What Channel Is Fox On DirecTV And DirecTV All Packages

Do you have DirecTV and would like to enjoy the Fox channel? If so, you came to the right place. In this article, you will learn what channel is Fox on DirecTV and much more.

We will cover a lot of useful information about Fox channel and Fox network and many other useful details, including DirecTV packages guide and more.

In case you are not interested in reading the entire article, make use of the section titles below and dig into the ones that currently concern you.

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FOX Network – Everything You Need to Know

Before we go into details about what channel is Fox on DirecTV, we feel is only appropriate to provide you with some useful information about the FOX Network.

The FOX Network channels are one of the most popular and most-watched in the whole USA. Their programs are designed to keeping Americans entertained with many shows and series and updated with news from all across the nation and the world.

The FOX Network has been catering to its viewers with epic programming for more than three decades and it appeared on the scene way back in 1986. It went on to become one of the most prevalent American commercial broadcast over-the-air television networks and as such offers a variety of must-have channels. FOX continues to produce and deliver great and diverse content for all age groups and people with different tastes.

What Fox Has In Store For You?

If you know FOX Network well, this section will only serve as a reminder, but if you are new, you absolutely need to know what is that they offer.

Most users appreciate most the latest and hottest blockbuster movies and TV shows of all genres. Those provide constant entertainment and makes it rather challenging to move away from the sofa.

Aside from the latest TV shows and movies, they also have engaging news channels that keep you up to date regarding the latest development, not only across the nation but from all around the globe.

Moreover, FOX also has its own FOX Sports Network, which is something sportspeople surely appreciate.

As such, they really have something for everyone. To give you a more precious insight, let’s take a closer look at what FOX has in store for you.

Did you know that FOX is the one behind The X-Men? How about The Planet of the Apes? Guess who made Taken and The Transporter franchise possible? All FOX. Life of Pi, Deadpool film series, Daredevil, and made other movies also came to life thanks to FOX. Of course, there are also many upcoming movies still in the pipeline, including the Avatar sequel, which will surely be one of the greatest hits ever.

Are you a fan of animated movies? Guess what, FOX also released (t.i. distributed or produced) many of those. The list includes Kung Fu Panda, The Boss Baby, Trolls, Ice Age, and many others.

How about the binge-worthy shows? FOX made many of those possibilities as well. The Simpsons, Bob’s Burger, 9-1-1, Family Guy, and Prison Break are just a few mention-worthy ones.

All that brought to your attention, you must surely be thinking about how to get FOX on DirecTV and what channel is FOX on DirecTV, right? Do not worry, we are getting there.

What Channel is FOX on DIRECTV?

Have you ever searched for a specific program and felt like looking for a needle in a haystack? We know we sure have. So, to prevent you from wasting precious time and energy on searching for FOX, we decided to tell you what channel is FOX on DirecTV.

As you know, DirecTV has a ton of programs (the exact amount depends on the package you have (more on that later on)), and find a specific one (FOX in our case) can be rather challenging.

In this section, we will make sure that in the future your DirecTV channel search will be as stress-free as possible.

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The FOX Channel Number With City-Wide

Since there is no single answer to ‘What channel is FOX on DirecTV?’ as it depends on the city, we decided to provide you with a list of the largest cities and corresponding FOX channel numbers on DirecTV. In case your city is not listed, make sure to use the ‘Local Channel Lookup Tool,’ which may be reached by following the link in the parenthesis (https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/packProg/localChannels.jsp?assetId=cms_local_channels&_ga=2.252767808.878630179.1595238542-1788701904.1595238542).

City FOX Channel Number on DIRECTV City FOX Channel Number on DIRECTV
New York City, NY 5 Oklahoma City, OK 25
Chicago, IL 32 Memphis, TN 13
Los Angeles, CA 11 Louisville, KY 41
Houston, TX 26 Baltimore, MD 45
Phoenix, AZ 10 Milwaukee, WI 6
Philadelphia, PA 29 Albuquerque, NM 16
San Antonio, TX 29 Tucson, AZ 11
San Diego, CA 69 Fresno, CA 26
Dallas, TX 4 Sacramento, CA 40
San Jose, CA 2 Mesa, AZ 10
Austin, TX 7 Atlanta, GA 5
Fort Worth, TX 4 Kansas City, MO 4
San Francisco, CA 2 Colorado Springs, CO 21
Columbus, OH 28 Miami, FL 7
Charlotte, NC 46 Oakland, CA 2
Seattle, WA 13 Minneapolis, MN 9
Washington, DC 5 Arlington, TX 4
Boston, MA 25 Tampa, FL 13
Nashville, TN 17 New Orleans, LA 8
Detroit, MI 2

Closer Look At Fox Channels on DirecTV

In this section, we will take a closer look at the Fox channels available on DirectTV. They are listed below accompanied with details.

  • Fox Business Network on DIRECTV – Fox Business Network is a paid TV channel and is the first of FOX channels on DIRECTV. It obviously belongs to the FOX family of networks, to the Fox News Media Division of the Fox Corporation to be exact. The network focuses mainly on covering news related to business and finance, which can be of high interest and benefit to all businessmen. Fox Business Network is widely available – currently, about 75 million U.S. households with a pay-tv subscription have access to it. On DIRECTV, the Fox Business Network channel number is 359 and is included in all DIRECTV packages (ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER) as you can see in the channel line up in the next section.
  • Fox News Channel on DIRECTV – Fox News Channel (FNC) is a Fox-News-Media-operated American multinational cable news network. It is obviously also owned by the Fox Corporation. The channel has been a popular news source all across the USA as it is available to more than 87 million pay-tv subscribers nationwide. On DIRECTV, the Fox News Channel number is 360 and is included in all DIRECTV packages (ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE and PREMIER) as you can see in the channel line up in the next section.
  • Fox Sports 1 on DIRECTV – Fox Sports 1 (FS1) is another Fox Corporation’s pay-TV channel. It is operated by the Fox Sports Media Group unit. The FS1 is priceless for all sports enthusiasts and fanatics alike. It offers an impressive broadcast lineup. It includes all from Live Major League Baseball and Soccer events to various collegiate sports, combat sports, U.S. Golf Association championships, motorsports, and much more. The FS1 also broadcasts sports news, sports-related reality programs, expert analyses, and sports documentaries to keep you up-to-date on all spots related info. The FS1 surely is an all-around sports channel. On DIRECTV, the Fox Sports 1 channel number is 219 and is included in all DIRECTV packages (ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER) as you can see in the channel line up in the next section.
  • Fox Sports 2 on DIRECTV – Fox Sports 2 is in many ways very similar to FS1. Like FS1, it is also operated by the Fox Sports Media Group of the Fox Corporation. As a matter of fact, it acts as an overflow channel for Fox Sports 1. It covers a wider variety of sports content than the FS1, with an additional focus on combat sports. A great part of the FS2 programming lineup is built around reruns of sports events, and news & analyses programs, originally aired on FS1. As such, you can catch those live events that you may have missed on FS1. On DIRECTV, the Fox Sports 2 channel number is Unlike the above three channels that are included in all DIRECTV plans, you will need either the ULTIMATE or PREMIER package to enjoy the FS2.
  • Fox Sports Southeast on DIRECTV – If you are interested in sports teams based in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tennessee, then the Fox Sports Southeast is a great option for you. It is a regional sports network channel, which operates as an affiliate of Fox Sports Networks. In Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and other Southeast regions the Fox Sports Southeast is available as a local cable channel but its satellite-based nationwide coverage is made possible by DIRECTV. On DIRECTV, the Fox Sports 2 channel number is In order to get the Fox Sports Southeast channel, you will need the PREMIER package.
  • Fox Sports Sun on DIRECTV – formerly known as Sun Sports and Sunshine Network, Fox Sports Sun is another regional sports channel affiliated with the Fox Sports Networks focused on Florida. As such, it focuses on pro teams from Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. If you are located in those regions, you should know that the Fox Sports Sun is available everywhere in Florida via cable providers. However, its nationwide coverage comes through satellite service, such as DIRECTV. On DIRECTV, the Fox Sports Sun channel’s number is 653. In order to get the Fox Sports Sun channel, you will need a PREMIER package.

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DIRECTV All Packages and Guide

If you read the content in the previous section, you now know that DIRECTV has several packages. Namely, these packages are Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. In the past, there were other packages available, which means that if you are an existing DIRECTV user, you may still be using one of those old packages, such as Xtra package, Select package, and Family package.

What Channel Is Fox On DirecTV

Below we will cover the exact channel lineups that will enable you to decide which of the packages may be the right choice for you. Since this article is focused on what channel is FOX on DirecTV, we made FOX channels bold.

DirecTV Package Prices

Package name Total channels Prices
Entertainment package 160 + channels $64.99/mo
Choice package 185 + channels $69.99/mo
Ultimate package 250 + channels $84.99/mo
Premier package 300 + channels $134.99/mo

DirecTV Package Channel Lineups

Note: The lineups listed below are updated, however, DirecTV may make some changes between the time this article is posted and the time you are reading it. As such, consider the information provided below to be of informative nature and subject to change.


Over 160 channels, including local channels (in SD and HD) available in over 99% of U.S. households: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW & MyTV (available in select markets). Below are their names and channel numbers.

A&E 265 Hope Channel 368
AccuWeather 361 HSN 240
AMC 254 HSN2 310
Animal Planet 282 IMPACT 380
Aqui 401 INSP 364
AXS TV (HD only) 340 Investigation Discovery 285
BabyFirst TV 293 ION East 305
BBC America 264 ION West 306
BET 329 JBS 388
BET West 329-1X Jewelry Television 72/313
Black Network Channel 342 Jewish Life Television 366
Bloomberg TV 353 Lifetime 252
Boomerang 298 Link TV 375
Bravo 237 LIVE4K 4K 106
BYUtv 374 Living Faith Network 379
Cartoon Network (East) 296 MotorTrend (HD only) 281
Cartoon Network (West) 297 MSNBC 356
Celebrity Shopping 223 MTV 331
CINE4K 4K 105 MTV West 331-1
CMT 327 MTV2 332
CNBC 355 NASA TV 352
CNN 202 National Geographic 276
CNNe 419 NBC Sports Network 220
CNNi 358 Newsmax 349
Comedy Central 249 Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) 299
Comedy Central West 249-1 Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) 300
C-SPAN 350 NHK 322/2049
C-SPAN2 351 NRB 378
CTN 376 OAN 347
Daystar 369 Ovation 274
DIRECTV CINEMA® Screening Room 100/125 Paramount Network 241
Discovery 278 Pursuit Channel 604
Disney Channel (East) 290 QVC 317
Disney Channel (West) 291 QVC2 315
Disney Junior 289 ReelzChannel 238
Disney XD 292 Revolt (HD only) 384
DTV4K 4K 104 RFD-TV 345
E! 236 Russia TV 321
Enlace 448 Shop LC 226
ESNE 456 ShopHQ 316
ESPN 206 Son Life Broadcasting Network (HD only)2 344
ESPN2 209 So Yummy 563
EWTN 370 Syfy 244
FETV 323 TBS 247
Food Network 231 TBS West 247-1
FOX Business Network 359 TCM 256
FOX News Channel 360 TCT Network 377
FOX Sports 1 219 TeenNick 303
Free Speech TV 348 TLC 280
Freeform 311 TNT 245
FX 248 TNT West 245-1
FXX 259 Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) 372
Galavisión 404 truTV 246
GEB America 363 TV Land 304
GEM Shopping Network 228 Univision (East) 402
GOD TV 365 USA Network 242
Hallmark Channel 312 VH1 335
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HD only) 565 VICE 271
HGTV 229 WE tv 260
Hillsong Channel 371 The Word Network 373
HISTORY 269 World Harvest Television (WHT) 367
HITN 461 Music Choice Music Channels 60
HLN 204

CHOICE Package

Over 185 channels, including local channels (in SD and HD) available in over 99% of U.S. households: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW & MyTV (available in select markets). Includes most channels listed above, plus the channels below. Does not include Ovation or Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

ACC Network 612 Nicktoons 302
AWE 387 OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) 279
BTN 610 POP 273
Cheddar 354 Science 284
CNBC World 357 SEC Network 611
Comedy TV (HD only) 382 Spectrum SportsNet LA 690
Cooking Channel 232 Spectrum SportsNet 691
DIRECTV HD SPORTSMIX  205/600 SundanceTV 557
ESPNEWS 207 Tennis Channel 217
ESPNU 208 Travel Channel 277
Fuse 339 TV One 328
GSN 233 TVG (HD only) 602
IFC 333 UniMás 408
Justice Central (HD only) 383 UP 338
MLB Network 213 The Weather Channel 362
NBA TV 216 WGN America 307
NFL Network 212 Music Choice Music Channels 60
Nick Jr 301


Over 250 channels, including local channels (in SD and HD) available in over 99% of U.S. households: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW & MyTV (available in select markets). Includes most channels above, plus the channels below. Does not include Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

American Heroes Channel 287 NHL Network 215
ASPiRE (HD only) 381 Olympic Channel 624
BBC World News (HD only) 346 Ovation 274
BET HER 330 Oxygen 251
CBS Sports Network 221 Revolt (HD only) 384
Cowboy Channel 603 Smithsonian 570
Destination America 286 Sportsman Channel 605
Discovery Family Channel 294 THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ EAST 553
Discovery Life 261 THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ WEST 554
DIY Network 230 STARZ ENCORE 535
FM (HD only)2 386 STARZ ENCORE West 536
FOX Sports 2 618 STARZ ENCORE Action 541
FX Movie 258 STARZ ENCORE Black 540
Fyi 266 STARZ ENCORE Classic 537
Golf Channel 218 STARZ ENCORE Family 542
Great American Country (GAC) 326 STARZ ENCORE Suspense 539
i24 News 343 STARZ ENCORE Westerns 538
LMN 253 TUDN 464
Logo 272 Universal Kids 295
MTV Classic 336 UNIVERSO 410
Nat Geo WILD 283 Music Choice Music Channels 81


Over 330 top channels, including local channels (in SD and HD) available in over 99% of U.S. households: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS, CW & MyTV (available in select markets); with over 45 Premium movie channels and over 35 specialty sports networks.4 Includes all channels above, plus the channels below.

Altitude Sports 681 HBO Family West 508
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh 659 HBO Latino 511
AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain 683 HBO Signature 503
AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain West 684 HBO Zone (HD only) 509
AT&T SportsNet Southwest 674 Longhorn Network 677
CINEMÁX (HD only) 523 MASN 640
CINEMAX West 516 MSG 634
5StarMAX East (HD only) 520 MSG+ 635
ActionMAX East (HD only) 519 NBC Sports Bay Area 696
MoreMAX 517 NBC Sports Boston 630
MovieMAX East (HD only) 521 NBC Sports California 698
ThrillerMAX (HD only) 522 NBC Sports Chicago 665
Eleven Sports Network 623 NBC Sports Washington 642
FLIX® 556 NESN 628
FOX Sports Southeast 649 Outdoor Channel 606
FOX Sports Sun 653 Prime Ticket 693
FSN Arizona 686 ROOT SPORTS Northwest 687
FSN Cincinnati 661 SHOWTIME® EAST 545
FSN Detroit 663 SHOWTIME® WEST 546
FSN Florida 654 SHOWTIME 2® 547
FSN North 668 SHOWTIME FAMILYZONE® (HD only) 552
FSN Ohio 660 SHOWTIME NEXT® (HD only) 551
FSN Oklahoma 675 SHOWTIME® SHOWCASE (HD only) 550
FSN San Diego 694 SHO×BET 548
FSN South 646 SNY 639
FSN Southwest 676 SportsTime Ohio 662
FSN West 692 STARZ 525
FSN Wisconsin 669 STARZ West 526
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HD only) 565 STARZ Cinema (HD only) 531
HBO East 501 STARZ Comedy (HD only) 528
HBO West 504 STARZ Edge 529
HBO2 East 502 STARZ In Black 530
HBO2 West 505 STARZ Kids & Family (HD only) 527
HBO Comedy (HD only) 506 YES Network 631
HBO Family East 507 Music Choice Music Channels 84

DirecTV Fulfilling Your Entertainment Dreams

With any of the 4 DirecTV packages, you will be able to enjoy a ton of entertainment, information, and education. From binge-watching, your favorite shows to enjoying your new blockbusters, to cheering for your favorite sports team. All that and much more will be at your fingertips and in your sight with DirecTV.

Of course, let’s not forget that with the basic package (Entertainment) you get 3 Fox channels, which alone have the power to keep all your TV-watching-related needs met.

Difference Between DirecTV and Dish

Since Dish is another popular satellite TV provider, we believe you deserve to know the main differences between the two options, which will enable you to make an informed decision and chose the best provider for your needs.

Note: In case there is only one of the two providers available in your location, go with the available option and do not mind this section. However, if you have both options available, make sure to go through the comparison.

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  • Maximum number of channels: Dish 290, DirecTV 330.
  • Package prices: Dish’s most affordable packages come at a lower price but also with fewer channels.
  • Number of different packages: both offer 4 packages.
  • Number of users: DirecTV serves more users and is more established (however, Dish is the fastest-growing).
  • Installation: Both companies include free installation with any of their packages.
  • DVR Capabilities: Both companies provide subscribers with DVRs, which allow them to record and store their favorite programming. Dish will charge you an extra $5/mo to get extra space, which DirecTV’s DVR comes for free but is less powerful.

Which one is better?

The answer here is not that simple. If you are looking for a more affordable package with fewer programs, Dish will be your option. Also, if you want to record a lot of your programming, Dish offers the best DVR at an additional $5/month that will enable you to record up to 16 programs at a time and store up to 500 HD hours (in comparison, you get the ability to record 5 programs at the time and have up to 200 HD hours at no extra cost).

On the other hand, DirectTV is definitely the way to go for all sports fans.

As far as the FOX channels are concerned, both, Dish and DirecTV offer the FOX Business Network channel, the FOX News Channel, and the FOX Sports 1 channel is their most affordable packages.

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How can I watch Fox News for free?

Americans who don’t pay for Fox News Channel can still tune in for the latest news and information amid the growing coronavirus pandemic. Fox Corporation is providing everyone in America unlimited free access to Fox News Channel and FOX Television Stations during the pandemic. You can watch Fox News for free at FoxNews.com, in the Fox News app, at Fox.com, in the Fox Now app, or via Sling TV. Keep in mind that not all content is offered for free.

What is the cheapest way to watch Fox News?

During the pandemic, you can watch Fox News for free. See the previous answer.

Is Fox a local channel?

There are some Fox affiliate channels that are local. In the article, we have mentioned Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports Sun, which can be obtained with an over-the-air antenna in Southeastern and Florida regions respectively.

What local channel is Fox Sports?

Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports Sun are two Fox channels that are available via over-the-air antennas in the corresponding regions.

What channel is Fox on without cable?

Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports Sun can be obtained with an over-the-air antenna if you live in the corresponding region. With the use of an internet connection (mobile data is sufficient), you can access all Fox channels with a paid subscription through their official site or on-demand Tv devices such as Sling TV.

Can I get a Fox channel with an antenna?

Yes. See the previous 3 answers.

Does Amazon Fire TV have Fox?

Directly, this option is not available. However, there is a workaround: download and use the Fox News Go app on the Amazon App Store.

Can I purchase Fox News Channel alone?

No. Fox News and Fox Business channels come with a joined subscription. However, during the pandemic, you can watch the news (certain content) for free. See the answer to the ‘How can I watch Fox News for free?’ question.

Is Fox Sports a free channel?

No. Fox Sports 1 and 2 are not free. However, Fox Sports Southeast and Fox Sports Sun are streamed over the air in local regions (in Southeast and Floride) and as such available for free to those with over-the-air antennas.

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