How To Get Free Wi-Fi At Home

In 2021 the importance of internet access reached its peak. Sure, the majority of the population in the civilized world already used the internet daily prior to the Covid-19 situation. However, with the outburst of the pandemic and related lockdown, the internet suddenly became essential for most of the population.

Countless jobs moved online, most of the shopping shifted to the web, and even kids started to attend classes via the internet connection. Meanwhile, the internet providers charge on average about $50-60 per month, which is quite expensive for many households. That said, it may be of greater importance than ever before to present you with options on how to get free Wi-Fi at home. And that is exactly what we will focus on today.

Herein, you will learn basically all legit ways how to get free Wi-Fi at home. Some might be obvious, while others not so much, and thus we are convinced that many of you will profit by reading this article and implement the information obtained to start enjoying free internet access from the comfort of your home.

We will present you with so many ways on how to get free Wi-Fi at home that one of them is ought to work for you and your situation. However, keep in mind that not all of the options on how to get free Wi-Fi at home presented in this article deliver the same results. Since a lot depends on your home’s location, we cannot reassure you that you will have the best option on how to get free Wi-Fi at home at your disposal. Though, luckily for you, there are so many ways of how to get free Wi-Fi at home that one of them should give you free internet access.

So, are you ready to dig deeper? Let’s do this.

Can You Get Free Wi-Fi at Home Legally?

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home

This is an important question, right? Let us assure you that there are several ways to get free Wi-Fi at home and we will present them below. All of the below-presented methods are 100% legal, though some may be slightly frond upon, thus it is up to your moral codex to decide whether you want to pursue it or not.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #1 – Share You Mobile Data

This option of how to get free Wi-Fi at home may be obvious, right? Many of you may also be thinking that this option is not actually free, so let us elaborate.

If you are paying for your mobile data as you go – meaning you pay per MB used, then this option is obviously not for you, as it will cost you a lot.

On the other hand, there are countless mobile deals and packages these days, where your mobile plan includes unlimited data. If you have that kind of plan you have a great chance of making it work for you.

You will also need to make sure that your unlimited data plan actually permits you to use these data for the hotspot. Moreover, to make sure you are able to access the web and surf the internet at a decent speed, you will also need to have at least 3G network coverage in your home. If a 4G signal is available in your home, you will have access to a great internet connection.

Free Wi-Fi at Home via Mobile Data Prerequisites:

  • Solid smartphone or advanced flip phone that offers hot spot creation
  • Solid 3G, or even better, 4G mobile network coverage in your home
  • Unlimited (or a large amount of mobile data (3 GB +) included in your wireless plan
  • Wireless data plan that includes hot spot use

If your current wireless provider doesn’t offer you’re the above-listed perks, you may actually want to consider switching to a wireless provider or plan that does.

Steps to Take Use Free Wi-Fi at Home via Mobile Data:

Note: Before you take any of the following steps, make sure that you have enough mobile data available and that these data may be used for hotspot without additional cost. Also, keep in mind that the use of a hotspot will drain your battery much faster, as such, make sure you have an option to charge your phone.

For Androids:

Step #1: Go into the Settings app

Step #2: Tap the ‘More’ button at the bottom of the Wireless & networks section

Step #3: Select Tethering & portable hotspot

Step #4: Tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

Step #5: Specify a network name and password and click Save

Step #6: Turn on the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option

For iOS:

Step #1: Open the Settings app

Step #2: Tap Cellular

Step #3: Tap Personal Hotspot

Step #4: Tap the slider to turn it on

Step #5: You can use the Wi-Fi Password option to change the hotspot’s password

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How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #2 – Public Hotspot

These days there is such an enormous demand for public Wi-Fi that many areas have multiple free public hot spots available. If your home is located close to any of those hot spots, you could make use of it and connect to it from the comfort of your home.

You can simply go to your mobile settings and search for the available Wi-Fi connections and see if there is an open network at your disposal. If it is, simply connect to it and enjoy it.

Moreover, there are also countless apps available these days that are fully devoted to helping users like you discover free hotspots. Some even come with passwords that enable you to access Wi-Fi connections that are otherwise locked with a passcode.

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Free Wi-Fi at Home via Public Hot Spot Prerequisites:

  • A signal from a public hotspot is actually available
  • The connection is open (no password required) or you have the password at your disposal

Public Hot Spot Finding Apps:

As mentioned above, there are many such apps available these days. We decided to present you with 3 that we believe represent the top choices.

  • WifiMapper – this is an excellent app and also very easy to use. It contains an extensive list of hotspots and detailed information about those hotspots. The developers of this app plan to implement the password sharing option in the near future.
  • Avast Wi-Fi Finder – this practical and simple-to-use app is another great option to help you answer the question “Is there a free Wi-Fi available in my home?” even without the internet connection.
  • Wiman – this app and its database is growing rapidly and is becoming the largest hotspot database in the world. It is also very simple to use and will essentially work as a built-in Wi-Fi connection manager on your smartphone. Wiman will enable you to use free Wi-Fi in your home (if available) and classify networks by the quality.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #3 – Portable Router

Portable routers are working on the same principle as a regular router but instead of receiving the signal through the wire, they obtaining via the air with the use of a SIM card that must be installed inside.

Portable routers are actually not a free option. You will need to purchase the device and the SIM card. However, there are certain wireless providers that offer you additional plans for free (sort of 2 lines for the price of 1), which means you can use that extra (FREE) SIM card in the portable router. If the package includes unlimited mobile data that may be used for a hotspot, you are able to enjoy a Wi-Fi connection for free.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #4 – Free Wi-Fi networks

There are three free Wi-Fi networks that we want to bring to your attention. Keep in mind that they are not available in all areas, thus you may not have the chance to access them in your home.


Fon is a global network that provides its users to buy a router and split the bandwidth. This means that the majority of connection is for the user, however, what’s left is there for nearby Fon users or even their Facebook friends.

Visit Fon official website and check available options in the area of your home. You might be lucky enough to find a solid option.


Skyroam is not much different than Fon. The company provides travel hotspot Solis, which works in over 100 countries. Users pay a fee and get access to unlimited data. As such, it is not a 100% free option, but with the unlimited option, it is worth checking out.


FreedomPop is a wireless Internet (and mobile) provider based in Los Angeles, California. They believe that everyone should have access to the internet in this modern age, and do their best to provide it. Unfortunately, their free services are not available in many areas, however, you may be lucky enough to live where FreedomPop is offering a free Wi-Fi connection.

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How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #5 – Restaurant, Bars, & Coffee Shops

We are sure you’ve used free Wi-Fi connection in a restaurant or a bar before, right? Well, you can use that option in your home. If the bar’s or restaurant’s network is unlocked, you will have no problem accessing it. However, if it is locked with a passcode, you will need to go for a drink to obtain the code.

Keep in mind that some bars and restaurant change their passcodes regularly.

Free Wi-Fi at Home via a Bar, Coffee Shop, or Restaurant’s Wi-Fi Prerequisites:

  • Your home must be located close to the bar or restaurant so that the signal is still decent enough
  • In case you are dealing with a locked network, you will need to obtain the password (if you can make a friendly connection with an employee, that shouldn’t be a difficult task)

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #6 – Search for Hidden Wi-Fi Networks

This option might seem too advanced and too technical for many of you. In a way it probably is. However, if you are willing to go for it too can provide you with free Wi-Fi at home.

In order to make this method work, you should know that wireless networks are identified by Service Set Identifiers or SSIDs. Those work as network names. With some knowledge, one can create a network that is not visible to many Wi-Fi devices. But you can use the information below to discover those networks.

All you need is a Wi-Fi analyzer app. There are many options, for instance, NetSpot should do the trick. This app works for both macOS and Windows computers and offers two Wi-FI analysis modes for 2.4GHz and 5 GHz modes.

How to discover hidden Wi-Fi networks with NetSpot:

  1. Launch NetSpot.
  2. Activate Discover mode.
  3. Wait for the automatic scan to discover all nearby networks.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Home: Method #7 – Ask Your Neighbor

Are you in a good relationship with your neighbors? If so, you can surely ask them, if you may use their Wi-Fi connection. If they are financially better standing than you, they surely wouldn’t mind sharing their internet package. Moreover, you can offer to pay a part of their internet bill as a positive gesture.

If you manage to get your neighbor to share their Wi-Fi connection with you, make sure to use it accordingly. Don’t go sucking up the entire line by downloading or uploading huge amounts of data, which will slow down the connection for them.

Steps to connect to your neighbor’s Wi-Fi:

  1. Check to see if you can get your neighbor’s wireless signal in your home.
  2. Ask your neighbor if you can use their network.
  3. Ask for their password and connect to their network as you would with any other wireless network.
  4. If you don’t get a particularly strong signal, and you have a generous neighbor, you could use a wireless extender to increase the signal distance within your house or apartment.

Note: Even if your neighbor has an unlocked Wi-Fi signal, don’t be an ignorant person and just connect to it. Kindly ask them is you can use it anyway.

Stay Secure on Free Wi-Fi Connections

Now that you have learned about all the possible ways to get free Wi-Fi at home, we want to provide you with some additional safety tips.

As you may know, going online exposes your devices and all the data on those devices to potential hacking or other types of the security breach. This is something that you cannot avoid completely. With your private Wi-Fi connection, you are relatively safe and you can use safety measures that you want, however, going online via a public Wi-Fi connection makes things riskier.

The good news is that there are several precaution methods you can take to minimize the risk.

Use VPN Services

We will start off by presenting you with a relatively easy method that will enable you to stay safe and well protected – proper VPN.

A proper VPN service encrypts your data and hides your IP address. It is one of the most reliable methods to protect yourself when using public Wi-Fi connections. A VPN should be your companion every time you connect to a public Wi-Fi.

There are tons of VPN providers online. Many offer some sort of free plans, which are not the best option, however, better than nothing. Though, if you want to experience proper speed and safety, you will need to choose a VPN plan. Many offers start at very low prices and are more than worthy of the safety they bring.


Looking at the URL address you can see if the website address starts with HTTP or https. The letter ‘s’ in the https stands for “secure” and as such means that sites with https are much safer for you. Since you will be shocked over the fact how many sites use HTTP and not https, we recommend you to use “HTTPS Everywhere” extension. That way you can maximize your safety even when visiting the ‘HTTP’ sites.

Be Aware Of Automatic Connections

Make sure to avoid automatic connections. There are malicious agents that created artificial networks to phish for your data. If you allow automatic connection you are much more vulnerable and exposed to such attempts. Make sure to confirm authenticity every time.

Limit Your Online Activity

If you are not using a VPN when on public Wi-Fi connections, we advise you to limit your online activity. Do not visit sites where you’d need to enter any sensitive data, such as your personal information, your payment details, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you have covered all the sections above, you are now ready to access online from the comfort of your home via free Wi-Fi. Aside from learning 7 legit methods on how to get free Wi-Fi at home, we have also covered the basic safety precautions you should take when using public Wi-Fi connections.

Stay safe and enjoy your free Wi-Fi at home.