How to Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

Important Considerations Before Connecting Your Echo Dot to a Wi-Fi Network

So, you want to learn how to properly connect your Echo Dot voice-controlled smart speaker with Alexa from Amazon to your Wi-Fi network. You’ve come to the right place. But, before we dive into the specific steps you need to follow, you must make sure you have the following requirements.

  • An available and stable Wi-Fi connection:As none of the Echo Dot speakers manufactured so far has an Ethernet RJ45 port, it’s only possible to link them to Amazon with an available Wi-Fi network with internet access. Not only does the speaker need a Wi-Fi connection to work properly, but Alexa will also only operate when connected to the internet. If the connection is stable, the device will operate smoothly, otherwise, you may experience some interference and other difficulties.
  • An Amazon account: To successfully connect and use your Echo Dot device, you must have an Amazon account. If you already have one, you’re all set. If you don’t have an account, create a new one at You can set it up by following the provided instructions. You will be asked to log in to your Amazon account while running the Alexa app during the Echo Dot connection process (described in the ‘How to connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi’ section). In case you don’t have an account, the system will allow you to create one during that step of the process. To do so, simply press the ‘Create a new Amazon account’ option. The app will walk you through the account setup. Make sure that you have a valid and working Amazon account before you proceed to the next step.
  • A compatible mobile device:As you can only run the Alexa app on a compatible smartphone or tablet, you will need one.
  • The Alexa app: Download the Alexa app from Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices). Install the appropriate version on your smartphone or tablet and log into the app using your Amazon account credentials.
  • Bluetooth: Take your smartphone or tablet and make sure to turn Bluetooth on. The reason why you need a Bluetooth connection is that the Alexa app uses Bluetooth to discover the Echo Dot speakers. When trying to connect your Alexa app with the speakers, make sure the speakers are located nearby.
  • Echo Dot speakers: In addition to everything else on this list, you will obviously also need your Echo Dot smart speakers.

How to Set Up The Amazon Echo Dot

Place your Echo Dot speaker in any location where it may serve you best – your living room, kitchen counter, nightstand, or anywhere you may need a voice-controlled device. The speaker can be used without other Alexa devices.

Before you begin with the setup, connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account from the Alexa app. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Download the Alexa app and sign in

Alexa app will enable you to set up your Echo Dot speakers, manage your notifications, music, shopping, etc. The app is available for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher, and Fire OS 2.0 or higher.

Download the app in your app store, depending on your device (Google Play Store for Android devices, Apple App Store for iOS devices, or Amazon Appstore).

You can also install the on your Wi-Fi-enabled computer by visiting

Once you have downloaded the Alexa app, there are also some in-app steps you must follow to complete the process.

  • Open the Alexa app and select ‘Devices’ in the lower right corner.
  • Press the ‘+’ sign in the top right corner or the hamburger (three-line) menu in the upper left corner.
  • Select ‘Add Device’.
  • Choose the Amazon Echo icon, then the Echo Dot icon that will appear on the next screen. Press the image of the third-generation Echo Dot.
  • Turn on Echo Dot

Place the speakers in a central location at least 8 inches from walls and windows. Plug the provided power adapter into Echo Dot speakers and into a power outlet. Keep in mind that other USB power adapters (like phone chargers) may not provide enough power. The light ring on the device will first turn blue and then orange. When the light ring turns orange, the device is in Setup Mode and Alexa will greet you.

Wait for your Echo Dot to appear on your phone and when it does, select it.

Then, you will be asked to go to your Wi-Fi settings.

  • Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

Follow the instructions provided in the Alexa app or in the following chapter to connect your Echo Dot speakers to Wi-Fi.

In short, open your Wi-Fi settings, select the network called ‘Amazon-XXX’ and return to the Alexa app. Choose the Wi-Fi network to which you wish to connect your Echo Dot and enter your password if needed.

Additional tip #1: If the setup process doesn’t start automatically, press and hold the Action button on Echo Dot for 5 seconds. Afterward, open the Alexa app, go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Set up a new device’.

Additional tip #2: If your Echo Dot doesn’t connect to your Wi-Fi, restart the device by unplugging and plugging it back again. You can also try resetting it to its factory settings and repeat the setup.

  • Talk to Alexa

Now, you can use your Echo Dot speakers and talk to Alexa. To get started, say the ‘wake word’ and then continue speaking naturally. The default wake word is ‘Alexa’, but in the app, you can change your wake word to any other word. Open the app, go to ‘Settings’, choose your Echo device and click on the ‘Wake word’ option.

  • Connect Echo Dot to an external speaker (optional)

While the general setup process is already finished, you can still connect your Echo Dot speakers to additional external speakers with the included audio cable or via Bluetooth.

In the Alexa app, you can also select or create a room where your Echo Dot is located.

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How to Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

As we have mentioned before, your Echo Dot speakers need an active and stable Wi-Fi connection to speak, process your commands and stream media.

Before you begin this process, make sure to plug your Echo Dot into a power outlet and open the Alexa app. Note that Echo Dot connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) networks that use the 802.11a / b / g / n standard and it does not connect to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) networks.

How to Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi

  • Step 1: Open the Alexa app and its left navigation panel through the hamburger (three-line) menu. Select ‘Settings’. Press ‘Device Settings’. This will bring you to the ‘All devices’ screen, where you will be able to see the list of your currently registered Echo Dot speakers and other devices.
  • Step 2: Choose your device and select ‘Update Wi-Fi’. In case you are adding a new device to your account, select ‘Set up a new device’ instead.

In case the app requires you to do so, enter your Amazon account information to log in to your Amazon account or follow the provided instructions to create a new account. The app will remember the account for the next time.

  • Step 3: To set up a new device, tap the ‘Add device’ option, which will open the ‘Setup’ – ‘What type of device are you setting up?’ screen. Choose the ‘Amazon Echo’ device type and in the setup screen for Echo devices, press the Echo Dot device.
  • Step 4: Press and hold the ‘Action’ button on your Echo Dot device for 5 seconds. When the light ring changes from blue to orange, your mobile device will connect to your Echo device. A list of available Wi-Fi networks will appear in the app. During this stage of the process, the Alexa app may ask you to manually connect your device to your Echo speakers through your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Step 5: Select your Wi-Fi network and if required, enter the password. In case you don’t see your Wi-Fi network, scroll down and select ‘Add a new network’ (for hidden networks) or press ‘Rescan’.

If you need to add your Alexa device to your router’s list of approved devices, scroll down until you see the MAC address.

  • Step 6: Press ‘Connect’ and your device will connect to your Wi-Fi network. Press the blue ‘Continue’ option and you will be offered the option to choose which speaker your Echo Dot will play through. Afterward, a confirmation message will appear in the app.
  • Step 7 (optional): You can also choose your default speaker and choose your desired location on the ‘Where is your Echo Dot’ screen.
  • Step 8 (recommended): Test your Echo Dot device. Do so, by saying the ‘wake word’ (‘Alexa’ or another wake word that you have chosen in the setup process) and then ask some random questions, such as ‘What time is it? What’s the weather?’.

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What to Do If Echo Dot Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

If Echo Dot cannot connect to Wi-Fi or if Alexa loses its internet connection, there are some things you can try to get it back online.

  • First, check if you have an active internet connection. Connect your device to the same network as Alexa and try to access the internet.
  • Power cycle your Echo Dot, Modems, and Routers. Start with your Amazon smart speakers – unplug them and then plug them back in again. If this doesn’t do the job, turn the modem and router off and back on again. A power cycle will reboot the devices and thus may fix the issue.
  • Move your Echo Dot speakers away from Wi-Fi interference. If there are any walls or other obstacles between the speakers and the router, you may try to reposition one of the devices to avoid any obstacles that may be interfering with the signal. Also, remove any metal objects or Wi-Fi-enabled devices that may be located between the router and the speakers, as these may also interfere with your connection.
  • Factory reset your Amazon Echo Dot speakers and connect them back again. This may also provide a reboot and fix your issue.

How to Factory Reset Your Amazon Echo?

There are two ways to factory reset your Amazon Echo Dot speakers – you can do so using the Alexa app or your device itself. Unplugging and restarting a malfunctioning or nonresponsive device can jog it back to proper working order, however, in some cases, a full factory reset may be needed to restore the device to proper function. Factory reset is also a great option in case you are planning to sell your device, as it will delete all your personal and potentially sensitive data from the device.

Factory reset your Amazon Echo using the Alexa app

Factory resetting the device using the Alexa app is simple and only includes a few quick steps:

  • Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Press ‘Echo & Alexa’ and then choose which Amazon Echo device you wish to reset and wipe clean.
  • Scroll down and press ‘Factory Reset’ and confirm. Your device has now been reset.

Factory reset your Amazon Echo using the device itself

The steps to physically reset Echo speakers depend on the specific model, therefore we will include various different models.

  • First-generation Echo: On these devices, you will have to stick a paperclip, an earring, or something similar into the small hole located on the back of the device to reset it.
  • Second-generation Echo and other generations not specifically mentioned on this list: These devices require you to press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. Afterward, the light should turn orange, which means that the reset has been successful.
  • Third-generation Echo: To reset a third-generation Echo device, press and hold the ‘Action’ button in the top right for 25 seconds.
  • Amazon Echo Snow: To reset any of the Echo Snow devices, press and hold the mute and volume down buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds, on the Amazon logo appears on the screen.

Keep in mind that following any of these methods will result in factory reset and deleting your information and settings.

How to Connect Echo Dot to a Mobile Hotspot?

In case you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection at home or decide to use a set of Echo speakers in the car, you can also use a mobile hotspot for an internet connection. Previous Amazon speaker models required two mobile devices to establish a hotspot connection, in 2016 the company added a built-in feature to connect with hotspots.

As the hotspot feature may not work if you are setting up the device for the first time, it’s best to first set up the speakers over Wi-Fi. Make sure to turn on your mobile data to connect the hotspot with Echo Dot.

To successfully connect Echo Dot to a mobile hotspot, follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure your phone’s or tablet internet connection is enabled.
  • Plug in your Echo Dot speakers.
  • Go to the hotspot settings on your phone and simply note the hotspot name and password. At this stage, don’t enable the hotspot.
  • Open the Alexa app on your phone and choose ‘Devices’ at the bottom.
  • Select ‘Echo & Alexa’ followed by your Echo device name.
  • Press ‘Change’ next to the Wi-Fi network.
  • The Echo Wi-Fi setup page will open. Press ‘Continue’.
  • In case you have already set up Echo, the orange light on the screen will not appear, therefore, click on ‘Don’t see the orange light ring’.
  • Press and hold the ‘Action’ button on your Echo Dot for approximately 10 seconds until the orange light appears. Click ‘Continue’ on the app and Alexa will announce going to setup mode.
  • On the ‘Manually connect to the Echo’ page, go to Wi-Fi settings on your device and connect to the Amazon network. You will get a notification saying that Wi-Fi has no internet access, click ‘Yes’ to stay connected.
  • Go back to your mobile device and the Alexa app and press ‘Continue’.
  • Scroll down on the Wi-Fi selection screen and press ‘Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot’.
  • Enter the hotspot name and password and press ‘Connect’.
  • Now, enable hotspot on your phone’s settings. Alexa will notify you that she is trying to connect and when the connection has been established.
  • Return to the Alexa app to complete the setup. To finish the process, press ‘Continue’.

Next time you wish to connect your Echo Dot to a mobile hotspot, you can simply enable a hotspot on your mobile device and it will automatically connect.

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Connect Echo Dot to Wi-Fi Others Thing You Should Know

Can I tether Alexa to my phone?

Yes, you can. To do so, follow the steps in the previous chapter.

Can I connect my Echo to public Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. Enter any required information and accept the conditions. Contact the network owner for any information you may need. However, make sure not to save the public Wi-Fi to Amazon and to use the public connection carefully, as it is more likely to have malware.

Does Alexa need Wi-Fi?

Yes, Alexa needs a Wi-Fi connection to operate properly.

Why does Alexa not work without Wi-Fi?

Alexa and the device it operates from don’t have the capacity to process voice commands directly. Instead, it sends the audio clips to Amazon servers, where the clip is processed and the best answer is found and provided to the device, where Alexa delivers it. Therefore, Alexa needs Wi-Fi to fully function.

What can Alexa do without a Wi-Fi connection?

Alexa can perform some simple actions without being connected to Wi-Fi. For example, it can trigger many smart home devices and operate switches, lights, and plugs. Alexa can also answer some basic questions such as what is the date or time. It can operate alarms, notifications, and adjust the volume. You can even ask Alexa ‘What can you do offline’ and she will answer.