10 Best Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses With Buyers Guide

What Are Night Driving Glasses?

Night driving glasses are glasses with non-prescription yellow lenses designed to reduce the glare often experienced by drivers during the night. This glare is a major issue, as it causes most accidents that happen during the night. The color of the lenses ranges from light yellow to amber as all these different shades of yellow filter out light of shorter wavelength and reduce overall light level, thus reducing discomfort caused by bright traffic lights. The main purpose of these glasses is to filter out blue light, which is known for its unswerving wavelength and the most energy, as blue light is most likely to cause glare in the eyes. Some night driving glasses also have an anti-reflective coating (AR) designed to block reflections, which are a major source of discomfort between night drivers.

Night driving glasses have been around for decades and they are most popular among frequent night drivers as well as hunters, as they improve the contrast between the birds and the sky, especially on a cloudy day.

Types Of Glasses For Night Driving

Nearsighted people need prescription glasses, especially while driving when the difference between clear and blurry vision may mean the difference between life and death. As a common side effect of this condition is night blindness (a condition making it difficult to see in low light) and as regular glasses for nearsightedness block around 8 percent of available light, making it even harder to see for those who experience night blindness, it’s way better to use glasses with an anti-reflective layer, which reduce the glare and allow more light in (they block only 0.5% of incoming light).

The most recent and the most advanced lenses are high-definition eyeglass lenses, designed to enhance vision in every lighting condition by sharpening vision, reducing glare, and let through the maximum amount of light. There are two types of high-definition eyeglass lenses:

  • Free-form lenses (very customizable, designed to treat irregular vision-related problems, and providing the best vision clarity during the day and during the night)
  • Wavefront lenses (created using the same technologies used to perform wavefront-guided customized LASIK surgeries, customized for each individual, and enhancing vision in all lighting conditions)

Other than regular prescription glasses and both types of high-definition eyeglasses, polarized or UV (ultraviolet) are also marketed as suitable for night driving. However, while they actually decrease the glare, these kinds of glasses also tend to block out too much light, making it very difficult to see and to adjust to changing light conditions.

Why Do You Need Anti-glare Night Driving Glasses?

Some people may argue that anti-glare night driving glasses are not important, however, science disagrees. Driving in low light conditions can be stressful, especially for people with poor eyesight and the elderly. The surrounding darkness and the glare from oncoming headlights can make it difficult to see, which is risky and dangerous. At night, when your eyes are accustomed to low light conditions, the sudden glare of cars’ headlights or other traffic lights is likely to blind you and you may lose control of your car. Wearing night driving glasses will protect your eyes from glare and excessive traffic lights and enable you to see clearly in the harsh night light conditions. As you should always put your safety and the safety of your loved ones first, it is very advisable and very beneficial to use anti-glare night driving glasses.

The Top 10 Best Anti-glare Night Driving Glasses

As choosing the wrong kind of anti-glare glasses, which can worsen your night vision instead of improving it, is downright dangerous, it is particularly important to choose the right ones. Here is our list of the top 10 very best anti-glare night driving glasses. However, before making your final decision, it would be wise to consult your eye doctor.

1. BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses

Blupond is one of the most popular sports brands. They offer a large variety of accessories, including night driving glasses for professional athletes. These glasses are designed to enhance your night vision and rest assured, they get the job done.

BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses

The Blupond night driving glasses and offer an antiglare HD vision and UV400 ultra glare. They are very strong and durable, yet light and exceptionally comfortable to wear. They have a good grip and they don’t move or jump around easily. They put very little pressure on your nose and eye area and thus protect you against headaches, which are a common side effect of wearing poorly fitting or heavy glasses.

These glasses come with spring-loaded hinges, soft nose pads, ultra-thin semi-polarized yellow lenses, and a very sturdy semi-rimless metal frame that provides a vast field of sight. They also come with a number of useful accessories, including a mini screwdriver, a glasses pouch, a gift box, a clip for car storage, a cleaning cloth, and EVA foam semi-hard sports case.

2. SOXICK Night Driving Glasses

Soxick is one of the best and most popular anti-glare glasses brands out there. It is a reliable company known for manufacturing high-quality glasses. These particular anti-glare night driving glasses feature a sturdy aluminum and magnesium frame, which is very light, elastic, durable, and skin-friendly. Due to its smooth texture and lightweight, you can wear the glasses for hours without feeling any discomfort or pain.

SOXICK Night Driving Glasses

The quality yellow lenses have an anti-glare and anti-reflective coating designed to block scattered blue light and provide 100% UV 400 eye protection. Moreover, the lenses are also HD polarized with SO118 international standards. With all of these amazing features, these glasses should dramatically improve your night vision, reduce glare, and provide a much more comfortable night driving experience.

The design is very stylish and fashionable, therefore you will love to wear them both in casual and formal settings. The glasses come with a carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. In addition, the company offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, which makes it a safe purchase.

3. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

These polarized glasses from Duduma are incredibly popular and useful both as night driving glasses and as sports sunglasses. As they are designed for sports and recreation, they are very light, comfortable, and durable.

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The high-quality lenses are 100% TAC polarized and therefore very effective in reducing glare, reflection, and harmful blue lights. The lenses are also equipped with UV protection, blocking UVA, UVB, and UVC rays successfully. They are designed to improve vision and clarity and block harmful lights both during the day and during the night. The lenses come in different colors, however, the yellow lenses are most suitable for night driving as the other colors may block out too much light.

The sturdy polycarbonate lenses and frames are impact and scratch-resistant. The manufacturing company even claims that the glasses are unbreakable, offering a lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. As such it can’t hurt to them out and see for yourself. These unisex glasses are also very stylish and fashionable and thus suitable in all kinds of different settings. With their lightweight, flexible materials, soft earpieces, and nose pads they are very comfortable. They come with a carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

4. Fiore HD Night Driving Sunglasses

These high-quality night driving glasses by Fiore are another great option. They are surprisingly affordable, especially considering their premium quality and various designs. The first thing you may notice about these glasses is their very stylish aviator unisex design, suitable both for informal and formal situations. They come in various colors and different styles so you can choose the ones the best fit your needs.

Fiore HD Night Driving Sunglasses

They feature a pair of high-quality yellow-tinted non-polarized lenses that are shatter-proof and very effective in filtering out blue light and blocking glare and high beams, thus providing enhanced night vision and a comfortable night driving experience. Even though they are perfect for night driving, due to UV400 protection they are also great for daytime use, especially during sunrises and sunsets. Not only do they work perfectly in various light conditions, but they are also a safe bet in any kind of weather – in foggy, rainy, snowy, sunny, and cloudy conditions.

As the main purpose of these glasses is to ensure an enjoyable driving experience, they are light, comfortable, and equipped with rubber nose pads and soft temple padding. All of these comfort-enhancing features dramatically reduce the risk of experiencing and type of pain or discomfort. The comfortable and durable frames with spring hinges are made of the best-quality plastic.

5. FEIDU HD Night Driving Glasses

These great polarized night driving glasses are known for enhancing color and clarity and thus creating the impression that you are actually driving in bright daytime conditions. The quality high-intensity bright yellow rectangular lenses are great at blocking out blue light and all other intense light sources that may be harmful or temporarily blinding. They reduce glare, block high beams, and soften the light with impact resistance thus greatly improving night vision and visibility. The large lenses also provide a wide viewing angle and due to the full UV400 protection, they are even suitable for daytime.

FEIDU HD Night Driving Glasses

The full metal frame features soft rubber nose pads for enhanced comfort, an adjustable temple, and flexible arms designed to fit every shape of the face. As the frame is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, it is very durable, virtually unbreakable. The comfortable features and extremely lightweight provide a very comfortable using experience, minimizing any pain and discomfort even if you wear them for longer periods of time.

6. ATTCL Men’s Night Driving Glasses

The robust design of these glasses makes them more suitable for men but their impressive characteristics may also make them appealing for women. They are a great option for night driving no matter the weather conditions. They work perfectly in fog, snow, and rain. Due to the firm yet comfortable grip they are even suitable for sports and recreation.

ATTCL Men’s Night Driving Glasses

The HD yellow-tinted night-vision polarized photo-chromatic lenses effectively filter out blue lights, reduce eye strain, and block out both glare and reflection, minimizing night driving discomfort and the risk of getting into an accident. They also provide 100% UV 400 protection and block out UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Both the lenses and the frame are incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. The design is stylish and light, which further enhances comfort.

The manufacturing company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you will get a complete refund no questions asked.

7. Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes is specialized in producing extremely stylish high-quality glasses. These glasses provide a comfortable night driving experience as they filter out all the harsh and potentially harmful traffic lights. They come with polycarbonate Tri Lenium lenses and an advanced anti-reflective coating, which enhances night time vision and clarity in all weather conditions, including fog, rain, and snow by blocking out the blue lights and blinding glare, which may affect your vision and your driving. The lenses also offer complete UV protection and absorb all UV rays as well as other harmful lights. The micro infused yellow lenses have a double scratch guard coating. As such, they are scratch-resistant and durable, which means they should serve you well for a long time.

Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator Sunglasses

The gold stainless steel frame makes the glasses very stylish and suitable for men and women and all kinds of formal and informal situations.

8. Duco Yellow Night Vision Glasses

This is another pair of great anti-glare night driving glasses by Duco. They are ideal for a large variety of activities, including night driving, motorcycle racing, cycling, climbing, etc.

Duco Yellow Night Vision Glasses

They come with a pair of yellow-tinted fully TAC polarized night vision lenses with an effective anti-glare coating, which are great at enhancing your vision, contrast, and clarity in all light and weather conditions. They filter out blue light and minimize the glare and other harmful and potentially blinding traffic lights. They also provide complete UV protection, which makes them suitable also for daytime.

The aluminum-magnesium frame is strong and durable, yet lightweight and flexible, which makes them a comfortable choice. The minimum weight and soft nose pads reduce the risk of experiencing any headaches or other types of physical discomfort. The glasses are also scratch-resistant, unbreakable, adjustable, and very flexible. The product comes with a glass case, a bag, and a cleaning cloth.

9. Bircen YSJ8587 Driving Anti-Glare Glasses

These are one of the best anti-glare night driving glasses by Bircen. They are known for their high-quality fully polarized yellow shatter-resistant lenses with UV 400 protection and a great ability to filter out blue lights, neutralize all harmful rays, and provide a truly clear vision in all lighting and weather conditions.

Bircen YSJ8587 Driving Anti-Glare Glasses

The stylish, slim, and durable frames come in a large variety of colors, which makes them suitable for a number of different social settings and fashion choices. The nose pads are soft and adjustable and the arms are very flexible as well, therefore the glasses will fit many people with different shapes of faces. They come with a cleaning cloth, a fabric bag, a case, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In addition, there are relatively affordable, especially considering their cool design, durability, and quality anti-glare lenses.

On the flip side, they are a bit heavier than most other glasses on our list and may not fit over prescription glasses. Some customers also say that the lenses are not as effective against starbursts.

10. Optix55 Night Driving Glasses

These are one of the most cost-effective yet quality anti-glare night driving glasses on our list, therefore they are definitely a great value.

Optix55 Night Driving Glasses

Both the lenses and the frames are made of plastic, which may not be the best or most durable material, but the glasses effectively do their job. The yellow-tinted lenses have an anti-reflective layer, which blocks blue light (at least to some degree), neutralizes blinding traffic light, and cuts down glare. The design is fairly stylish, light, and comfortable. Moreover, the glasses are designed to easily fit over your prescription glasses. They come with a durable EVA case and a microfiber storage pouch.

These glasses may not be the best at cutting blue light and they are certainly less durable than other products on this list, but as the price is really great, they definitely deserve a place on our list of the top 10 best anti-glare night driving glasses.

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Other Solutions That Might Help To Improve Your Night Driving Vision And Other Safety Tips For Night Time Driving

If you find it hard to see and drive during the night and you wish to maximize your safety, check out the additional solutions for reducing headlight glare and improving your night driving vision below.

  • First of all, get regular eye exams and make sure that your eyeglass prescription is up to date. Good eyesight is of utmost importance in all light conditions.
  • Get an anti-reflective coating on your prescription glasses.
  • Make sure your glasses are clean, as stains, dirt, or dust may intensify the glare. Clean your glasses with a microfiber cloth and perhaps a glasses cleaning spray.
  • Make sure that your car’s windshield is clean and dry on both sides – inside and out. Don’t forget to check the rear window glass as well.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are wiping the windows properly. Replace them whenever needed.
  • Make sure that your car headlights are clean, correctly aligned, and working properly.
  • Keep your dashboard lights dim to avoid eye strain.
  • As eyestrain decreases your vision, make sure you rest your eyes whenever needed.
  • If your vision keeps changing make sure to consult a doctor. Find out the possible causes of night vision problems and take measures accordingly.

What To Look For When Selecting Night Driving Glasses?

To choose the best possible night driving glasses that will fit your needs, make sure to take the factors listed below into consideration.

Glare Reduction

Obviously, the most important consideration is effective glare reduction, as it is the sole purpose of using night driving glasses in the first place. Glare reduction enables you to see things ahead of you clearly despite the bright lights of the approaching vehicle, enhances contrast, and eliminates glare without blocking too much light. Ask the vendor if the glasses have glare reduction capability.

High optical quality lenses (Polarized lenses, Lens material, Lens Tint)

Most night driving glasses have polarized lenses designed to reduce the traffic light glare, but they are polarized to different degrees by different methods and made of different kinds of polarizing materials. One type of lenses is made of natural polarized material. This type of lenses is considered very reliable, durable, and effective, however, they block most LED and LCD lights. The second type is internally polarized lenses – effective in blocking glare but rather expensive. And finally, the third, most common, affordable, but also less durable type are lenses with polarized coating.

Also remember to check out the material of the lens, as the materials have different effects and characteristics. The two general materials used for night driving glasses are Polycarbonate and Tivex. Polycarbonate lenses are the most common, affordable, durable, high-quality, and shatterproof, but they may reduce optical quality. Tivex lenses, on the other hand, are light, impact, scratch, and shock-resistant, naturally polarized, produce clear images and the best performance, however, they are a bit pricey.

Also, make sure to consider the lens tint. Yellow is great at reducing glare and blue light while amplifying bright oncoming beam lights. Amber tint, on the other hand, is used for less color distortion. Dark-colored lenses are not suitable for night driving as they additionally reduce visibility.

Design and Comfort

When it comes to design, you can choose from clip-on glasses, which attaches directly to your eyeglasses by resting on the frame’s lip or magnet, rimmed (with frame), rimless (without a frame enclosing the lenses), and semi-rimless (with a frame only on the top of the lenses). Make sure to choose the design that best fits your needs or style.

Comfort is another important consideration. Make sure to choose a pair of glasses with the best grip around your ears and the ones that don’t require a ton of adjustment but simply stay on firmly. Selecting glasses with spring hinges and comfortable rubber nose pads will further increase your comfort.

Yellow Tint

All night driving glasses tend to have a yellow tint, however, not all have the right amount. Too much yellow tint may cause color distortion and block too much light. Too little yellow tint, on the other hand simply won’t get the job done. The right amount of yellow tint will allow the right amount of light to pass through, prevent the glare, and enhance your visibility.

UV Protection

To ensure that the night driving glasses not only serve you during the night but during the day as well, make sure they have UV protection. At night, the glare seems to be brighter, by contrast, however, the same light patterns can also affect you during the day. If you want to reduce the daytime glare, also make sure to reduce the even more harmful light issues – UV radiation.

There are two types of UV rays – UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA radiation is the most common type of UV radiation (more than 95%) and it is less intense. Most sunglasses (even the cheap plastic ones) offer simple UVA protection. Make sure they also offer protection against the less common but more intense UVB radiation. UVB protection is more complicated to produce and thus more pricey, but as UVB radiation, which is a major issue between 10 am and 4 pm, can be very harmful to your eyes, it’s worth the cost.


As you probably don’t want to buy a new pair of night driving glasses every few months, make sure to consider the durability. Make sure the frame and the lenses are tough enough to resist impacts, scratches, and shocks while ensuring maximum functionality. The durability depends largely on lens materials (see above).

Where To Buy Anti-glare Glasses?

You can buy anti-glare glasses at any specialized eye-wear store, including online or at your local eye clinic, where you can also get some additional advice about which anti-glare glasses are best for you and your specific conditions. If you are planning to buy the anti-glare glasses without the advice of a specialist, make sure to take into consideration the factors and characteristics listed above. Also make sure that the glasses and lenses are made of high-quality materials, that they are light and comfortable (heavy glasses tend to put unnecessary pressure on the nose and ears and thus may cause headaches), and have the appropriate coating.

How To Clean Your Polarized Anti-glare Glasses?

The first thing we want to keep in mind is to avoid scratching the glasses and thus damaging the anti-reflective coating – as scratches are the kind of ‘stains’ that won’t come off. When it comes to cleaning any other kind of dirt or stains, you can follow the instructions below.

  • Wash your hand before handling the glasses.
  • Hold the frames of the glasses instead of the lenses.
  • Remove the kind of dirt that may scratch the lenses slowly and carefully.
  • Wash the lenses with a mild hypoallergenic liquid soap.
  • Rinse them with running water.
  • Make sure to remove all the soap as dried soap will only leave additional stains.
  • Dry the glasses up with a microfiber cloth and polish them carefully.

The Downsides Of Using Night Driving Glasses

While night driving glasses do a great job in reducing the traffic lights glare and thus improving the visibility, using them also has a couple of disadvantages.

First of all, color-tinted lenses may distort the colors and as colors are very important in traffic, confusing them may cause you to make a mistake or even get into an accident. For example, you may miss a sign or mistake a yellow light for a green one and thus make the wrong decision.

Another disadvantage is that standard night driving glasses come with no prescription. To get a pair that is also suitable for correcting your vision, you have to customize them at an eye-wear store, which can be pretty costly.

And lastly, they may actually reduce visibility by blocking out blue light and according to some studies even slow down visual reactions for a split second.


Do night driving glasses work?

Yes. They definitely protect your eyes from glares and improve the overall visibility. However, make sure to buy comfortable high-quality night driving glasses made of the right materials, with the right amount of yellow tint and an anti-reflective coating, otherwise, they may cause more damage.

Can glasses help with night driving?

If your main problem while driving at night is low visibility due to traffic light glare, then the right pair of eyeglasses for night driving can definitely help with night driving. However, if you are not sure whether you have a problem with traffic light glare or any other eye health-related issues, like nearsightedness or farsightedness, it’s definitely best to visit an ophthalmologist to determine what seems to be troubling you and advise you to act accordingly.

Which are the best driving glasses for night time?

There are many great glasses for night driving on the market and it’s difficult to choose one brand or model, as there are simply too many variables. However, some say that BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses are currently the best due to their semi-polarized lenses that are great at filtering out blue light and bright flashes that may cause temporary blindness, a durable and stylish metal frame, and high-quality shatterproof and scratch-resistant lenses. These glasses also minimize distortion and due to their wide versatility can also be used during the day.

Are driving glasses for night time effective?

Yes, when it gets to reducing street glare they get the job done. They block blue light, help with night blindness, ensure better visibility, and thus provide a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. They also reduce eyestrain and the risk of developing photo-phobia (a condition where bright light causes dizziness and headache).

What color lens is best for night driving?

As we have mentioned before, most anti-glare night driving glasses have yellowish lenses, with the exact shades ranging from light yellow to amber. Yellow works great in low light conditions and bad weather (fog, snow, rain) as it enhances clarity and filters blue light. Amber or copper lenses offer natural contrast, reduce glare, have a soothing effect on the eyes, and thus work best in daily variable conditions. Then there are also the less common blue lenses, which are known for providing real color perception, blocking blue light, reducing glare, and being pleasing to the eyes.

What are blue blocker night driving glasses?

Blue blocker night driving glasses are glasses with non-prescription colored (see the colors above) lenses, which reduce glare by filtering out the blinding blue light from headlights and other traffic lights. Blue light has the shortest wavelength and it carries the highest amount of energy, therefore it is the most harmful, glare-causing, and blinding light.

Do blue light blocking glasses help with night blindness?

High-quality blue light blocking glasses filter out blue lights and reduce its harmful effects, plus, they allow in more light than regular glasses for nearsightedness. Therefore, they definitely help with night blindness.

How to reduce glare from oncoming headlights?

There are several different ways to reduce glare from oncoming headlights. One way is to buy the best anti-glare night driving glasses. However, make sure to choose wisely and make sure they fit your other possible eyesight problems. Other ways to reduce the glare include cleaning your eye-wear lenses, windshield, and headlights, dimming your dashboard lights, and using anti-reflective coatings on prescription eyeglasses. Also, when you first notice that you have night vision problems, make sure to consult an eye doctor.