How To Get TruConnect Free Tablet

Getting free stuff is an amazing feeling. It’s even more so when you can get a tablet out of a subscription to Trueconnect. Who wouldn’t want a free tablet, and a quality one on top of that? Do you want to avail a free tablet for? Here is the multi-process of how you can acquire your very own free tablet.

Does TrueConnect Really Offer A Free Tablet?

Trueconnect is a virtual network provider of 3G/4G technology that’s best used for smartphones. They also provide smartphones that are incredibly intuitive that are on par with the best smartphones in the market.

Because of the nature of Trueconnect’s company and services, they are willing to provide a free tablet for users to enjoy, especially those who are loyal customers to Trueconnect. Furthermore, the tablet they offer is also part of their product line where they sell it in their online retail store.

So, you better believe that they are truly giving you a free tablet, and it’s only a matter of how to avail it and what are the qualifications for such a benefit.

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How To Get A TruConnect Free Or Discounted Tablet?

These are the different factors and steps that you need to familiarize yourself to get your free tablet from Trueconnect:

How to qualify TruConnect Free Tablet

Obviously, you need to tick the boxes in terms of the requirements of getting a free tablet from Trueconnect in the first place. To know if you’re qualified or not is essential to getting your free tablet.

The eligibility criteria will depend on two programs: The EBB and Lifeline. You’ll be getting a free tablet that will vary on whether or not you participated in the Federal Assistance Programs that would base your income at a certain percentage to qualify. So, here are the different qualifications for you to get your very new and free tablet:

Your income will factor in significantly when you acquire a new tablet. If your gross income is anything below 135% of federal poverty, then you can get a chance of acquiring a free tablet from Trueconnect.

Participation in any of the Federal Assistance programs is also a contributing factor to getting a free tablet. These programs are designed to help those who have extremely low income or no income at all, and examples of such programs can be Medicaid, social security, housing assistance, etc.

Here is a summation of the EBB qualification:

  • Must have an income at or below the 135% FPG (Federal Poverty Guidelines) and must participate in assistance programs like SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline.
  • Application is approved to receive benefits under the reduced school lunch pricing or school breakfast program where it includes the USDA Community Eligibility.
  • Having received the Federal Pell Grant during the current year.
  • Must have significant financial loss due to job loss since February 29, 2020.

If you qualify for any of these metrics, then you can proceed with the next step of the process to get you an inch closer to getting your free tablet!

Registering your email to create a Trueconnect account

When you qualify for the following terms, you can now start the official process of getting your new tablet. First things first, go to the website and click on register to put an entry in the program. Next, you can simply fill out the information sheet online where you are asked to input your name, email, main address, and other information that are relevant to the registry.

This wouldn’t take you so much time of your day because the number of pages that you only need to input is about 2-3. Once you are done registering, you need to prepare scanned companies of documents that are asked of you such as certification of your eligibility and pictures that are high quality for verification purposes.

In case you are unfamiliar with technology and find it difficult to register online, the best course of action for this is to download the form and fill it up yourself by using a pen.

Receiving the device and Sim card toolkit

After your application, it’s time to receive the device. When you input your mailing address, the delivery will commence as soon as the transit is available for shipping. In case you are not approved of you application, here are some of the reasons why that might be the case:

Trueconnect won’t accept the eligibility terms that you applied for. In said circumstances, you may be told to use a different term and send the application again. Just wait for a few days for it to get a confirmation for your application to go forward down the process.

Forged papers will always get denied, and if you fake documents to get the tablet, then you’re going to even get banned from ever applying for anything on Trueconnect. Make sure to always be honest when applying for anything in a company.

After receiving the device, you will need to activate it. The good news is that Trueconnect activates your tablet for free and it only requires you to have a sim card toolkit where they can provide it for you. When receiving such a toolkit, all you need to do is insert the sim card inside and activate it.

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Which Brand Of Tablet Does TrueConnect Offer For Free Or Discounted?

Here is a lost of the available tablets that are completely free under the EBB program:

  • The Apple iPad version 10.2
  • The Amazon Fire Tablet 7 (7 inch-screen)
  • Lenovo Smart Tab version M10
  • Huawei MediaPad version T5
  • Lenovo Tab version E10
  • Huawei MediaPad version T3

These models are some of the amazing tablets in the market that are extremely inexpensive. You can have them at a huge discount or for free when enrolling in the EBB program!

In Which Areas Currently TruConnect Offers Lifeline And EBB Program?

Trueconnect’s lifeline and EBB program is available in almost all states for as long as you are qualified for the EBB program. Prerequisites are discussed above which you have to apply for to qualify for the program and get the free tablets as merits.

Moreover, it’s also available in many countries for people who want to take advantage of the

Here are the different states that you can avail yourself these amazing programs:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Pennsylvania
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you are located in any of these locations, then you can definitely avail the EBB program. Just jot in your respective zip code so you can register and be available when you are called upon through email or phone when you are about to receive the benefits that come in the EBB program.

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What Other Benefits If I Qualify For A TruConnect EBB Program?

Here are the different benefits other than the free tablet that you’re going to receive:

In California, there will be free plans that comprise 14 GB 4G or LTE data coverage. It also comes with a wi-fi hotspot that’s capable of connecting multiple devices to use the internet.

For states outside of California, you can receive 12.5 GB of 4G or LTE data coverage. It also has a wifi hotspot capability should you want to have other users connect their device in one single sitting.

Trueconnect also sports a free EBB converge plan where it has 8 GB of 4G or LTE coverage with a wifi hotspot feature as well.

As you can see you can get far more from the amazing benefits of Trueconnect’s EBB program, and you can rely on speedy internet to browse online.

What Are The TruConnect EBB Restrictions?

There are different things that the EBB restricts potential registrants to use:

Using false documents and forging signatures and certifications will immediately render the application discontinued which also puts a permanent ban on the registrant. Trueconnect does not want to project any prejudices against those who need the service the most, so an inkling of a sign that the documents are forged, a ban will soon ensue.

The service can only be used for one household. That means that a house can share the EBB program’s benefit, rather than reach it to others who may not be living in the same household.

TruConnect Free Tablet Related Others Thing You Should Know

Here are the following FAQ about Trueconnect’s EBB and Lifeline program:

How good is the Truconnect coverage network?

Trueconnect’s coverage allows many users to have access to the digital world at the tips of their fingers. Not only are the speeds fast, but there is barely anything to slow down the service. It’s lightning-fast and reliable, and it works in almost all devices that are manufactured today.

Does truconnect charge any cost for Truconnect ebb tablets?

There is no cost to using Trueconnects services. The whole purpose of the whole program is to make sure that the lowest income earners are able to connect and afford the advantages of the internet through reliable technology that is on par with the latest advancements in the industry.

As such, Trueconnect offers a reliable machine that connects to the internet in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

How long does it take to receive a truconnect free tablet and ebb program benefits?

Once you are qualified and that your application is approved, you can enroll in the program immediately. Just take note, however, that if your application came from TruConnect directly, then you should expect between 3-8 days for the whole application process to finish. There are also varying factors that may delay or hasten the process, and hopefully, you’ll land on the latter.

Does Truconnect lifeline give free Phones?

Trueconnect lifeline does give free phones. This is especially true when the Lifeline benefits are connected through TruConnect. You can get a free smartphone and iphone this way, and you still have to account for the location of the availability of Truconnect to use the benefits.

Also, the smartphones aren’t the old ones you are accustomed to which is not on par with today’s technology, so you can rely on the smartphone that you’ll be receiving that it will be of quality and is recent, to say the least.

Can I Replace Truconnect with a Free phone and tablets?

The only way you can possibly replace your device is when the tablet or phone you received is dysfunctional and won’t work properly. This way, the company is going to compensate you with a replacement so you can still enjoy the benefits of the package.

However, if it was for some other superficial reason, then you’ll want to take care of your tablets or phones because after the first week you’ve received them and you somehow destroyed the technologies, then you have to pay for a replacement.

Is truconnect Ebb the same as a lifeline?

No, they are not. Trueconnect’s EBB program separates itself from its Lifeline counterpart. The only difference is that the program has more money for the provided of services that keep both of the programs apart.

While they are certainly different in a sense, people are still inclined with the idea of the two programs merging into one so that it becomes more convenient for a lot of people to identify the different benefits that go along with the two packages offered by the company.

Does truconnect offer free internet?

Yes. Trueconnect’s fast and reliable internet is free for emergency situations that are included in the benefits when applying for the EBB and Lifeline program. The free internet is there to help you get emergency assistance in case you need to file an email or contact someone important for an urgent circumstance.


Getting amazing benefits from Truconnect’s plethora of free devices will give you all the reasons to make an efficient day in the digital world. Tablets are more compact and convenient to bring around, and they are also very inexpensive.

Not only will you be receiving tablets, but you also have the chance to get a phone as well which is a lot more portable. So, you can potentially avail two benefits in one program, and the devices that are given to you are fast and up to date too. So you’re getting the most out of the program and for something that’s free, it’s hard to say no.

The best part about a tablet is that you can use it anytime while being able to run different apps quickly that will give you the productivity you need. If you think they are too expensive and need financial support, you should definitely enroll in Truconnect’s programs to get free devices and internet!