8 Best Rabbit Ears Antenna and Buying Guide

The rabbit ears or bunny ears antenna is the oldest and most widely used indoor television antenna used to receive the VHF television bands. It is built of two telescoping rods attached to a base. The rods can extend out to about 1-meter length. As the rods aren’t fixed, they can be adjusted to various angles in a “V” shape. To ensure the best reception the rods should be adjusted to be a little less than 1/4 wavelength at the frequency of the television channel being received.

Setting up a rabbit ears antenna allows you to find more clear HD signals for your local TV for much less money. However, you have to make sure to do it correctly and properly, otherwise, you may encounter some difficulties.

Can I Get Free Tv Channels With Rabbit Ears Antenna? If Yes, How?

Yes, it’s possible to get free TV channels with a rabbit ears antenna. The amount of free channels you can receive depends on the antenna selection and the area you live in. However, to do so, you must follow the tips below.

  • Install the antenna as high as possible.
  • Install the antenna near the window for better reception.
  • Do not put or hide the antenna in or behind any metallic objects.
  • Keep the antenna away from any high power consumption devices, such as air-conditioning, power station, elevator, etc., to avoid interference.
  • Adjust and turn the extendable telescopic rods for the best VHF reception.
  • Scan channel monthly to find all available channels including newly added or changed.
  • Keep in mind that antenna effectiveness depends on various factors, including the distance from signal origination point, station signal strength level, the topography of your area, building construction, antenna positioning, reflections from nearby structures, and nearby power consumption sources.

The Top 8 Best Rabbit Ears Antennas

If you are planning to buy a rabbit ears antenna to get more TV channels without an extra expense, check out our list of the top 8 best rabbit ears antennas currently on the market.

1. RCA ANT111E – Rabbit Ears Antenna


Some are convinced that the non-amplified RCA ANT111E indoor antenna is the best rabbit ears antenna on the market. It has a sleek yet durable design and powerful signal capabilities, as it can pick up signals from 40 miles away. Of course, the quality of the signal still depends on the distance from the broadcast tower, the type of terrain in your area, and where you place the antenna. The antenna supports various broadcast types – it works with 1080i HDTV broadcasts, which gives excellent sound and picture quality, as well as with FM broadcasts. It is very flexible, therefore it’s possible to extend and adjust the dipoles for both analog and digital channels. As this antenna has no-scuff pads on the bottom, it’s safe to move it around without damaging your furniture. In addition, it is HDTV Energy Star Certified. Plus, it is very affordable.


  • Great signal quality and overall performance
  • Sleek design
  • Affordable price
  • Energy Star Certified


  • Even though it has virtually no flaws, some users reported problematic inner circuitry in a few pieces.

2. JASCO GE Traditional – Rabbit Ears Antenna

JASCO GE Traditional

Nowadays, JASCO is a global leader in innovative technologies around the world. Their Jasco GE Traditional rabbit ears antenna is one of the best rabbit ears antennas in the world. It will enable you to watch all your favorite channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX in full HD. The antenna provides a high-definition image and amazing sound quality. It has powerful signal capabilities (again, depending on your location and the exact position of the antenna) and it works with all brands of HDTV. Its dipoles are flexible and extendable, and it has a weighted base and rubber feet that prevent scratches, which adds to the convenience of the device.


  • Excellent HD image and sound quality
  • Compact design
  • Affordable price


  • Signal range of 30 miles or less

3. PHILIPS SDV7114A – Rabbit Ears Antenna


This is one of the best rabbit ears antennas from Philips – a well-known and trustworthy brand. The thing that may be the best about this antenna is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. It is affordable and it allows users to replace their satellite cables. It works with all HDTV brands and allows you to watch all major channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX with no monthly cost. It can receive both VHF and UHF signals, as well as a 1080p signal, and provides great image and audio quality. It has a simple yet elegant design and comes with rubber feet, designed to protect your furniture. Note that users from rural areas may have to adjust the signal to prevent distortion.


  • Great HD image and sound quality
  • Stable base-weighted design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Not the best option for rural areas

4. FOSMON HDTV ANTENNA – Rabbit Ears Antenna


This is a high-quality triangular-shaped rabbit ears antenna with a discreet minimalistic design. It’s an HDTV antenna, therefore it offers 1080p resolution and crystal clear image quality. With a little help from a TV tuner, it is even compatible with NextGen TV for 4K OTA Broadcasts. It can sit on various surfaces and can even be attached to the wall. The rods are easily adjustable, which will enable you to find the best possible signal, even though the number of channels depends on your location and the device’s position. This antenna comes with a lifetime product warranty, which speaks of its reliability.


  • Great HD image
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Flexible placement options
  • Affordable price


  • Some people feel the cord is too short

5. PHILIPS SDV8201B – Rabbit Ears Antenna


This is another high-quality rabbit ears antenna from Philips. The design is sleek and unique and it should fit in perfectly with any modern décor. It enables you to access your local TV stations with a single-time payment. The device is small but powerful, granting access to most major TV channels, including ABS, CBS, PBS, and FOX – all in full HD. It is able to pick up both VHF and UHF signals, providing a 1080p picture quality. It comes with a rubber strip on the bottom designed to protect the furniture. This antenna also comes with a generous lifetime warranty.


  • Great HD image
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Affordable price


  • Small size may hinder its capacity

6. GE 33694 DIGITAL TV ANTENNA – Rabbit Ears Antenna


This GE antenna is known for its unique loop design and two short rabbit ears (signal rods). It offers exceptional reception and it can pick up many different TV channels. It provides crystal clear full HD images, as well as exceptional sound quality. Due to its rotatable loop design, it tends to work well in cities and in rural areas as well. As the rods are somewhat short, it can be difficult to adjust them to find the best signal. It comes with a lifetime product warranty, which proves its reliability.


  • Great signal range (works well in rural areas)
  • Excellent HD image and sound quality
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Short dipoles

7. RCA ANT121Z PASSIVE ANTENNA – Rabbit Ears Antenna


The RCA ANT121Z passive rabbit ears antenna is known for being incredibly user-friendly and easy to set up. It is a very affordable, yet reliable device with HDTV compatibility that enables you to enjoy sharp high-quality images. The fact that it is Energy Star Certified gives it additional credibility. The design is fully black, stylish, and durable, and due to its broad weighted base, it can’t fall over. It has a great signal-catching ability and it works very well even in rural areas. However, make sure to be careful when adjusting the rabbit ears, as they are not the strongest.


  • User-friendly
  • Great signal range (works well in rural areas)
  • Affordable price
  • Energy Star Certified


  • Fragile rabbit ears



The ANTOP Ring AT-210 Indoor HDTV Antenna is an aesthetically pleasing rabbit ears antenna, which supports HDTV, 1080P TV, and 4K ULTRA HD. It is compatible with TV converter boxes or digital TVs. The number of channels it will pick up depends on the distance from the broadcast tower, the surrounding terrain, and the antenna’s exact position in your home. It comes with extendable, rotatable VHF rods that enable enhanced reception and an easy table-top setup. Its reception range is 35 miles, which is pretty good, but not the best on this list.


  • Sleek design
  • Multi-directional reception pattern
  • Easy table-top setup


  • Only suitable for strong signal strength areas

How To Find The Best Rabbit Ears Antenna Signal

As we have mentioned above, finding the best signal with your rabbit ears antenna and thus receiving free TV channels depends on various factors, but mostly on finding the nearest broadcast tower and the antenna angle and set.

Find your nearest broadcast tower

If you don’t know where your nearest broadcast tower is located, you can find out online. Use a website like AntennaWeb, where you can simply enter your address and the website will find the location of your nearest broadcast antenna. In order to get a good reception, you want the nearest broadcast tower to be less than 30 miles away. Afterward, you should take note of the broadcast origin by looking at the color-coded channels on the street level map. Yellow and red ones will confirm that you are ready to go. At this stage, make sure to angle the antenna to get the best possible signal. There are two types of frequencies – UHF and VHF. Any rabbit ears antenna will easily be able to pick up the stronger VHF signals, while newer antennas will be able to pick up both frequencies.

Angle & set

The best way to improve your signal is to move your rabbit ears antenna closer to the window, instead of beside the TV. Also, make sure that the rabbit ears are away from the router to avoid any chance of interference.

The best angle is the V shape. Create this shape while pointing one ear at the broadcast tower. Pointing both ears at the broadcast tower will allow for a wide signal barrel. At this stage, you can simply adjust the rods until you have reached the perfect signal.

How To Further Improve Rabbit Ears Antenna Reception?

You can further improve your rabbit ears antenna reception by placing the antenna as high as possible and preferably close to the window. Make sure to keep your antenna away from any metallic objects or high power consumption devices to avoid interference. Also, make sure to find the best indoor antenna on the market – after all, good reception depends mostly on the quality of the antenna.

How To Choose The Right Rabbit Ears Antenna?

Before buying a rabbit ears antenna make sure to check out the following factors. It will enable you to choose the right antenna for you.

 Reliable signal reception

First of all, you have to make sure that the rabbit ears antenna has excellent signal reception. Do your best to avoid low-end TV antennas.

Mainstream channels

Most rabbit ears antennas have no problem receiving mainstream channels, so if you only want to watch mainstream channels, then any rabbit ears antenna should do the trick.

HD channels

If you want to watch HD channels, make sure to check that your rabbit ears antenna supports these kinds of channels. Nowadays, most rabbit ears antennas should support them, however, it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

Compatibility with older TVs

Most rabbit ears antennas aren’t supported by older TVs. In this case, you need to install a digital converter box that will make it work. Or you can simply purchase a rabbit ears antenna that is supported by older TVs.

Location is everything

Unfortunately, getting a good signal depends greatly on where you live. To find out if you would be able to get a good signal in your area, you can simply ask someone who owns a rabbit ears antenna. However, in large metropolitan areas, you should get a great signal.

VHF and UHF signals

Make sure to get a TV antenna that supports both VHF and UHF signals, in this way, you will get as many channels as possible.

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Are rabbit ears antennas better?

Rabbit ears antennas are great at picking up nearby signals. So if you live near broadcasting towers and if you want to save money, choosing a rabbit ears antenna is a great idea.

Do rabbit ears antennas still work?

Yes, rabbit ears antennas still work, at least on newer TVs. If you have an older TV, you may need a digital converter box to make it work.

What channels do rabbit ears get?

Most rabbit ears antennas get both VHF and UFH channels. With most rabbit ears antennas you should be able to catch around 2 and 13 VHF channels and 14 to 51 UHF channels.

How do I connect my rabbit ears antenna to my TV?

You can simply plug the rabbit ears antenna into your TV’s antenna jack and then turn it on. Afterward, you can run the auto-scan feature to try and find some channels.

Does aluminum foil boost the antenna signal?

Yes, wrapping the ends of your TV antenna in aluminum is a great idea and an efficient way to boost your signal. Aluminum acts as an extension that boosts your TV signal.

How do I choose an antenna?

It depends on where you live. The best thing you can do is to ask the people who have a rabbit ears antenna if they get a good signal. If not, ask them what kind of TV antenna works best in your area.

What is the best TV antenna for my area?

If you live in a metropolitan area, a multi-range TV antenna may be your best pick. If the nearest television broadcast towers are in a single location, both directional and omnidirectional antennas would do the trick. If towers are grouped in two locations in the same general direction, a multi-directional bay-type antenna is required. If towers are scattered in several locations, you will need an omnidirectional antenna. Indoor antennas are great for metropolitan areas, in rural areas, on the other hand, you may need to install an outdoor antenna, as they are designed for long-range reception.

Nonetheless, the best thing you can do is to ask others who live in your area which TV antenna works best.