Best Smart Watch SIM Card Guide

What is a SIM Card for a Smartwatch?

A SIM card is a microchip that is normally used in mobile phones and it is mainly used to identify the client. The acronym SIM stands for ‘subscriber identity module’ or ‘subscriber identification module’. It comes in different formats and dimensions, including full-size SIM, mini-SIM, micro-SIM, nano-SIM, and embedded-SIM (eSIM).

Nowadays, some smartwatches are designed to work as standalone phones. They can be used for making calls, texting, browsing the internet, and many other functions. To perform any of those operations without the help of a smartphone, they need their own SIM card. The SIM card allows the smartwatch to access the cellular network which enables the watch to make and receive calls and messages.

Why Does A Smartwatch Need A Sim Card?

Smartwatches only need a SIM card to access the cellular network for calling, messaging, and accessing the internet. Otherwise, it will operate as a normal smartwatch – tracking and monitoring activities. Inserting a SIM card into the smartwatch would simply enable many other functions, however, you don’t have to insert a SIM card in order for the smartwatch to work. Moreover, some smartwatches don’t enable you to insert a SIM card and therefore they can’t be used for calling or texting.

Smartwatches with cellular connectivity generate a 4G LTE signal and data allowance with a Nano-SIM – a physical SIM card you slot into the smartwatch or with the newest eSIM technology, which allows you to use your smartphone’s SIM card and use the data allowance from there. While the eSIM technology is very convenient, practical, and user-friendly, some people prefer inserting a physical SIM card, as it may offer more network choices.

Which Sim Cards Will Work With Most Smartwatches (Top 4 Best Sim Card Providers With Data Plans)

All major companies and mobile carriers that provide SIM cards for mobile phones and tablets also sell SIM cards that are compatible with unlocked smartwatches and offer both family plans as well as SIM-only plans.

Look out for a nano-SIM or a micro-SIM card that’s open to all devices (it’s normally labeled as ‘open to phones and tablets’, or just tablets). SIM cards are usually free to order, but to activate it on a mobile network you’ll need to sign up to a plan. Make sure to select a wireless plan that’s right for you, preferably a pay as you go plan, without an annual contract. Also, make sure to check how much data your plan offers and learn how to check the current balance on your smartwatch.

Among the best SIM card providers with data plans are:

  • Verizon Smart Watch SIM Card

If you have one of Verizon’s unlimited plans, you can simply add a smartwatch to it. Otherwise, Verizon offers numerous data-only plans for connected devices. You have to pay a monthly line access fee of $5 per device and then you can choose how much data you think you will need. The price for 2GB a month is $20, for 18GB it’s $100.

  • AT&T Smart Watch SIM Card

The AT&T Compatible Nano SIM Card is compatible with many smartwatches. AT&T offers a large variety of plans, depending on the quantity of data you need and whether you want multiple phone lines. You can choose one of its data-only plans (with an average rate of $14.99/250MB on the 250MB plan and $10/GB for the 3GB and 5GB plans). AT&T also offers prepaid options that expire after 30 days.

  • T-Mobile Smart Watch SIM Card

You can only get the T-Mobile One plan for wearables if you have bought the smartwatch from them. You’ll get unlimited talk, text, and data up to 512Kbps for $10 a month. You can also check out the T-Mobile DIGITS, which allows you to link your smartwatch with your smartphone and use the same phone number on the smartwatch. This option will also cost you $10 a month.

  • Sprint Smart Watch SIM Card

If you already have a plan with Sprint, then you might want to consider opting for Spirit. This way, you can simply add your smartwatch with unlimited data, talk, and text for an extra $15 a month or even $10 a month if you set up AutoPay.

The Top 5 Best Sim Card Supported Standalone Smartwatches

Nowadays, there are lots of high-quality standalone smartwatches on the market. Even though it may be hard to choose the best ones, here is a list of our 5 best SIM card supported standalone smartwatches.

1. Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple is one of the leaders in the smartwatch industry. They produce high-quality watches with many amazing features and great specifications. The latest model – Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a SIM card slot, but only in case, you choose the GPS plus cellular option. The device comes in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm. The latest model offers an always-on OLED capacitive touchscreen, which makes the watch available at all times and thus even more convenient. However, these new features may take its toll on battery life, even though it should run for up to 18 hours without charging. The smartwatch comes with a wireless charger that is supposed to charge the device very quickly. The device is also waterproof – suitable for swimming and other water activities up to 50 meters below sea level. It features an advanced fitness tracking system, which can even track your aquatic workout. The watch comes with 32GB of internal storage and it uses a dual-core S5 64-bit processor. It offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The front glass is made of Sapphire Glass and the backside has a ceramic layer, which makes the wearable more durable. The watch comes in a wide range of colors and styles, as well as with a large collection of first and third-party bands to choose from.


  • Reliable company
  • Stylish design
  • Great warranty and customer support
  • Great features and specifications
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters


  • Very expensive
  • Not compatible with Android phones

We also have to mention this model’s predecessor – Apple Watch Series 4, which is highly praised for its great durability, the fall detector, and emergency SOS. It has a long battery life and comes with all kinds of exciting features.

Apple Watch Series 4


  • Reliable company
  • Durable design
  • Great warranty and customer support
  • Great features and specifications
  • Long battery life


  • Very expensive
  • May be hard to connect with Verizon
  • Not compatible with Android phones

2. Huawei Watch Stainless Steel

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel

This device is known for its amazing round Swiss design of luxury watches and the fact that it is compatible with the most recent androids phones, as well as with iPhones. It is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, which makes the device very durable. It has an elegant 400 by 400 pixels screen. The watch comes with a variety of pre-installed watch faces and easily swappable bands to fit your style. It features an incredibly accurate fitness tracker and supports notifications for all kinds of apps. It also allows you to personalize thousands of apps, which makes it probably the most flexible and compatible smartwatch on the market.


  • Compatible with Android phones and iPhones
  • Reliable company
  • Durable and elegant design
  • Changeable display to fit your clothes
  • Great features and specifications


  • Poor customer support

3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE

This high-quality yet reasonably priced device is compatible with both Android and iOS, however, it may work best with Samsung phones. Therefore, if you are a proud owner of a Samsung smartphone, this may be the choice for you. The device works with an eSIM, which allows you to choose any carrier without being tied to the specific carrier associated with the SIM card. Nonetheless, it’s best to use the same carrier as your phone to ensure maximum compatibility. The 1.3-inch display is covered with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass SR+, which makes the watch extra durable. In addition, it is waterproof and suitable for swimming and other water activities up to 50 meters below sea level. It has a long battery life (up to 2 days) and can be charged wirelessly. It features a rotating bezel, which simplifies many activities.


  • Durable design
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Reasonable price
  • Long battery life


  • Tizen OS learning curve
  • Only 4GB internal storage

4. LG Watch Sport Unlocked GSM

LG Watch Sport Unlocked GSM

The LG Watch Sport Unlocked GSM is LG’s best product when it comes to standalone smartwatches. This high-quality device is compatible with most Android-powered phones. Even though it offers fewer functions than some of the other standalone smartwatches on this list, it includes some incredible features that facilitate your daily tasks, such as a convenient and comfortable Google Assistant function. It also offers a complex tracking system for sports enthusiasts. Its 1.38-inch round display is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, which makes the design quite durable. Its water resistance is somewhat limited, as it only resists underwater for 30 minutes.


  • Durable sporty design
  • Some unique features
  • A complex fitness tracking system


  • Quite expensive
  • Fewer features

5. Zeblaze Thor 4

Zeblaze Thor 4

The Zeblaze Thor 4 is one of the older models. After all, the Zeblaze Thor 5 is also a very popular option. However, some prefer this model, as its durability is said to be unparalleled. It comes in an aluminum alloy in a matte black color and includes a black silica gel strap. It has a stylish 1.39-inch display with a resolution of 400 by 400 pixels, which is protected by the very tough Corning Gorilla Glass. It runs on Android 7.0 and it features a 5MP camera. In addition, it offers 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. It has 9 different exercise modes, a heart rate monitor, and a pedometer.


  • Exceptionally durable design
  • has 9 different exercise modes
  • Long battery life (up to 42 hours)


  • Older model
  • Relatively unknown company

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What To Consider Before Buying A Sim Card

 Providers of smartwatch SIM cards

As we have already mentioned before, there is a large number of companies that provide SIM cards for smartwatches, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Mobile, and many more. If you already have a plan with any of these providers, it would be best to choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your provider and then simply connect the smartwatch with your existing plan. You can ask for a new connection for eSIM in your smartwatch or buy a nano-SIM card. Otherwise, you can get a nano-SIM or a micro-SIM card that’s open to all devices and choose a wireless plan that fits your needs.

Compatibility with SIM

Not all SIM cards fit into your teeny-tiny smartwatch. Only nano-SIM cards with a data plan attached to it work for smartwatches. Keep in mind that the carrier network has to be compatible with your device. It’s important to make sure that your smartwatch is unlocked to every network. However, you mustn’t panic if it’s not, as it can also be easily unlocked. You can get all the information you need online, but it makes more sense to get that information at the time of purchase.

Data Plan for the SIM Card

Your data plan and the amount of data you’ll need for your smartwatch SIM card depends on the quantity, quality, and frequency of data use. If you plan on substituting your mobile phone data with that of the smartwatch data, then you will need somewhere between 10 to 20GB data a month. However, it also depends on how you use your data (calling, texting, browsing the internet, watching videos, downloading, uploading, etc.) and for how long.

Also, keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to get a smartwatch that has the eSim facility. This way you will avoid having to figure out how to get a new SIM card for your smartwatch.

How To Insert The Sim Card Into Your Smartwatch?

The process of inserting a SIM card into your smartwatch is the same as inserting a SIM card into a phone or a tablet – it’s quick and simple. The process usually involves turning off your device, opening the back cover, removing the battery, placing the SIM card in the SIM card slot in the correct orientation, placing back the battery and back cover correctly, and turning your device back on. However, the process varies slightly between smartwatches, as they may support SIM cards of different formats and thus have different SIM card slots in different places. Make sure to read the instructions of your device – there you will be able to find all the information.

How To Activate The Sim Card For A Smartwatch

In order to activate the SIM card for your smartwatch, you need to contact the mobile carrier provider. Contact the mobile carrier service provider of your choice and ask for a new connection for eSIM in your smartwatch. The second option is to buy a nano-SIM or micro-SIM card (depending on your device) and choose a plan with a certain amount of data, depending on your needs. Afterward, you will provide the mobile carrier provider with all the necessary documentation and request for the activation of the SIM card.

Advantages Of Smartwatches With A Sim Card

As we have mentioned before, not all smartwatches come with SIM, but the ones that do have many advantages compared to the ones that don’t. Here are just a few examples:

  • The built-in SIM card slot converts your regular smartwatch into a standalone smartphone, which enables calling, texting, browsing the internet, and many other operations and gives you full independence.
  • The smartwatches that have a built-in SIM card slot tend to have a memory card space available, which increases the storage capacity.
  • These kinds of smartwatches can be used in connection with smartphones without any consequence or they can be used independently.
  • The portable design contributes to easy mobility in comparison to smartphones.
  • These smartwatches are known for their quick and excellent performance with an easily operated touchscreen.
  • The battery of smartwatches may be charged with a wired charger or wirelessly. Regular smartphones, on the other hand, have no wireless charging option.
  • Smartwatches tend to have a high-quality, durable covering, which prevents the device from getting damaged easily.

Where Do I Get A Sim Card For My Smartwatch?

If you are planning to purchase a smartwatch that has the eSIM feature, which allows you to clone your phone’s SIM card, then you won’t have to buy a separate SIM card. If your smartwatch doesn’t have that option, then you will need to buy a separate SIM card. You can get a SIM card for your smartwatch at any mobile carrier company. However, make sure to first check out the provider, compatibility, and data plan.

You can also buy a SIM card for your smartwatch on Amazon. But first, make sure to contact your SIM provider and local cellular network and find out if their network supports the use of smartwatches with a SIM card.

Smart Watch SIM Card Others Thing You Should Know

Do smartwatches need data plans?

Yes, smartwatches need a data plan, just like cell phones. You can get a prepaid 3G, 4G, or 5G data plan, depending on the model and your needs. You can also get a pay as you go data plan without an annual contract.

How much data do I need for my smartwatch SIM card?

If you plan on using your smartwatch as a replacement for your smartphone, for example, to stream music, videos, and upload files, you’re going to need a lot of data. In this case, you may want to choose 10GB of data as a minimum. If you’re only going to use your smartwatch periodically, 6GB of data should be enough. If you want the security of unlimited data, you can get a SIM card plan tailored to your needs.

Can I make a receive calls on my standalone smartwatch?

Yes, SIM-enabled smartwatches allow you to make or receive calls and send texts, while their ability to run other apps depends on the brand you choose.

How much storage capacity can I expect from my smartwatch?

The storage capacity depends fully on the model of the smartwatch. Some have a storage capacity of 4 GB or less, 8GB, 16GB, or even 32GB. Keep in mind that you can increase the storage capacity by inserting an additional memory card (of the model allows it).

Can smartwatches work without a phone?

All smartwatches can do some basic processes without the use of a phone. Telling the time, tracking your fitness, and setting reminders are some of the things that do not require any sort of connection. Many smartwatches currently available are able to connect to a Wi-Fi network instead of using a Bluetooth connection for using different kinds of apps and services.

Standalone watches, on the other hand, can do most if not all of their processes without the need for a smartphone connection.

Can smartwatches work without a SIM card?

Yes. Without a SIM card, they work just like regular smartwatches. They can tell the time, track your fitness, and even enable the use of the basic apps. However, if you wish to engage in the cellular activity (including making and receiving calls, texting, and browsing the internet) on standalone smartwatches, you need a SIM card (either a separate SIM card or an eSIM, depending on whether your watch has the eSIM feature).

How do I use a smartwatch to text or answer calls without a phone?

If your smartwatch is not a standalone smartwatch, you won’t be able to text or answer calls without a phone. If it is a standalone smartwatch (which means it doesn’t need a phone connection) the exact process varies. Generally, the incoming call will be shown on your display and then you will simply click the green ‘accept call’ option. You will be able to hear the caller through the smartwatch’s speaker or through Bluetooth headphones and answer back using the smartwatch’s microphone. For texting, you can find the texting app on the display and write a message just as you would on your smartphone.

Is a wrist phone watch better than a phone?

It depends on what you value most. The problem with wrist phones or standalone smartwatches is that they have very small displays, which makes it hard to use many of the apps we tend to use on our smartphones and tablets, which have considerably larger displays. Also, the camera is still significantly better on smartphones than on smartwatches. On the other hand, if you prefer to run, walk, travel, or whatever it is you are planning to do empty-handed, having a standalone smartwatch, which enables you to stay connected without a phone, then this may be a better option for you.

The difference between a locked and unlocked SIM

Unlocked smartwatches are compatible with any SIM card and as having a SIM card is a must if you are planning to engage in any cellular activity, you must make sure that your smartwatch is unlocked to every network. If it’s not, don’t worry – it can also be easily unlocked in the store.

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