Free Government Tablet Assurance Wireless 2023

The tablet is one of the most important gadgets. It plays a critical role in communication, and helps one to execute numerous social and professional tasks. The Pew Research Center states that approximately half the population owns a tablet. According to Statistics, 53 % of the American adults own a tablet.

Whereas these figures are optimistic, they also show that a whopping half of the American population does not own a tablet. That means that they miss out on the immense benefits that come with the use of tablets. It also means that they might have barriers in keeping up with technology and exploiting its benefits.

However, there are a few challenges that come with ownership of a tablet. One, the initial cost of the gadget can be high, and two, the cost of running the tablet can be high. A few people may find it difficult to operate the tablet. The older generation is particularly known for shying away from using technology. The same case applies to some native groups who may view technology as a disruption to nature and serenity.

It is important that individuals and groups are assisted to get a tablet in the best way possible. This article is going to guide you on the importance of a tablet, how you can get own, and how you can afford the cost of using one.

Why Do People Need Tablets?

There are a plethora of reasons why people need tablets. To start with, the portability of the tablet is one of its most appealing features. An increasing number of people would want to combine work and studies with some leisure. It is not uncommon to find people working when they are traveling. A tablet plays an important role in helping an individual work or study when traveling. Unlike a desktop, you will be able to use your tablet when you are traveling. For instance, you can easily monitor the workplace when you are traveling and communicate on what should be done.

A tablet offers a seamless experience in basic communication. This is because a tablet comes with features which enhance efficiency. For example, with a tablet, you can make multiple calls with comfort, something that you may not do with an ordinary phone.

With a tablet, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to the social media channels such as whatsapp. Today, the social media is becoming part and parcel of daily life. For example, employers do write Facebook posts informing the online community about a vacant position that need to be filled. If you own a tablet, you are going to be informed of such opportunities in real time.

The tablet can be used as a tool of learning in an educational institution. This is through providing reliable and authoritative content. Because a tablet is interesting to use, it increases the concentration span of a learner. In such a case, the tablet is a necessity and may be a compulsory requirement.

A tablet can help you on making a presentation. This can be at the workplace or in an educational setting. Tablets can help you to ran a PowerPoint presentation. Some tablets will allow you to make a connection to the monitor or the HD television.

Can I Get A Free Government Tablet From Assurance Wireless?

As early as 1984, the US government appreciated the need to ensure that the phone services were available and affordable to Americans. The pioneer initiative, as they are now, targeted Americans earning a low income. This program, otherwise known as the FCC program, evolved in order to accommodate a new lifestyle, the use of cell phones for instance.

In order for the government to achieve this objective, it had to partner with local tech companies. Such companies must have the skills and expertise required in the targeted field. One of the companies that the government has been working with to ensure greater access to phones and the internet is Assurance Wireless. Assurance Wireless aims at reducing the digital divide, and eliminating it at last. Though this is an ambitious goal, the company has made a spirited effort to achieve this.

So, can you get a free government tablet from Assurance Wireless? The answer is simply no. You cannot get a free government tablet from Assurance Wireless. If you want a tablet from Assurance Wireless, you cannot get it, and therefore, you need to explore other options.

However, there are other sources of a free government tablet. On its part, Assurance Wireless aims at reducing the cost of using a phone. Offers provided by Assurance Wireless include the following:

  • Free monthly minutes
  • Free monthly data
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Free hotspot data

How To Qualify For Assurance Wireless Free Tablet

Assurance Wireless, does not offer free tablets. What the company offers is free smartphones. If you are a Lifeline-eligible customer, then you have access to free Android smartphones.

There are three main ways of qualification to free smartphones by Assurance Wireless:

Income: If your household income is at or below 135 %, federal poverty level, then you qualify for a free smartphone.

Unemployment: If you are unemployed, then you can get a free smart phone

Membership in a government assistance program. If you are enrolled in a government assistance program, then you can qualify for Lifeline program. Such assistance programs include Medicaid, ssi, Snap, federal public housing assistance, veterans benefits, survivors benefits, and food stamps.

If you want to apply for free smartphone from Assurance Wireless, then you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Step 1: The first thing is to open the site
  • Step 2: Check if this program is available in your state. This service is not available in every state.
  • Step 3: Under “the state you live in” you will get the specific criteria and evaluate if you qualify
  • Step 4: Under “See if you qualify today” click apply now
  • Step 5: Proceed to enter the zip code
  • Step 6: After keying in the zip code, you are going to be re-directed to the state’s Assurance Wireless program. Here, you are going to see the benefits that are available in your state.
  • Step 7: click apply now and you are going to be directed to a page with an official form
  • Step 8: Fill up the details, and submit

By signing up with Assurance Wireless, you are not required to sign any contract, you do not need activation fees, and you will not be receiving any bills. In addition to that, there are no recurring charges. In short, your phone bills are subsidized by the state. This makes this offer one of the most sustainable in helping people who cannot afford communication services to reduce their communication bills.

The Lifeline services provided must be used at least once every month. If this is not done, then, the free service is going to be terminated.

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What Documents are Required for a Free Tablet?

In order to access the services provided by the Assurance Wireless Lifeline, you are going to prove that you are eligible. Due to cases of fraud, the authorities are becoming very strict in checking the eligibility of the applicants. The following are the main documents which are required by Assurance Wireless:

-An official document is required that shows your annual income, or in the case of applying based on the poverty level, a document showing 135 % of federal poverty level. Such documents include a statement of current income from the employer, a statement showing tax returns, a statement showing worker’s compensation.

  • A document showing a significant loss of income
  • An official document stating your status of employment as unemployed
  • An official document showing that you are participating in a government assistance program
  • In some cases, you may be required to show a passport or a driver’s license. You may also be asked to provide an address.
  • You may also be required to show that you are at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor.

How To Track The Status Of Your Application?

The process of checking the status of your application at Assurance Wireless is simple. Just visit the help center at and click check status. Alternatively, you can call Assurance Wireless through 1-888-898-4888. Their dedicated customer service will assist you in the best way possible.

What Are The Others Benefits If I Qualify For The Assurance ACP Program?

Since the onset of the COVID 19, businesses and individuals have been going through a challenging time. Loss of jobs has been a persistent problem with many careers endangered. As a response to the internet needs, the government introduced the ACP Program in order to help families who are struggling to meet the monthly internet bill. This program is a Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Students whose families are struggling due to the impact of the pandemic are also eligible for ACP. Services provided include FAQS and Letters derived from the k-12 schools and the districts, outreach materials in various languages. Discounts are provided for broadband services and associated equipment.

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What Is The Restriction Of Assurance Wireless ACP

This is majorly a student service, and therefore, many it does not accommodate many areas of internet use. Eligible families are identified by schools, districts, and community members. Whereas this service is available in a number of languages, it does not cover many of them. Some immigrants groups may be excluded from this service.

This is a temporarily service. Unless Congress decides to seek an extension, this service will not stay for long. The service will end six months after Department of Health and Human Services announces the end of the pandemic, or if the funds are depleted, whichever comes first. As per now, there is no detailed discussion on the direction that this program will take. This is because of the uncertainty of the pandemic.

How To Get A Government Free Tablet

You can get a free tablet from the sources below:

Q Link

Based in Dania, Florida, Q Link provides wireless services to Lifeline-eligible consumers. Funded by the Universal Service Fund, Q Link offers both Lifeline and ACP free tablet. In order to get assistance from Q Link, you must fulfill at least one of the following criteria: unemployed, federal income of 135 %, federal poverty level, or be enrolled in a government assistance program.

So, can you get a free tablet from Q Link? Yes, but with certain conditions. You must be having ACP device discount in order to get the free tablet and you need to pay $10.01. The offer is limited for a certain amount of time and it depends on the availability of the tablets. Every state is eligible for this offer, though conditions may vary. The delivery of the tablet is going to take six to eight weeks.

Stand Up Mobile

StandUp Wireless provides both ACP and Lifeline free tablet. Through StandUp Wireless, one can access unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 10 GB data. In addition to that, ACP allows qualified consumers to claim a discount of $ 100. This is how one can get a free tablet. The customer is charged at least $10.01. This offer is not available in all state, and therefore, you should check up your state to see if you qualify.

As soon as the applicant is qualified, one does not take long in order to access the services provided by StandUp Wireless. StandUp Wireless provides free hotsopts with its discounted tablet. All you need to do is to ensure that the StandUp Wireless is activated and the SIM card is inserted.

With Causes

This is a well-established charity which has had a tradition of helping the needy. The application process is simple, and there are volunteers which can help you at every stage of the application process. You are going to have a file with the charity giving details about yourself. Upon a review of the file, you are going to receive a response. The tablets that are provided by Causes are refurbished. This does not in any way mean that they are of low quality, no, they are tablets which have up-to-date features.

Which Brand Of Tablet Does The Government Offer For Free?

The most common free tablets provided by the government are NUU Tab 8, SKY Elite 8, and Vortex Tab 8.


There is no reason why you should not own and use a tablet. There are ample opportunities for cheap or free tablets. The general trend is that technology tends to become better and cheaper over time. With this assumption, then, the tablet is going to colonize the phone market. With the above discussion, you have information about low-cost and free phone services.