Best Video Game Chair with Speakers And Buying Guide

What are Gaming Chairs and Who Needs Them?

Gaming chairs are various types of chairs that may predominantly be used by gamers, however, depending on the type of a gaming chair (more on that in the following section), it may also be used by people that do not play games at all. If you are looking for the best computer chair for long hours or the most comfortable computer chair, you also came to the right place.

NOTE: A video game chair with speakers is something that may only interest advanced games, however, a gaming chair without the speakers, is definitely something every person can benefit from.

The fact that makes gaming chair a great choice is that they offer a great combination of support, comfort, and durability and are, as such, suitable for everyone who is sitting for long periods. PC Gaming chairs are without a doubt a great choice for any desk work as they will help you retain the perfect posture, help you stay alert and focused, and fill way less tired after extended periods of sitting.

There are other gaming chairs that are mainly designed for console playing, which means that you use them in front of the TV screen. These type of gaming chairs is obviously also great for watching movies and TV shows.

We honestly believe that gaming chairs offer the best support/comfort combination and are, as such, a suitable choice for every person that wants to keep as healthy posture as possible during extended periods of sitting. People that sit for long hours are the ones that need them most. Yes, gamers definitely fall into that category.

Types of Gaming Chairs Available

As with most things, there are several different ways to divide gaming chairs. Some see them as PC Gaming Chairs, Pedestal Gaming Chairs, and Rocker Gaming Chairs. Others add Console Gaming Chairs, Racing Simulation Chairs, and Bean Bag Chairs into the Gaming Chairs family. Since we want to provide you with the maximum value, we will present to you all of these gaming chair types. Keep in mind that a video game chair with speakers mostly refers to the console gaming chairs (pedestal gaming chairs and rocker gaming chairs), however, PC Gaming Chairs and Racing Simulation Chairs can also come with built-in speakers.

PC Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chairs are designed for PC gaming. This means they enable you to sit at the desk and use either a keyboard and a mouse or a gamepad or any other controller. They are the most common gaming chairs since the user can use them for all other computer work or fun activities. The PC gaming chairs can resemble office chairs or can have more of a sports look – car seat-like shape and more colorful touches (red, yellow, green, and blue lines combined with black base color are most common options). They typically come with wheels, neck and head support, a couple of pillows (lumbar and neck pillow are quite standard part of the package), armrests, and ergonomic shape. Some even have leg rests and offers 180° decline. A proper PC gaming chair is without a doubt the best computer chair for long hours and the most comfortable computer chair you can find on the market.

Pedestal Gaming Chairs

Here is where it gets tricky; some use also use this naming for PC Gaming Chairs (their wheel and the entire support structure is the pedestal), however, true pedestal gaming chairs are the ones that have a fixed base, which doesn’t have the wheels nor the ability to adjust the heights. Since many Rocker Gaming Chairs have an option of either being placed directly on the floor or used with a pedestal, you cannot be surprised that these two types of gaming chairs often get mixed up (naming-wise). The pedestal gaming chairs are more comfortable, however, way less agronomical. They are lower than PC Gaming Chairs and are mainly meant for console gaming. They can have armrests or not. Some offer back support angle adjustments, while others come under a fixed angle (classic L-shape).

Rocker Gaming Chairs

As the name suggests, the rocker gaming chairs have the classic rocker chair shape. They are very comfortable and usually placed directly on the floor, to keep a player very close to the ground. However, many rocker gaming chairs come with a pedestal for slightly elevated positioning (they can then be referred to as the pedestal gaming chairs). Rocker Gaming Chairs can have armrests or not. They often have built-in vibration effects and speakers. The most common video game chair with speakers is a rocker gaming chair. That type of chair is often called a gamer chair for Xbox One or a gaming chair with speakers and vibration. Rocker gaming chairs are not suitable for desk work, however, they can be great for TV watching, reading, and other living room activities as well.

Console Gaming Chairs

Console Gaming Chairs are just a supercategory of rocker gaming chairs and pedestal gaming chairs. Although you can obviously use PC Gaming Chairs for console gaming as well, the console gaming chairs normally refer to Barcalounger-like or rocker chairs.

Racing Simulation Chairs

The racing simulation chairs are exactly what the word tells you. They are mainly intended for racing games and are basically racing car chairs. They often come with a steering wheel and pedals. Unless you play mainly racing games, these types of chairs do not make much sense. However, if you spend hours upon hours racing, then they can make the entire experience completely like the actual real car racing experience.

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are a quit common option that some gamer tend to use. As such they often considered as one of the video game chairs categories. As you can imagine, a bean bag chair cannot be a video game chair with speakers nor vibration. Moreover, we do not recommend using a bean bag chair as the main gaming chair as it does not offer the best posture. You will not be as alert and focused and you will feel sour after an extended period of seating in it.

12 Best Gaming Chairs with Speaker

This is the section that you most likely have the most interest in, right? Well, if so, let us tell you that we did extensive research to present you with the best gaming chairs with speaker. We also did our best to include various types of gaming chairs with speakers, giving you all at least a couple of options to choose from.

NOTE: This section is best for those of you, who don’t have extra time to perform online research on your own but would rather just like to pick one of the models. For those of you, who want to dig deeper, we have prepared an extensive gaming chairs and video game chair with speakers buyer’s guide (follows in the next section) that will equip you with the knowledge needed to make the best purchase.

X Rocker Pro H3

Category: Best video game chair with speakers

The X Rocker Pro H3 is arguably the best console or video game chair with speakers on the market. It combines great comfort and great experience, which is provided by a 4.1 speaker system that makes any gaming a completely new adventure.

X Rocker Pro H3


  • Premium leather build for a superior feel
  • Four speakers—two forward-facing and two sideways-facing speakers
  • Power subwoofers, and audio force modulation technology
  • Vibration motors that sync with audio’s bass tones to create a full-body sensation
  • Padded armrests for extra comfort
  • Input and output jacks for connecting with multiple chairs as well as a personal headphone jack


The X Rocker Pro H3 is fully compatible with all popular gaming consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. The side panel offers easy control over volume and bass power. The sound experience is really great and the synchronicity between the sound and the vibrations is spectacular.


  • 4 speakers and subwoofers for superior audio (4.1)
  • Additional vibration motors for full-body sensation
  • Extremely lightweight (only 17.34 pounds)
  • Wired and wireless connection compatibility
  • Possibility for stacking up multiple chairs
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Extreme durability

  • Relatively expensive

GTRacing Gaming Chair

Category: Best PC gaming chair with speakers

Although our article focuses on video game chair with speakers models, we decided to present you with this PC gaming chair with speakers. The GTRacing Gaming Chair is a heavy-duty chair that can carry as much as 300 pounds. It offers great comfort and is made of durable materials.

GTRacing Gaming Chair


  • 2 Bluetooth surround speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable seat height and armrests
  • 90 to 170 degrees reclining
  • 360 degrees swivel and rocking capability
  • Support as much as 300lbs
  • Heavy-duty roller wheels


The speakers provide richly detailed stereo sound with quite a solid bass. It is great for gaming and also for listening to music or watching videos. It offers a seamless Bluetooth connecting process to any Bluetooth operable device. The chair greatly combines durability with comfort. The roller wheels allow you to move around without having to get up all the time.


  • Pairs seamlessly and fast with all Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Lumbar and headrest support pillows for added comfort
  • Adjustable seat and armrests height
  • Offers reclining options and swivel
  • Comes with thick padding and metal frame for durability

  • Only 2 speakers (some chairs offer more speakers)
  • Subwoofer and vibration features not offered
  • No input and output jack slightly limits the connectivity options
  • Heavyweight (50 lbs) of the chair can make handling it difficult
  • No footrest (there is a slightly more expensive model with a footrest available)
  • Not budget-friendly

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair

Category: Premium Pick

The Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair is a luxurious video game chair with speakers. It packs massage and speakers, which offer a great experience. The chair is built to last and offers great comfort. This chair is not suitable for the table, however, it has what it takes to be your favorite video game chair with speakers.

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair


  • Speakers
  • Massage functions
  • Offers fixed good posture
  • Very comfortable
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • 30-day return policy


The Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair is really comfortable and a great luxurious option for console gaming. It offers a very solid massage and a sound that is not great but far from bad. The chair is good for long hours sitting and is made out of high-quality materials.


  • Great chair for long periods of console gaming
  • Very comfortable
  • Built to last – very durable construction

  • Fixed backrest – doesn’t recline
  • Fixed armrests –not adjustable
  • Not suitable for working or typing
  • Maybe too narrow for users above 175lbs

Ace Bayou X Rocker

Category: Best Completely Assembled Gaming Chair with Speakers, Best for rocking

The Bayou X Rocker is one of the best gaming rocker chairs on the market. It offers great speakers and immersive media experience. It comes with bass-heavy sound effects that will surely amaze you and make gaming even more entertaining. It combines comfort and support and is built to last.

Ace Bayou X Rocker


  • Universal connectivity – connects to various consoles
  • Built-in speakers
  • High comfort – rocker chair with high backrest, ergonomic design, and armrests
  • Comes fully assembles – zero time spent on assembling it
  • 3 speakers (2.1)
  • Side control panel
  • Input and output audio jacks and a headphone jack


The Bayou X Rocker offers a very high level of comfort. It is large and wide enough to fit anyone. Its rocking ability is a nice addition to the relaxing experience. It comes with armrest.


  • Suitable for all users – fits even tall and large users
  • The sound volume is easy to control
  • The sound quality is great
  • Enables you to hear and feel the sound vibration
  • Tested and worked well with Smart TV
  • Foldable and easy to store

  • Requires some tools to make the sound perfect with Xbox One
  • Relatively heavyweight (44.1 pounds) can pose handling challenge
  • Cord is not very good
  • Customer service could be better
  • Slightly expensive

X Rocker 5142201

Category: The Best Affordable Gaming Chair with Speakers

The X Rocker 51442201 comes with a pedestal base, which makes it slightly elevated and enables you to tilt and swivel with maximum freedom. This affordable gamer chair for Xbox one is made out of easy-to-clean material. Two speakers hidden in the headrest will enable you to enjoy the sound experience.

X Rocker 5142201


  • Polyester seating for cooling effect and easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic and elevated seating position
  • 2 speakers
  • Suitable for beginners and budget gamers


The chair offers solid support and comfort. Its tilting and swivel are nice. The sound is ok but not impressive. The material is also suitable for the price, which means it cannot compare with the upper-class video game chair with speakers models, but it gets the job done.


  • It can be hooked to your headset
  • A heavy-duty chair
  • Impressive sound system

  • Packaging is very poor
  • Lack of cushion on the armrest causes slight discomfort
  • Sitting upright is a bit of an issue

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1

Category: Best for tilt and swivel

The X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1 comes with a support base (pedestal base) which provides it with a solid elevation of the ground. That way it also enables you to tilt and swivel freely. It offers a solid 2.1 sound system which makes it a great pedestal video game chair with speakers.

X Rocker Pedestal Extreme III 2.1


  • Light-weight
  • Foldable
  • Wide compatibility with TV sets, MP3 players, and gaming consoles
  • 1 sound system
  • 4” subwoofer
  • Breathable material
  • Padded armrest


This video game chair with speakers is equipped with the Audio Force Modulation tech, which creates vibrating audio to feel the sound. The wireless audio transmission feature is also highly practical and makes linking easy and enable to connect multiple chairs together.


  • Audio Force Modulation technology – hear and feel the sound
  • Highly universal – compatible with a large variety of devices
  • Possibility of connecting up multiple chairs
  • Extremely lightweight (18.3 pounds)
  • Foldable for easy storing

  • The price is not really budget-friendly

X Rocker Extreme III 2.0

Category: Unique and attractive design

The X Rocker Extreme III 2.0 is on the lighter side, which makes it easier to move around and more universal for use. You can easily move it from one room to another and that way ensures to use it frequently. This video game chair with speakers is great looking and offers an average sound experience.

X Rocker Extreme III 2.0


  • Ergonomic backrest for full comfort
  • Audio Force Modulation technology enables you to feel the sound
  • Open spaces inside the chair to magnify the sound quality
  • Seamless connection with all the popular gaming consoles
  • Side volume control panel
  • Input and output jacks that give a chance to connect multiple chairs together


Since the X Rocker Extreme has side-facing speakers, the sound experience isn’t as impressive as with some top-notch gaming chairs with speakers, however, it is a very comfortable chair. The lack of armrest may be a slight minus for some users. It is easy to move around which makes it possible for you to use it regularly.


  • Interesting and unique design
  • Relatively lightweight (24 pounds)
  • Audio Force Modulation to hear and feel sound
  • Seamlessly connects with multiple devices
  • Possibility of connecting multiple chairs
  • Budget-friendly

  • Side-facing speakers provide a slightly less immersive experience (compared to front-facing speakers)

X Rocker V Rocker

Category: Affordable price

The X Rocker V Rocker enable those on a tight budget to experience a high-quality video game chair with speakers. The chair offers a premium look and comfort. It packs two front-facing speakers and a subwoofer to provide those vibrating effects. The chair also packs wireless audio transmission that offers greater quality sound transfer.

X Rocker V Rocker


  • Support up to 275 pounds
  • 1 sound system
  • Wireless sound transmission
  • Padded armrest
  • Rocking ability
  • Side control panel with headphone jack as well as bass and volume control
  • Audio input and output jacks
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Not too heavy (29 pounds)


The X Rocker V Rocker is not the edgiest gaming chair, however, for its price it offers a great experience. The sound is very nice and clear and the comfort in relatively impressive.


  • Relatively lightweight and foldable – easy handling
  • 2 front-facing speakers
  • Supports wired and wireless connection
  • Makes use of wireless audio transmission technology
  • Breathable mesh material
  • Highly budget-friendly

  • Limited number of input and output jack

X Rocker 2.1 Speaker Video Gaming Chair

Category: Great Material

The X Rocker 2.1 is made of breathable mesh and microfiber that combines proper air circulation as well as makes cleaning easy. The chair packs 2 speakers and a 4-inch subwoofer that enables you to hear and feel the sound. It is great for long-hour use.

X Rocker 2.1 Speaker Video Gaming Chair


  • 2 side-facing speakers close to the headrest
  • 4” subwoofer
  • Breathable mesh and microfiber faux suede
  • High backrest, armrests, and lumbar support
  • Comes with a base that enables tilt and swivel
  • Side-control panel to personalize volume and bass
  • Input and output jacks


The X Rocker 2.1 performs great in a sense of comfort thanks to its breathable material. The sound experience is solid, though the side facing speakers makes it slightly less dramatic compared to the front-facing speaker seen in some other gaming chairs with speakers.


  • Lumbar support, armrest, and high backrest for comfort
  • Breathable material – proper air circulation
  • Side control panel for volume and bass control
  • Possibility of connecting multiple chairs
  • Universal compatibility

  • Expensive
  • Heavy (over 45 pounds)

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair

Category: Best for massage

The Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair is a great option for those players who want to get a massage while playing to help them prevent any back and neck aches. This video game chair with speakers offers 5 massage modes and solid sound experience.

Giantex Leisure Curved Massage Chair 2


  • Side airbags to swing your body from side to side and relieving pelvic pressure
  • Armrest with a phone slot
  • High-quality steel frame for durability
  • Waterproof material – spill protection
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Can be used to charge or power other electronic devices
  • Control panel is on the inside of the armrest


This chair offers a great level of comfort. However, it offers limited position adjusting and not such a perfect sound experience.


  • Offers 5 massage modes
  • Highly waterproof – no problem if you spill a drink or sweat
  • Can be used to charge or power other devices
  • Armrest offers phone slot

  • Super expensive
  • Very bulky to handle
  • Only holds a weight of up to 200lbs
  • Side facing speakers can feel less immersive because of chair design

X Rocker Triple Flip Storage Ottoman Sound Chair

Category: Most Compact

The X Rocker Triple Flip Storage Ottoman Sound Chair offers the most ‘regular chair’ look. One of the most amazing features that this video game chair with speakers has to offer, is the storage space. You can store all the gaming equipment within this chair.

X Rocker Triple Flip Storage Ottoman Sound Chair


  • Wired audio inputs (3.5mm or RCA)
  • 7+ cubic feet of storage space
  • 200lbs capacity
  • Fixed backrest
  • Folds into a stool
  • 0 stereo speakers


The chair is relatively comfortable and performs well even in long hours of use. Its fixed backrest limits the adjustment options. The sound is ok, but not impressive. Great for those in need of relatively basic gaming chair with storage compartment.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Very compact
  • Built-in storage
  • Highly reliable wired audio inputs

  • No wireless connectivity
  • Limited adjustment options
  • Lower backrest (does not support head for taller players)
  • Holds only 200lbs

X Rocker Surge

Category: Best for design

The X Rocker Surge has a great shape, which really mimics the racing car seat. It is very ergonomic and takes a lot of pressure on the lower back. It offers a solid sound and comfort and is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a video game chair with speakers that has no armrests.

X Rocker Surge


  • 2 side speakers
  • A powerful subwoofer in the space of the backrest
  • Bluetooth connectivity for seamless connection
  • Breathable material that keeps you cool during a long gaming session
  • Side control panel
  • Input and output jacks on the control panel
  • It is foldable


This chairs ergonomic shape makes it great for long hours of use. It’s also breathable, which is perfect to prevent the unpleasant back sweating. The side positioned speaker offer slightly less impressive sound experience, but still worthy of praise.


  • Comes with Audio Force Modulation technology – sound quality and intensity magnification
  • Side control panel for bass and volume control
  • Gives you an option of connecting multiple chairs
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Foldable

  • Slightly on a heavy side
  • Not really budget-friendly

Why You May Need Speakers in a Gaming Chair?

A video game chair with speakers is absolutely not something every gamer wants or needs. It fully depends on your needs and wants. For instance, if you play games in an environment that requires you to wear headset, then it makes no sense to get a video game chair with speakers.

On the other hand, if you have a gaming room that enables you to fully enjoy the sound experience as well and does not want to bother with the external speakers, getting a high-quality video game chair with speakers. This will enhance the gaming experience and enable you to enjoy the experience as much as possible. Sound effects are extremely good these days and it would be a shame for a gamer not to enjoy them to the fullest.

In addition to the built-in speakers, you may want to consider gaming chairs with vibrations – a high-quality gaming chair with speakers and vibration will definitely help you experience the new side of gaming and make the entire experience even more enjoyable and memorable.

What are the advantages of gaming chairs with speakers over other chairs?

The main advantage of a video game chair with speakers over the one without the speakers is pretty obvious; it’s the speakers. Joking aside, the speakers enable you to enjoy the sound experience and in many cases even feel the sound vibrations, which really add additional excitement to the gaming sessions.

How to Connect a Wireless Gaming Chair with Speakers to Game Systems?

This depends on the type of chair you are using and the type of game system. If both the chair and the console offer wireless connectivity, this will be the simplest way to connect. Normally this will be done via Bluetooth connection or wireless technology.

A wireless gaming chair is normally connected with the game system via the TV set:

  • Chair to TV (wired or wirelessly)
  • TV to the Game console (normally via HDMI cable)

NOTE: If the wireless options are not available or if you prefer to get the best possible sound (which is still possible through the wired connection), you will need to connect your chair with a proper audio cable. The jacks may vary from chair to chair, but regular audio in and audio out are very common. Use the proper cable (make sure you have the length you need) and connect the console with the audio in on the chair.

If you are having trouble connecting your video game chair with speakers to your gaming console, use the instructions that came with the chair or use Google and YouTube to find help. Moreover, you can also always call customer support to assist you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair

This is the video game chair with speakers buyer’s guide that we promised to provide. Use it wisely and choose the best gaming chair according to your needs.

Comfort & Ergonomics

You need to make sure you will feel comfortable in the chair. You don’t want to sweat too much while playing, so make sure the material is as breathable as possible. Make sure that the cushion is solid. Additionally, we suggest you go with chairs that offer ergonomic design, which will evenly distribute the pressure on your back. You absolutely want to get a chair that offers lumbar support and high, curved brackets that offer lots of support for the upper back and neck.

Build Quality/Material

You want the material to be durable, breathable, and easy to clean. The support should also be sturdy and built to last. The frame is usually made out of durable steel for firm support. These days there are many artificial materials that greatly combine comfort, breathability, and durability.


The most premium options include genuine leather (not everyone likes that a) but this is extremely expensive, as such, a PU leather is the most common option. PU leather offers the best value for money. There are other highly breathable mesh options available. These days there are many artificial materials that greatly combine comfort, breathability, and durability.

Remember that the more breathable the upholstery is, the more comfortable you will feel.


This is a very important feature to consider. People are very different and some of us can’t imagine a chair without armrests, while others feel like they are in the way. Thus make sure to determine what kind of player are you. Do you want armrests or your gaming chair or not? Luckily there are plenty of video game chairs with armrests and those without.

Weight Capacity & Recommended Height

The chair must be able to hold your weight and your height. Some chairs are very universal, while others are not. Always make sure to check the chair’s weight capacity. If you’re an average height person, you don’t have to worry about the height so much, however, if you are extremely tall or very short, you will want to ensure that the gaming chair’s dimension will fit you properly. You want the gamer chair to properly support your lumbar area and your necks as well.

Compatibility with Your System

Always double-check that a video game chair with speakers that you plan on buying is fully compatible with your gaming system. The last thing you want is to buy a chair that you cannot connect properly.


Make sure you can fit into the chair comfortably with all support areas in the proper place. Additionally consider your place (a room) size. You want a chair to fit properly. If the chair offer reclining and swivel, make sure to account for that.

Synchro-tilt mechanism

This is very important if you decide to go with a PC gaming chair. Make sure it has a quality tilt mechanism that will enable you to adjust the chair to best fit your posture.

Video game chairs, especially those without the pedestal, do not have the Synchro-tilt mechanism.


Most chairs are built to last, however, you should still pay attention to the materials used. Steel and PU leather are the most common materials and are both highly durable. Sticking with reputable brands can help here.


Make sure to check out the above section about the gaming chairs styles to determine, which the best choice is for you.


Price is always the most sensitive topic, so we can’t tell you a lot here, aside from advising you to not spend more than you can spare. Though, keep in mind that spending slightly more on a quality chair that will last much longer may turn out to be a money-saving decision in the long run.

Other Tips for Buying a Gaming Chair

Always check the reviews – reviews are relatively easy to find online. Make sure to check what the users are saying. This can provide you with highly valuable insight.

Consider the warranty – Gaming chairs are high-ticket items and as such shout come with proper warranties. Aim to get at least a 1-year warranty.

Consider the installation – Some chairs are made of fewer parts than others. For instance, PC gaming chairs normally come fully disassembled. Make sure to assemble the chair properly by following the instructions. It is not rocket science, however, if not assembled properly, you could end up damaging the chair or yourself.

Get recommendations – it is great if you can get some recommendations from the people you trust. These days, it can be extremely easy to connect with people. Find those that are experienced game chair users that can give you proper advice and recommend a video game chair with speakers that will best suit you.

What are some key features a Video Game Chair with Speakers should have?

Connectivity – make sure that the gaming chair with speakers has the connectivity you need to use it with your consoled and gaming devices.

Flexibility – you want your chair to offer some flexibility so it will be able to accommodate your physique properly. Completely rigid gaming chairs are not something we recommend.

Speakers – based on our experience you want to ensure that a gaming chair has at least 2 speakers and one subwoofer. If also concluded that most people prefer front-facing speakers over side or back-facing options. If you are looking for the most advanced experience and can afford it, go with a gaming chair that has a 4.1 sound system.

Space Saving – Do you plan on taking your gaming chair with you to your friend’s house? Do you want to be able to store the gaming chair easily? If so make sure that it is foldable and lightweight.

Wheels – wheels are only available for PC gaming chairs. In our opinion, they are a must-have if you are using a chair with a desk. Make sure the wheels are strong and durable as well.

Rocker – most video game chair with speakers are rockers. If that is something you don’t like, make sure to choose a chair of another kind. Some gaming chairs with massage will be a great rocker-free alternative.

USB Charger – some (definitely not all) premium gaming chairs offer USB plugs which you may use to charge your favorite devices. This is a very handy feature to have.

How to Maintain a Wireless Gaming Chair with Speakers

Gaming chairs are typically very rugged and do not require regular maintenance. However, about once per month, you might want to vacuum it or swipe it with a clean cloth (with some materials you can use a wet cloth as well). Also, vacuum the dust around the jacks (carefully) to ensure the best connectivity.

Additional accessory suggestions for the perfect gaming room

Since there are plenty of beginners reading this article, we decided to include this section that will broaden your horizon by presenting you with the most important gaming accessories.

Gaming desk – a proper gaming desk can make PC gaming much more enjoyable.

High-quality gaming monitor/TV – the visual aspect is still the most important part of gaming. And it makes no sense to play the most advanced games if you are not able to enjoy the graphics that they have to offer (sure this will also depend on your PC performance). Make sure to get a proper gaming monitor or a full HD or higher TV.

Smart lights – great backlight can make the gaming experience even better. Consider installing some colorful smart led lights that will match the screen colors (Ambilight).

Controllers, Keyboards, and Computer Mice – these can make a huge difference. Make sure to choose the ones that best suit your hand size and shape.

Footrests – using an additional footrest can be a really smart idea. It provides you with additional positioning options and contributes to your posture.

Speakers/headsets (if you are not ready for a video gaming chair with speakers) – consider investing in a good speaker system or a high-quality headset. The sound can make a great difference and it will be a well worth investment.


Can gaming chairs improve your gameplay?

Yes. A proper game chair will force you to stay in the healthiest posture, which also increases focus (think of racing car seats).

Where can I buy a gaming chair?

These days you have many options online. However, it is a very smart thing to find a local dealer where you can try a chair in person first to avoid the potential hustle with the return. If you like how it fits you, then go online and find the best deal.

Can I use my video game chair with speakers with other devices?

Of course. Most video game chairs with speakers offer universal connectivity and can be used with various devices.

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