light is wearing special glasses. They are called blue light blocking glasses or just blue light glasses. They are the best way to reduce the destructive effects of blue light produced by displays of all types, besides avoiding screentime altogether, of course.

How To Find The Best Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses For You?

The best blue light blocking glasses for reading will fit on your head well and they should magnify your sight according to your particular lenses, giving you clear vision when reading or close viewing. Better quality prescription reading glasses are available with blue light blocking lenses and you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your eyes. But if you don’t have prescription reading glasses it is also a good idea to wear blue light blocking glasses. Either way, blue light glasses will bring an improvement to your life. Read further to find out why and how to find the best blue light blocking glasses for you!

For What Can You Use Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses?

All this sounds lovely, right? But maybe you’re not yet convinced that blue light blocking glasses are appropriate for you. They’re geeky and dorky and thus require some compromises in your life. For example, your partner might hate that when they look in the eyes before bedtime, they see orange goggles instead of looking into your soul. We’ll leave you with the decision of if and when you will wear, but you should be aware that they are something that can improve your overall life quality merely by improving your sleep. Blue light blocking glasses are great for all the times when you’re using your phone, viewing your tablet or e-reader, or working on the computer. In short, you should wear them almost all the time after there is no more daylight available.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses Product Types

In the start, when blue light blocking glasses were merely an experiment done exclusively by the body- and life hackers, the only available ones were amber-tinted glasses. Since then, science and innovations have provided many more options. Nowadays, it is possible to get clear lenses, yellow lenses, orange lenses, red lenses, and anything in between. As a rule of thumb, the more reddish the glasses are, the more helpful they will be in reducing the blue light entering your eyes. They will, however, look dorky and thus inappropriate to wear in public. Enter brighter and brighter versions of amber-tinted glasses. They will be more mainstream and give you a chance to wear them without getting strange looks or being asked why you look like a welder or a construction worker.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses And Blue Light Reading Glasses

Best blue light blocking glasses for GENERAL USE

Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses

Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses

  • Description: The manufacturer claims these offer the following characteristics: Specialty CR-39 lenses with an optimal amount of blue light filter at 52% protection, Very minimal lens tinting to avoid the color distortion that comes with yellow/amber tint, High-quality full-metal frames for supreme durability and designed with a sleek matte black finish branded with our eye-catching logo. These glasses help protect against Digital eyestrain & fatigue, dry/irritated eyes, Headaches, disruption in sleep cycles and melatonin production, and reduced sleep quality. The glasses also offer the following benefits: Increased stamina, performance & productivity behind the screen, Maintain focus & energy to help accomplish your goals and give yourself an extra edge over your competition, Can be used for a variety of activities such as work, study, gaming or leisure. Included in the package: 1 pair of ANIMA Blue Light Glasses, one hard leather storage case, one microfiber carry pouch, one microfiber cleaning cloth, Blue light testing card & light, and 100% money-back guarantee.

Best blue light blocking glasses for MAXIMUM COMFORT

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading/Gaming Glasses

  • Description: The manufacturer claims these glasses block 90% of the most harmful blue light – J+S Vision Blue Light Shield protects your eyes by filtering out 90% of the most harmful High Energy Blue Light (400nm – 430nm) rays while letting through the less dangerous portion of the blue light spectrum. Unlike other glasses on the market with a heavily tinted lens, J+S Vision’s low color distortion lenses are optimized to provides the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality. The classic round frame in tortoise is suitable for both males and females while covering a large visual field. Spring-loaded temples allow for comfortable fitting for both large and small heads.

Best blue light blocking glasses for BEDTIME READING BEFORE SLEEP

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens

  • Description: Uvex Skyper Blue Light Filtering Electronic Glasses feature an orange Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) lens to absorb the blue light of your computer, which increases your concentration, reduces your eye exhaustion, and helps to inhibit visual issues such as cataracts. The extra sharpened detail screen contrast also enables longer-term viewing of the screen. Comfort features include adjustable-length Duoflex cushioned temples, a 3-position ratchet lens inclination framework, and a molded-in nose bridge. The characteristics are Orange lenses, Spectrum Control Technology (SCT), Blue light absorption, Wrap-around uni-lens, 3-Position ratcheting lens, Adjustable-length temples, Molded-in nose bridge, Easy lens replacement.

Best blue light blocking glasses FOR GAMING

ELECOM Co-Developed (with Programmer Swans)

ELECOM Co-Developed (with Programmer Swans)

  • Description: The producer claims that this eyewear has Anti-Reflection Coating, which controls the reflection of light in the lens inner side. It also has to Adopt a Large Single Lens, which adopts a large curved single lens to reduce light penetration and achieve a wide field of view. Accessories included in the package are a storage case and cleaning cloth. They are jointly Developed with SWANS from Japan and professional esports teams. These glasses are specialized for gaming.

Best blue light blocking glasses WITH MAGNIFICATION

PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses

PROSPEK Premium Computer Glasses

  • Description: If you use reading glasses, most non-prescription blue-light blockers won’t benefit you (unless you can use all of them). But these Prospek glasses have a magnification from zero to +3.00. Prospek anti-blue light glasses are third party tested and will provide immediate and lasting relief. With our blue light blocking glasses, both women and men look great in our glasses. Our unisex style means that our blue-light glasses will look great on your face, and you will be fending off compliments. Computer glasses for blue light blocking often have either a dark orange tint or are low quality. Our patent lens process means our computer glasses blue light blocking; we can get more protection with less tint. We offer a lifetime warranty, which means you have nothing to lose. We stand behind our products because they will last a lifetime.

Best blue light blocking glasses for FIT OVER PRESCRIPTION GLASSES

ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

ElementsActive Fitover Anti-Blue Blocking Computer Glasses

  • Description: The manufacturer claims these work great for fitting over existing prescription glasses wearers. The high-definition lenses block blue light, giving you a level of protection and clarity. They are made with a special blue-light blocking polymer that is directly incorporated into the lens materials. That means the blue-blocking technology won’t chip or wear away. By absorbing blue light, this polymer prevents blue light from passing through the lens to your eye.

Best blue light blocking glasses RATED ON Amazon

GAMMA RAY 003 Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer Glasses

GAMMA RAY 003 Anti UV Glare Harmful Blue Light Computer GlassesDescription: The manufacturer claims these glasses alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web browsing, gaming, and even working under fluorescent lights. These light sensitivity glasses also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction. Ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wear. Simple frame design keeps you looking professional and stylish while working or playing video games. Your computer reading glasses magnification/power depends on how far you are from the screen you are viewing. The package includes 1 Pair – Computer Glasses with amber tinted lenses to minimize Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. The purchase is risk-free with the 90 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Best blue light blocking glasses FOR KIDS

FEIDU Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

FEIDU Blue Light Blocking Glasses for KidsDescription: The producer asks parents to protect their eyes from harmful blue light with The Kids Computer Gaming Glasses by FEIDU because these glasses protect your children’s developing eyes from the harmful blue light that computers, tablets, mobile devices, and game consoles transmit. A unique lens reduces glare and blocks blue light to ease eye discomfort and fatigue associated with the increased use of electronics. These glasses offer full protection for your kid’s eyes so they can use computers safely and thoroughly enjoy playing computer games. One customer said they are even scratch-resistant because her daughter is touching it all the time; the glasses and still in good condition.

Best ECO-FRIENDLY blue light blocking glasses

Christopher Cloos’ new eyewear collection Cloos X Brady

Christopher Cloos' new eyewear collection Cloos X Brady

  • Description: These days, it’s not just niche brands that sell blue light lenses. The Danish eyewear company Christopher Cloos has just launched a new eyewear line with the one and only Tom Brady. The set contains four pairs of light blue glasses in a book-shaped, distinctive style. The business claims that the frames were all influenced by the quarterback “taste for minimalistic, timeless styles and a balanced approach to fitness and wellness.” Every frame in the Cloos x Brady series is made of biodegradable materials and comes in a specially constructed glass case: each case’s interior contains six rings. Brady wins several Super Bowl Championships throughout his career. The Cloos x Brady Blue Light range is available for $179 on christopher-cloos.com.

Along with this rich purpose-oriented list of extraordinary blue light blocking glasses, here is a top-of-the-top list specially curated based on pricing:

Top three high-end blue light blocking glasses options:

  • Warby Parker (they can coat any model with a blue light blocking filter)
  • Felix Gray Roebling Glasses Check on Amazon
  • Swanwick Aviator Day Swannies check  on Amazon

Top three mid-range blue light blocking glasses options:

Top three budget blue light blocking glasses options:

Best DESIGNER blue light blocking glasses option:

BONUS TIP – the blue light blocking glasses we are using:

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We’re sure you’re wondering about the science behind the above statements related to blue light blocking glasses’ benefits. Well, there is a lot of science available to back it up! Have you ever heard of Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS? As it affects not only computer users but any screen viewer, which is virtually everyone nowadays, is also known as Digital Eye Strain.

According to Wikipedia, »Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer or other display device for protracted, uninterrupted periods and the eye’s muscles being unable to recover from the constant tension required to maintain focus on a close object. Some symptoms of CVS include headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eye strain, dry eyes, irritated eyes, double vision, vertigo/dizziness, polyopia, and difficulty refocusing the eyes. These symptoms can be further aggravated by improper lighting conditions (i.e., glare, strong blue-spectrum backlights, or bright overhead lighting) or air moving past the eyes (e.g., overhead vents, direct air from a fan).« Read the full article here wikipedia.org.

Expansion in electronics has resulted in more people using computers and televisions to improve blue light’s real sensitivity. Lately, several specialized companies developed glasses aimed at specifically minimizing the exposure to blue light. Primarily amber-tinted lenses have been found to affect circadian rhythm and to cure delayed sleep period disorder.

What To Look For In Blue Light Blocking Glasses

1) Good frame fit for maximum comfort – we strongly recommend you don’t settle for the incredibly cheap and flimsy plastic computer glasses offered under the guise of blue light blocking glasses. To get the maximum benefits, you will have to wear your blue light blocking glasses daily for prolonged periods of time. If they are uncomfortable, you will not wear them, and that will render futile your entire endeavor to improve your well-being by dramatically reducing the blue light in your non-daylight hours.

2) Great value for money – with so many options out there, you are not forced to buy something that isn’t offering you precisely what you need. Above, we have described many possible parameters important to users of blue light blocking glasses. There is something good available for everyone, so we hope you will take the time to explore what is best for you and purchase the best option overall, not the cheapest or the most pretty product.

3) Effectiveness – Last but not least, blue light blocking glasses must be effective. They must block blue light from entering your eyes. Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and every few months, innovations are improving the products available on the market. The benchmarks are changing, so it’s wise to study the background of this topic, find products that fit your needs and read reviews of the favorite products before buying the pair of blue light blocking glasses that will change your life for the better.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses Buying Guide

We’re sure that by now, you’re overwhelmed with all the information you’ve learned about blue light blocking glasses. You could spend hours and hours learning about the details of each model you can find – and there are thousands of models available online! So to save you precious time and give you some shortcuts for your research, here are a few quick facts you need to consider when buying your blue light blocking glasses:

  • Prescription needs: if you wear prescription glasses, it would be necessary to have the same prescription parameters applied to your blue light blocking glasses, or that you buy a model that will fit over your current glasses
  • Pricing: as a rule of thumb, any product you will find cheaper than 10 USD is likely not worth being purchased due to subpar quality. On the other hand, products over 100 USD are probably overpriced due to branding and other factors.
  • Anti-glare: Glare is the intense reflection caused by direct or indirect light. Anti-glare coating, also known as an anti-reflective coating or AR coating, is a thin film applied to your eyeglass lenses’ surface that allows more light to pass into the lenses. This increases your vision by reducing the amount of light that is reflecting off your lenses. Therefore, it would be wise to invest an extra few buckaroos and get a better view of your glasses’ everyday use.
  • Daytime or nighttime use: Bear in mind that blue light blocking glasses for daytime use will reduce screen fatigue and resulting headaches. They likely won’t help much to improve your sleep. Amber-tinted glasses are proven to help with sleep much more than clear lenses. We recommend buying both daytime and nighttime blue light blocking glasses.
  • UV protection: It is highly recommended to have a UV protective coating on your lenses. Glasses that have a UV-400 rating block the entire UV spectrum. They block wavelengths from 0 – 400 nm, which includes UVA, UVB, and UVC. Besides, they block visible blue light from 400 – 490 nm.

How To Choose The Perfect Frame Fit

Several factors are essential to choosing the perfect frame fit and style. The fit width is usually categorized as Narrow, Medium, and Wide. The best frame style usually is more challenging to anticipate due to a wide selection of frames available. Still, they can be categorized into one of three kinds: Full-rimmed, Semi-rimless, and Rimless. All this can make your choice much more straightforward. Quite a few frame shapes are available to ensure that the frame fits your face well: cat-eye, oval, rectangle, round, square, wayfarer, and aviator. Finally, an essential consideration in choosing your eyeglasses is selecting the correct frame color to complement your skin color and tone.

How To Select The Correct Reading Magnification

Generally speaking, it is good to have minimal magnification in the glasses you use for looking at screens. This is not necessary with glasses you use for reading. Keep in mind, you should use blue light blocking glasses for both, but choosing the correct magnification should mostly depend on the situations you’re mainly using them in. Why? Because Computer Vision Syndrom or CVS happens because your eyes cannot recover from the constant tension required to maintain focus on a close object, decreased focusing capability is mitigated by wearing a small plus-powered.

How To Test The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you want to know if your blue light glasses are the real deal, you first need to get the manufacturer’s spectrum report. This spectrum report will inform you how much blue light your glasses are blocking. Many product descriptions offer this information by default, but sometimes they don’t, so you would need to request this information from the company you purchased them from or the manufacturer. The glasses must block at least 30% of blue light across the entire blue range to qualify as blue light blocking glasses. However, some glasses available for purchase block up to 90% of the blue light.

The simplest way to test your blue light blocking glasses with clear glasses is to merely put them on and see which light color is most reflected from them. If it is blue, that means that blue light is reflected from them. If it is predominantly another light color, such as violet, blue light is not filtered effectively. Another simple way to test your blue light blocking glasses is to look at a blue square on your screen simply. The square should not be blue anymore; rather, it should be black or dark grey.

How To Do Maintenance For Blue-light-blocking Glasses

There is no need to introduce special care for your blue light blocking glasses. The general level of delicate handling will be sufficient to keep your glasses in good shape for a long time. Specifically, we recommend to follow these steps: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly, Rinse your glasses under a gentle stream of lukewarm tap water, put on a small amount of dishwashing liquid, Gently massage all sides of the lenses and all areas of the frame for a couple of seconds, Rinse all sides of the lens and frame thoroughly, Gently shake the glasses to clear excess water, Carefully dry the lenses and frame with a clean, lint-free towel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Light Blocking Glasses

What is Blue Light?

On the light spectrum, you have got visible and invisible light. You’ve likely heard of the invisible light section, UVA and UVB, and the effect these excessive energy rays can have on your skin. However, next to those effective airy lights, at the fringe of the visible gentle spectrum, is blue light. It is the highest energy light of all, meaning it emits more heat and brightness than others. As a result, it suppresses melatonin, the “sleep hormone,” and will, for this reason, have an effect on the quality of our sleep. It has been a notion for some time now that this blue light might disrupt our sleep patterns.

Do blue light glasses really work?

Yes, they do. Blue light blocking glasses work because they enable the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin by reducing blue light that enters our body through the eyes. Using the computer tablet or phone at night time without blue light blocking glasses disturbs melatonin production, interrupting your sleep cycle.

Blue Light Glasses – Helpful or Just Hype?

Looking at digital screens for a long time, or reading a book for some amount of time, places a burden on the muscles of your eyes because they have to work to keep your vision in focus. By wearing the blue light blocking glasses at night time, you will alleviate the issues that arise from looking at screens for prolonged periods. This is not only scientifically proven but has been confirmed by millions of users over many years. As Dr. David Montisanti explains, There is anecdotal evidence that if we decrease the amount of light coming into our retina, we can reduce the damage caused by that very light.

When to Put on Blue Light Filtering Glasses?

In today’s world, we spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. Extended exposure to the blue light rays emitted by these devices can cause problems such as eye strain/fatigue, headaches, and the worst of all, interruptions to our regular sleep cycles, which may have very detrimental effects on our physical health. To keep away from these risks and feel more energized and safe in your daily life, you should wear your blue light filtering glasses daily in late afternoons and evenings when there is no more daylight available, and the screens are brighter as a consequence.

How do blue light glasses work

Scientific evidence has demonstrated that blue light filtering lenses minimize particular aspects of light pollution and promote melatonin production, the sleep hormone. By blocking out blue light, you will make sure it is not entering your body through your eyes and dramatically reducing melatonin production. The general rule of thumb is – more melatonin results in better sleep. Blue light blocking glasses, especially the amber-tinted ones, will vastly increase melatonin production and provide you with better sleep.

Are computer glasses the same as blue light blocking glasses?

No. While some computer glasses do have blue light blocking coating and appropriate blue light blocking filters, the two are generally not the same. Any computer glasses you will find will not have amber-tinted glasses, which have proven to be most effective with promoting melatonin production.

Are blue light glasses safe and effective?

The vast majority of blue light blocking glasses available on the market today are safe and effective. There is no need to worry about the safety of any glasses bought from trusted sellers such as Amazon, Nordstrom, or any well-known manufacturer. We do highly recommend studying the product you plan to buy in detail to avoid any issues.

Is blue light dangerous?

Blue light is not dangerous in and of itself; however, we are all exposed to it in alarming quantities, harming our lifestyle. It does not have a direct negative impact on your health, but it does have an indirect negative effect on your emotional state and wellbeing, and your health as a consequence.

Are blue light glasses necessary for kids?

These glasses are widely recommended for children who play with their tablets every day. They have an excellent success filtering unhealthy blue light away from our children. Any kid is expected to have a pair! They’re still going to be okay with all the screen time they’re going to face with distance / online learning this fall. We’re not endorsing rigid yellow/orange colored lenses because they distort your child’s vision. Blue lenses can also help minimize glare, enhance contrast, improve color perception, and reduce digital eye pressure. These glasses were designed with children in mind. Silicone frames make them super comfortable and lightweight to wear for an extended period of time. They are damage resistant and can be twisted and bent without cracking. Boys and girls aged 3-12 years of age usually wear these frames. FEIDU uses expensive, environmentally friendly silicone fabrics that can be made for baby pacifiers. There’s no annoying, aromatic scent. The kids’ skin is soft and gentle, so you should try to find glasses that won’t cause any skin allergies or annoying skin issues.


We could go on and on about brand names and recommend specific products, but if we’re sincere, the ones that have worked best for us are 14 bucks’ worth of orange glasses we bought on Amazon. They were so good we bought 20 pairs for our entire team. They have been working great for us for the past five years! But if you’re really into getting the best of the best, read further to find a list that might be helpful.