How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service Plan

Ever since Tim Berners Lee developed the World Wide Web (www) in 1989, we live in ‘the internet’ era. Every year there are more internet users and every year more of us depend on the internet for work, socializing, instructions, advice, well-being, fun, and much more. In addition to the internet, we are also addicted to our smartphones – mostly because we can access the internet from this small portable device. Accessing the internet on our smartphones makes life a lot easier in all aspects – we can get directions, find out where to eat or when the shop closes, make hotel reservations, buy train tickets, and stay in touch with our loved ones. But to do all that we need reliable internet access. In this article, we will explore in detail how to get free internet on Android without a service plan.

How to Use VPN to Get Free Internet Without Service Plan on Android?

VPN stands for a virtual private network. It is a service that enables you to access the internet safely, creating a secure, encrypted connection. It routes the internet connection through a server and protects your personal data and identity along the way. By protecting your identity and location, it allows you to stay anonymous, thus protecting you from hackers and other potential lurkers.

How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service

How does VPN work?

First, you have to connect to free Wi-Fi. Getting free Wi-Fi already provides you all the information you may need, but as using free Wi-Fi is not secure, you should definitely consider using a VPN. Once you are connected, initiate a VPN connection with your VPN server. Do so by using the VPN client software, which encrypts and protects your data. As the data travels to the VPN and then to the online destination, the destination website only sees the VPN server and its location and not the users.

Requirements for free internet using VPN

Before you use free internet using a VPN, make sure to follow the requirements listed below.

  • Make sure you have an active service plan with no balance. If you have any balance, it will be consumed when you establish an internet connection.
  • Even though this method works for all Android smartphones, it works best for Android version 4 or higher. Make sure you have the right Android version installed.
  • This method not only works for Android smartphones but for Android tablets and other Android devices as well.
  • You can use the apps provided by the VPN.

Benefits of Free Internet with VPN

  • VPN is a free service
  • It encrypts your data and protects your privacy
  • It protects your data from the internet service provider, cybercriminals, and others who may be on the lookout
  • It protects your location
  • It provides access to all websites and remote resources

All Types Of VPN Methods For Getting Free Internet

There are several types of VPN methods, which you can check out below.

1. How to get free internet on Android using its built-in VPNs

Android version 4 and above has a built-in VPN, which supports PPTP and L2TP VPN servers. If your device has a built-in VPN, it means you don’t have to use third-party VPN apps. Getting free internet access using Android’s built-in VPN requires you to set up the built-in VPN service on Android. The simple process goes as follows:

  • The first thing you need to complete the setup is a server name. Find a VPN server website and choose a server type – either PPTP or L2TP.
  • Once you do that you will see server names under the selected server type, as well as the user ID and password. Collect all of them.
  • Open your device’s ‘Settings’ app. There you will see a section labeled ‘Wireless & networks’.
  • In ‘Wireless & networks’ click ‘More’ and then click on the VPN option.
  • To add a VPN profile, tap on the ‘+’ sign (usually located in the top right corner, depending on the exact Android version).
  • Then you can write in a VPN name, choose a VPN type (PPTP or L2TP), and insert a server name. Press ‘Save’.
  • This will add your newly established VPN name to the VPN folder. Tap on it.
  • Connect to the VPN by putting in the user ID and password that you have collected from the server website. Click ‘Connect’.
  • As soon as you will be connected, a key sign will appear on top of the notification bar. Now you can safely use the internet through your device’s built-in VPN.

2. How to get free Android internet using third-party VPN apps?

If you don’t have an Android version 4 or higher and therefore you don’t have a built-in VPN, you will have to use a third-party VPN app to access the internet safely. You can find many third-party VPN apps on the Play Store, but only a few of them work properly. If you want to enjoy a fast and secure VPN app makes sure to choose one of the apps listed below.


This is a fast and free VPN app. You can use it without setting up a user account. It has a very simple and user-friendly user interface. To connect to your VPN you will simply have to select the Free Server and the country server you want to connect to. The free version offers ample location servers, however, if you want more choice, you will have to pay a small fee. Paying the fee will give you unlimited bandwidth and over 2000 servers. While the free version contains ads, the paid version doesn’t. The paid version also comes with a seven days free trial.

Thunder VPN

This reliable fast VPN app comes with unlimited bandwidth for free, five free country servers (with a subscription you can get more), and the unique ability to run a particular app under a VPN, instead of the entire Android system. You can use this app without setting up an account. The user interface is very simple – it only requires you to open the app, connect, and choose the server location.

Fast VPN

Fast VPN is indeed very fast and totally free. It does not contain any in-app purchases and it doesn’t contain any ads either! The app has a very simple user interface. It doesn’t require you to set up an account, you can simply turn on the VPN and then select the country server you want.

How to disconnect from VPN?

You can disconnect from the VPN whenever you want to. The process of disconnecting is very quick and simple. When you are connected to a VPN you will see a ‘VPN activated’ notification among your notifications. To disconnect from VPN, you can simply tap on that notification and press ‘Disconnect’. This will disconnect you from the VPN immediately.

Other Ways To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service

Check out some other ways to get free internet on Android without service below.

  • Use apps to accumulate data

One very simple way to get free internet on Android without service is to use apps that enable you to get some mobile data for using and testing recommended apps. This way you can accumulate some data that can be redeemed by your carrier services.

  • Recharge apps

Try out recharge apps. Almost all of them contain promotional offers and deals. Check them out and find the best offer to recharge your phone.

  • Wi-Fi finding apps

If you don’t have a service plan but are in desperate need of the internet, Wi-Fi finding apps may be just the thing you need. Wi-Fi finding apps, such as Hotspot Finder are designed to help you find all the Wi-Fi spots in your area.

  • Freedom Pop

Freedom Pop is a wireless Internet and mobile virtual network operator that provides you with a wireless router from where you can access the internet. It is a small portable device that provides you internet access regardless of your location. It has a free data plan with 500MB of data at no cost. You only have to pay a deposit as a security for the device which is refunded upon the return of the device at the end of the year. For more data, you will have to opt for one of their other plans, which are available at a cost (e.g. a 2 GB plan costs $19 a month).

  • NetZero

NetZero is an internet service provider that provides internet access through their software, which you have to download. The free plan only gives you 10 hours of free internet data a month. For more data, you can get one of their payable plans. For example, NetZero DSL Broadband costs $26 a month and offers high browsing speed. Other plans come at $17 a month for 500 MB, $27 a month for 1 GB, and $42 a month for 2GB.

  • Wi-Fi Free Spot

Wi-Fi Free Spot is a free app that shows you all the free Wi-Fi spots in your area. It is very user-friendly and even though there are in-app purchases, the free version gets the job done.

  • InstaBridge

This is a Wi-Fi sharing company and free internet app that provides smartphone users with Wi-Fi passwords as well as spots on the go. It provides users with a list of all the free Wi-Fi spots in the area and their performance. It instantly connects you to the ones with higher performance. It allows you to share your Wi-Fi with your family and friends.

  • Ask a neighbor for free internet

The last way to get free internet on Android without a service plan is to simply ask a neighbor. Some of them may be willing to share their internet with you. In exchange, you can offer them some other services. In this case, make sure to only visit secure websites and refrain from any unacceptable behavior.

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How To Get Free Internet On Android Without A Sim Card?

We have reviewed many ways how to get free internet on Android without a service plan, but most of the methods listed above require having a SIM card. Now, let’s take a look at what you can do without inserting a SIM card.

Using smartphones without a SIM card is possible but it limits their use and abilities. Luckily, you can use Wi-Fi without a SIM card. In this case, make sure your Wi-Fi is reliable and the connection is strong and steady, as many apps require a stable internet connection. Wi-Fi not only provides free internet, which can be used in any app that requires a connection, it also enables you to text and make calls with apps designed to make calls with the use of the internet, such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Using these kinds of apps requires you to a phone number to sign up, but after receiving the registration code, you can use the apps without a SIM card.

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How do I Set Up a Proxy for Free internet?

The first step is to launch Element53 and press ‘Menu’, then ‘Settings’, ‘Network Type’ and finally ‘Mobile’. Then launch ProxyDroid and enter the following settings: Host: 127.0.01; Port: 3128; Proxy type: SOCKS5; Auto Connect: Checked; Bound network: 2G/3G. Then activate your mobile data, launch Element53, and tap on ‘Connect’.

For free internet, you must download and update UC browser V 7.2 Handler UI 200 beta 5. The next steps depend on your mobile phone operator.

Airtel users must create new settings and then enter the following settings: Proxy –; Port – 80; Front Query –

Idea users must create new settings and then enter the following settings: Proxy –; Port – 8080; Front Query –

Docomo users must enter the following settings: Network Name – Tata Docomo Dive in; Proxy –; Access Point – TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN.

Reliance users must enter the following settings: Proxy –; Port – 8080; Front Query –


Are built-in VPN and third-party VPN apps legal?

Yes. All of the apps and built-in VPN methods reviewed in this article are completely legal.

How secure are a built-in VPN and 3rd party VPN apps?

As the sole purpose of built-in VPNs and third-party VPN apps is to provide a secure internet connection that encrypts your data and protects your privacy from the internet service provider, cybercriminals, and others, it is very safe and secure to use both built-in VPN and third-party VPN apps.