Best Computer Reading Glasses for Reducing Eye Strain

Do I need a computer reading glasses?

Whether you have 20/20 vision or not, it is highly recommended that you use computer reading glasses or simply computer glasses. You may be wondering why so let’s elaborate on our statement.

If your vision is not perfect and you already have prescribed reading glasses, those are typically intended for close-range reading (up to 35cm from your eyes), which is not the case with computers. Thus it makes sense to have different glasses for your computer reading and other computer stuff. Computer reading glasses will enable you to optimize your computer experience, which is an intermediate vision category and as such something rather different compared to regular reading glasses.

If your eyes are in perfect state, you too should consider wearing computer reading glasses, especially if you have your eyes fixed upon the screen for longer periods daily. You see, computers and all other devices emit blue light, which is on the upper portion of the visual spectrum, very close to UV light. As such, it has been proven that it has many negative effects on human eyes and even brains. As such, proper computer glasses can help you minimize eye strain, reduce digital headache, and help you get a better night sleep (especial for those of you who use computers late in the evening).

The simple answer to the ‘Do I need computer reading glasses?’ is a definite YES.

Are computer reading glasses different from computer glasses?

Yes and no. You see, computer reading glasses are very often interchanged with the term computer glasses. However, by definition, the word ‘reading’ means that the glasses should magnify the print so your eyes don’t need to work so hard to read it.

Best Computer Reading Glasses

That said, essentially the reading glasses, computer reading glasses, and computer glasses are three different types of glasses. Both computer reading glasses and computer glasses should also provide anti-glare features and blue-light-blocking ability.

People with perfect vision will usually use computer glasses to protect their eyes from digital eye strain but are in no need of magnification, while individuals with already compromised vision will normally use computer reading glasses (magnification included) to help them see the text on the intermediate range, which their regular reading glasses aren’t great for since they are designed for a distance up to 35cm.

Can reading glasses help computer eye strain?

No. Regular reading glasses are designed for reading text up to 35cm away from your eyes and when you are on a computer you are normally about 70cm away from the screen. As such, regular reading glasses can actually increase computer eye strain.

Moreover, regular reading glasses do not have blue light nor UV light blocking layers, which is largely responsible for computer eye strain.

If you spend more than 1 hour per day in front of a computer screen, you should consider using computer reading glasses or regular computer glasses if you have a 20/20 vision.

Best 11 Computer Reading Glasses

In this section, we will present you with 11 computer reading glasses that offer great quality and also look very awesome. Simple go through the list and select the ones that suit your needs best. Like most things, computer reading glasses also come in a wide price range. The most affordable models run for as little as $10. However, with better quality and durability, the price goes up. The most expensive computer reading glasses can be $80 or even more.

SUGLSS Photochromic Progressive Computer Reading Glasses

The SUGLSS Photochromic Progressive Computer Reading Glasses have three different magnification levels – the bottom of the glasses is for reading, the top is for distance, and the middle is a transition layer. That way you don’t have to take your glasses off to see things across the room or a ways away. Being photochromic they also transition into sunglasses when in bright light.

SUGLSS Photochromic Progressive Computer Reading Glasses

Besides having three different levels of magnification, they offer UV400 protection, blue light protection, and feature anti-glare protection, making them great for computer use. They also fold up for extra practicality.

Main features:

  • Three different magnification levels
  • Photochromic property
  • UV400 protection
  • Blue light protection
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Foldable

  • High range of use
  • Foldable – easily take them with you wherever you go
  • Protection layers – UV400, blue light, and anti-glare

  • Not as affordable as some other options
  • Design may not be as stylish as you may want

Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses

The Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses are available in a range of magnification. You can go for a 0.0x magnifier (which makes them regular computer glasses) for blue-light-damage-on-your-eyes elimination on one end and all the way up to a 4.0x magnification on the upper side. They pack 52-millimeter lenses and have UV400 protection, reflect 100 percent of blue light, and reflect UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes.

Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses

The Gaoye Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses are very tough and durable. Their Polycarbonate lenses are “explosion-proof” and have a lightweight resin frame. They also feature a spring-hinge design for universal fitting to a variety of face shapes and sizes.

The prices of these glasses vary according to the magnification level and start as low as at $15.

Main features:

  • 100 % reflection of blue light
  • UV400, UVA, and UVB protection
  • Various magnification options

  • Protection layers – UV400, UVA, UVB, and blue light
  • Relatively affordable
  • Very durable and tough
  • Spring-hinge for perfect fitting

  • Rather basic look

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses are built with the main focus on blocking the blue light. They reduce eye strain by efficiently blocking out blue light without the use of the amber tint that some glasses have when filtering out blue light, which can be relatively annoying to some people.

PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These glasses are not the most affordable ones, but they do look rather stylish. Many glasses offer blue light protection but provide no proper proof; PROSPEK gets their lenses tested by a third party to make sure they protect your eyes and reduce eye strain as much as possible.

The PROSPEK Blue Light Blocking Glasses are available with no magnification at all to just reduce blue light or get up to 3.0x magnification. They also have a firm, sturdy frame. They come in several colors, including gray, red, and black.

Main features:

  • Third-party tested blue light blocking
  • Various magnification options: 0 – 3.0x
  • Thicker frame
  • Sturdy and stylish design

  • Blue light protection
  • Stylish design
  • Thick frame
  • Several magnification options

  • On the expensive side

Tifosi Swank Gaming Glasses

The Tifosi Swank Gaming Computer Glasses are great for those who do most of their reading within their video games. These glasses feature a casual design and are produced to filter out blue light. The blue light filtration is enabled by the glasses’ Enliven lenses. They don’t feature any magnification, so they’re just there to keep your eyes protected, and are buying the true definition ‘computer glasses’ and not ‘reading computer glasses’.

Tifosi Swank Gaming Glasses

The Tifosi Swank Gaming Glasses are available in a variety of colors and are have TR-90 frames that perfectly combine lightweight and durability. The integrated hinge is great for those with longer hair as you won’t get your hair caught in their hinges.

The Tifosi Swank Gaming Computer Glasses are great for long gaming sessions and come at a relatively affordable price.

Main features:

  • Blue light protection with Enliven lenses
  • Integrated hinge
  • Casual modern look
  • Lightweight and durable frame

  • Great blue light protection
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Available in various colors

  • No UV protection

Warby Parker Blue Light-Filtering Glasses

The Warby Parker Blue Light-Filtering Glasses are for those of you who want maximum luxury and can afford to spend quite a lot on computer reading glasses. These premium custom-made glasses are available for every face shape. The brand offers a number of stylish and well-made frames that you can choose from. They even let you customize the lenses to your specifications when you order, including the option for polycarbonate lenses that filter harsh blue light from LED and LCDs.

Warby Parker Blue Light-Filtering Glasses

Prices for these branded glasses start at $95 but the blue light-blocking lens option comes at a $50 add-on. The price definitely is high with these glasses, but if you want the best, then Warby Parker is a fine option for a pair that’ll look great and probably last a lifetime.

Main features:

  • Customizable lenses and frames
  • Luxurious brand
  • Wide selection of models to suit your face shape best

  • Highest quality materials
  • Durable
  • Luxurious

  • Very expensive

Swanwick Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

The Swanwick Blue Light-Blocking Glasses are extremely popular and relatively affordable blue light-blocking computer glasses. They are often used as computer reading glasses. Moreover, they are available in a wide range of styles.

Swanwick Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Swanwick’s eyewear uniqueness is that it offers different models for the day, night, and even for outdoor use. This includes light-colored lenses for use in the day and darker-colored amber lenses for more aggressive light blocking when you want to wind down in the evening.

‘Swannies’ (as they’ve been nicknamed) are available in a nice selection of styles and prices, starting at around $59. Furthermore, they also offer smaller frames made especially for kids.

Main features:

  • Day and night models
  • High –quality design and lenses
  • Maximum blue light protection
  • Wide range of styles

  • Two options – day and night (with amber layer)
  • High-level of blue light protection
  • Various style options

  • More expensive than some other models presented herein

GlassesUSA Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

GlassesUSA is not a glasses manufacturer; instead, this retailer offers a large selection of eyewear from well-known brands such as Ray-Ban and many others. GlassesUSA stands out by the sheer number of lens options available to their customers. They offer custom lens packages that include prescription lenses, reading lenses, transition lenses, and more, leaves you with a ton of customizability here.

GlassesUSA Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

They are not the most affordable option since prices for frames with light-filtering lenses start at around $50. Though, GlassesUSA often offers high discounts (up to 70% off). As such they are a good choice for those looking for affordable mid-range computer reading glasses from reputable brands.

Main features:

  • Most of the main brands available
  • Regular high discounts available
  • Completely customizable lenses

  • Most of the main brands available
  • They regularly offer high discounts
  • Completely customizable lenses

  • Relatively expensive
  • Too many options can confuse a buyer

Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses

The Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses come in a pack of two so they can be used by two members of your household or you can have one at home and the other one in the office. These Truvision Readers are not a prescription glasses, but their anti-reflective coating and blue-tinted lenses will help you filter out blue light and avoid computer vision syndrome and as such keep an eye doctor away. In case you are already suffering from Presbyopia, these computer reading glasses can noticeably assist with blurred vision caused by too much screen time. The Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses are very affordable and available online.

Truvision Anti-reflective Computer Reading Glasses

Main features:

  • Pack of two computer reading glasses
  • Blue-light protection
  • Anti-reflective coating

  • Highly affordable
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Blue light protection

  • Relatively plain and regular looks
  • Not as durable as some other models

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading Glasses

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading will help you maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light. Extended exposure to blue light rays may cause fatigue and stress. Filtering out the High Energy Blue Light allows you to focus on your game or task at hand.

J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Computer Reading Glasses

The J+S Vision Blue Light Shield protects your eyes by filtering out 90% of the most harmful High Energy Blue Light (400nm – 430nm) rays while letting through the less harmful portion of the blue light spectrum to minimize color distortion. Unlike other glasses on the market with a heavily tinted lens, J+S Vision’s low color distortion lens is optimized to provide the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.

The classic large rectangular frame is suitable for both males and females and it covers a large field of vision. The frame is also equipped with spring-loaded temples that allow for comfortable fitting to various face shapes. The glasses are available in four different shapes and 5 different frame colors.

Main features:

  • Blocks 90% of high energy blue light
  • Minimal color distortion
  • Modern thicker frames
  • Spring-loaded temples for universal fitting

  • Highly affordable
  • Minimal color distortion
  • Modern thicker frames
  • Spring loaded temples for universal fitting
  • 100% UV protection
  • Unisex frames

  • Some users claim they look cheap

CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer

The CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer are a very affordable option. These glasses are fully made out of plastic, including lenses, which means that the quality might be slightly lower, however, they are ultra-lightweight. They eliminate over 30% of high energy blue light and UV light to protect your eyes and eliminate the negative side effects of long-term screen exposure.

GlassesUSA Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

The CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer offer standard looks that are suitable for men and women and come in 5 different color combinations.

They also offer a wide range of magnifying options, from 0.0x to 4.0x to best suit your need, and your sight capabilities.

The CessBlu Reading Glasses for the Computer come with a hard case, soft case, and a cloth to keep the glasses clean.

Main features:

  • Successfully block over 30% of high energy blue light and UV light
  • Unisex design
  • Various colors available
  • Wide range of magnification – 0.0 – 4.0x

  • 2 Year warranty
  • Blue light and UV protection
  • Magnification
  • Lightweight
  • Spring hinge

  • Slightly cheap look
  • All plastic

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses

The Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses are perfect for all computer users. They offer anti-reflective lenses that block blue light and UV light and keep your eyes strain-free. They have a highly universal plastic frame that fits greatly all face types. The lens width is 53 millimeters, which means they cover a large visual field. Package Includes 1 Pair – Computer Glasses with amber tinted lenses to minimize Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue light emitted from digital screens.

Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses

These glasses also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction for high-quality user experience.

The Gamma Ray Optics Computer Glasses are ultra-lightweight and pack flexible TR90 nylon frame material for durability and comfortable long-term wear.

Main features:

  • Weight only 22g
  • Flexible temple arms
  • FDA registered frame and lenses
  • Meet ANSI, ISO and EU requirements
  • Completely blocks UV light
  • Magnification available – up to 2.25x

  • Magnification up to 2.25x
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Flexible and durable frame
  • FDA registered
  • Affordable

  • Amber coating takes some time getting used to (it changes the colors)

Benefits of Computer Reading Glasses

Blue light emitted by the screen, especially the higher energy spectrum of it, has many negative effects. If is one of the leading eye strain causes in 2020 that leads to redness, blurry vision, feeling of having sand in our eyes, headaches, and many other unpleasant effects.

Moreover, it has been proven that blue light stimulates our brain to higher levels of consciousness, which makes it way more difficult to relax. As such, it can lead to bad sleep or even insomnia in cases when screens are used late in the evening.

With the use of proper computer reading glasses all those negative effects can be removed. Most of them will be remedied in the first week of regular and proper use of blue light blocking glasses.

Main benefits of computer reading glasses:

  • Eliminate dry eyes
  • Prevent glare
  • Block UV and Blue light
  • Prevent blurred vision
  • Prevent digital headaches
  • Prevent sleep disruption
  • No more visual fatigue

Considerations when Selecting Computer Reading Glasses

First, make sure to determine whether or not you need prescription glasses. If your eyes require unique lenses, you may not be able to buy your glasses elsewhere than with your eye doctor. If you are confident that you can buy glasses on your own, then proceed.

Blue light and UV light blocking

This is the main purpose of computer reading glasses, computer glasses, or gaming glasses. However, keep in mind that not all computer reading glasses have the same efficiency when it comes to blue light blocking. Some block about 30% of the blue light, while others can block 100% of it. From the eyes health point of view, it is best to block all of it, however, it may not be something you like (due to colors effect), so you might decide to make a compromise and go with glasses that block at least part of the harmful light.


Determine whether you want magnification or not. Most people with 20/20 vision go rather with glasses that have no magnification and offer a completely natural image. If you need or want magnification effect, make sure to determine, which level of magnification you want – it can be as much as 4.0x.


Anti-glare is a nice feature to have in computer reading glasses, as such it is something that many models incorporate. If that is something you would like to have in your computer reading glasses, make sure to ensure it is included.

Additional aspects and features

  • Tint – some models use amber tint, which provides great blue light blocking power, though turns all colors into a more orange (amber) spectrum. Some users like that a lot, while others can’t stand it. So make sure to follow your preferences.
  • Style – Are you a fashion guru or do you not care how your glasses look at all? There are many options on the market – frame styles and colors. If you want extremely stylish computer reading glasses, perhaps made by a reputable brand, be prepared to pay extra.
  • Case – Not all computer reading glasses come with a hard case, which can be a must if you plan on putting them in a backpack, bag, purse, or a pocket. So make sure to check your options.
  • Price – Computer reading glasses can be as little as $10 or as much as $100 or more. Thus make sure to know your budget.
  • Over-the glasses option – if you have prescription glasses that do not incorporate blue light blocking layer, you may want to consider getting computer reading glasses that can be placed on top of your prescription glasses.

How to Select the Proper Strength for Reading Glasses

How to know if readers are right for you? Luckily there are tricks to help you determine that on your own. However, if you have prescription glasses, you may want to consult your eye doctor or your optician prior to purchasing computer reading glasses.

For those of you who want to determine the proper magnification for yourself, there are printable charts that can be used. Always make sure that you print out in 1:1 ration, otherwise, the resolution and the final results will be affected. These charts are offered by most optics. žYou can find it by simply Googling “Computer reading glasses strength guide”.

Once you print the chart, you will need to read the lines; the first line that you can read comfortably will determine the magnification you should choose.

NOTE: You cannot use this chart by looking at it on your computer monitor due to the size and resolution differences among computers.


Do computer reading glasses really work?

Yes. Proper computer reading glasses efficiently block blue light and UV light and thus prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (Digital Eye Strain).

Can you wear blue light glasses all day?

Yes, but only if you choose the ones without magnification. If you go with the ones that have magnification you won’t be able to use them for other tasks that require far-distant sight.

How to choose the perfect frame fit of computer reading glasses?

It helps if you can try on your glasses (tips below). If not, measure your face proportions – head width, the distance between your eyes, and distance from your eyes plane to your ears (temple arm’s length).

Tips for frame selections:

  • Glasses should stay put on your nose and not be constantly sliding down
  • Don’t let your eyebrows (no matter how thick or thin) hide below or make contact with the frame
  • Make sure the bottom of the frame doesn’t rest on your cheeks
  • Your pupils should be aligned near the center of your lenses as possible
  • The arms should extend straight back, making contact with your face just before your ears

How to choose the correct reading magnification on your computer reading glasses?

Use printable charts offered by optics websites. See the ‘How to Select the Proper Strength for Reading Glasses’ section above.