How to Get Straight Talk ACP Program Benefits

Straight Talk ACP

What Is the Difference Between Straight Talk ACP and EBB? The Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) is a now-expired government assistance program that was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was designed to help households struggling to afford internet services during the pandemic. It provided a discount of up to $50 a month toward … Read more

How to Get Excess Telecom Free Tablets

Excess Telecom Free Tablets

What if I Want to Get Excess Telecom Free Service? Excess Telecom is a telecommunications company and a wireless provider that was founded in 2016 in Hollywood, California. The company’s goal is to change wireless services and connect people without hassles. It is one of the fastest-growing wireless companies in the U.S. It is licensed … Read more

How to Apply for a Sky Devices Government Tablet

Sky Devices Government Tablet

What is Sky Devices? What Services Do They Provide? Sky Devices is an American mobile device manufacturer based in Miami, Florida. The company’s mission is to create mobile devices with an esthetically-pleasing design, advanced technology, and low prices. Their devices are manufactured in the United States and they offer a durable design, latest features, and … Read more

Best Free Government Touch Screen Phone Providers 2023

Free Touch Screen Government Phones

We live during the digital age, where virtually everything is partially or entirely digital. We rely on touch screen smartphones for work, education, accessing information, contacting healthcare services, companies, service providers, and other establishments, staying in touch with loved ones, and more. As such, it’s almost impossible to imagine life without a smartphone. However, some … Read more

How to Get Free Internet With Food Stamps 2022

Free Internet With Food Stamps

What Is the Food Stamps or SNAP Program? The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, is a federal assistance program that provides nutrition benefits and helps low-income and no-income households purchase food. It’s America’s number one anti-hunger program that assists millions of Americans that struggle to feed themselves and … Read more

How Do I Qualify Affordable Connectivity Program Xfinity

Affordable Connectivity Program Xfinity

How Does Xfinity Work with ACP Benefit? Comcast Xfinity is a telecommunications company that offers cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services throughout the country. The Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP is a government assistance program by the FCC that helps households get access to the internet services they need for work, education, healthcare, and … Read more

How to Get a Free iPhone Under the EBB Program

Free iPhone EBB Program

Does the EBB Program Offer Free iPhones? During the Covid-19 pandemic, the FCC established a temporary government assistance program called the Emergency Broadband Benefit (or EBB). This program was designed to help households that are struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. The program provided a discount of up to $50 ($75 on qualifying … Read more

How to Get Cintex Wireless Free Tablet

Cintex Wireless Free Tablet

How Can I Get a Free Tablet? Tablets are highly practical devices. They are light, portable, yet large enough to provide great entertainment and the ability to work. As they enable us to stay connected with our jobs, virtual classrooms, loved ones, healthcare services, and more, both at home and on the go, these useful … Read more

How To Get T-Mobile Free Tablet

T-Mobile Free Tablet

Does T-Mobile Offer Free Tablets? T-Mobile is one of the three largest carriers in the U.S. The company offers cell phone services, versatile plans, and many different electronic devices, including cell phones and tablets. T-Mobile also offers subscribers access to their nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network, which happens to be the largest 5G network … Read more

How to Get Free Laptop for Student Without Scam

Free Laptop for Student

Why Do Students Need a Laptop? We live in the midst of the digital age. Nowadays, virtually everything is available online. If you have a laptop with internet access you can work remotely, access virtual classrooms, study, listen to music, watch movies, play games, connect with health care and other vital services, stay in touch … Read more