Free iPhone Government Phone Guideline


You must have heard of free government phones before, right? They are also known as the “Obama phones” and are a part of the government-supported program called Lifeline.

Since free phones are an actual reality for those who meet specific requirements, the question about free iPhone government phone options started to appear more and more often. Thus, we decided to create this article to avoid any future confusion.

Herein you will learn the truth about free iPhone government phone options and whether it is a myth or reality. We will extend our discussion on other valid alternatives and as such provide you with a ton of value, which you can bank and finally get that free phone that many are talking about.

So, are you ready to learn the truth about free iPhone government phone options? Let’s do this.

Free iPhone Government Phone – Just a Myth or Truth?

We must disappoint you on that one. As it turns out getting a free iPhone government phone at this point is not possible. We performed extensive researched and checked with all wireless providers that take part in the Lifeline assistance program to find out that none of them is offering iPhones for free.

Free iPhone Government Phone

As it turns out, iPhones are way too popular and in extremely high demand, thus no Lifeline providing wireless company can afford to give them away for free. At least not at this point. Who knows, maybe in the coming years some older iPhone models will be provided as free iPhone government phone options. Until then, you will need to accept whatever phones are offered by the companies. These are mainly entry-level Android smartphones, which are no match to the latest smartphones, however, considering they are given for free, they are not all that bad.

Now that you know that the free iPhone government phone is just a myth, you will have to consider other options, those that are actually a reality. So, as we continue, we will focus on presenting you with those alternatives.

Free iPhone Government Phone Alternatives

Since the free iPhone Government phone is just a myth, you need to face a decision about which of the valid alternatives are you going to pursue. Below you can find the one we find worth considering. We did our best to provide you with enough information on each of them for you to make an informed decision. Of course, it cannot hurt to do your own additional research on those options that you find most attractive for you.

Free Government Phones

If you are eligible for the Lifeline assistance, which means you are part of a low-income household (below 135% on national poverty threshold) or one that has a member in one of the specific government-supported programs, we strongly advise you to take that support.

It is not to take this great opportunity for granted. To be able to enjoy free wireless services and also receive a free smartphone is pretty amazing and worthy of ‘rainchecking’ your iPhone desire. Since you are most likely in a financial crisis, it makes sense to make use of the Lifeline support.

There are countless wireless providers available throughout the US. Keep in mind that not all of them offer the same plans nor the same phones. Of course, you will have to work with those available in your area.

If you are clueless about the Lifeline program, we strongly suggest you visit or, where you can obtain all the information about it. You can learn how to qualify, how to apply, locate which wireless providers offer Lifeline in your area, and more.

Moreover, also keep in mind that many Lifeline wireless providers offer you the option of upgrading your free device. And more often than not, iPhones are available among the upgrade phones. This iPhones often come at discounted prices, especially if you consider some older models or perhaps the refurbished ones.

Non-Government Free iPhones

A Free iPhone government phone may not be a possibility, however, there are actual ways how to get free iPhones. Yes, you read that correctly.

There are wireless providers that offer special deals to new clients or those adding an additional line to get a free iPhone. Of course, this option will require you to sing up for a pre-defined monthly plan, which in most cases won’t be all that affordable.

On the other side, you may anyway be considering an unlimited plan, so why not get the one that can get you a free iPhone on top, right?

The only wireless providers that can afford such generous deals are the leading ones. This includes AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. Since they regularly change their offers and special deals, it makes no sense for us to list current deals here. It is best for you to visit their official websites and check the latest info yourself.

We want to give you an additional warning regarding these special deals: ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT! The last thing you want is some extra-long term contract on your shoulders without your notice. Go through all the details and make sure you agree with them. If you can handle it, then you will be able to enjoy a new iPhone. In many cases, the latest iPhone is part of those extra deals.

Moreover, in some cases, free iPhone will require you to trade in your current phone. This will all be defined within the fine print, which you should read carefully.

Discounted iPhones

If you are not able to find a free iPhone deal that will suit you and are not eligible for the Lifeline assistance but still determined to get your hands on an iPhone, then you need to consider discounted iPhones.

The best place to start this research, are the official websites of the wireless providers available in your area. Once on their pages, look for “Special Deals” or something similar, or go directly to their online shop. If any discounts are offered, they are normally displayed.

You can also take your research one step further and start calling the wireless providers operating in your area, asking if they are currently offering any discounts on iPhones.

Refurbished and Used iPhones

If you don’t mind using a phone that is not new, refurbished iPhones are definitely an option you should consider. Refurbished iPhones are new-like and very reliable if offered by a trustworthy provider.

Furthermore, used iPhones should be even more affordable, however, those are not new-like and thus a riskier option.

The best place to look for refurbished iPhones is Apple’s official store.

Other Free & Free(ish) iPhone Alternatives

Above we have listed all the most common options, however, there are some additional alternatives. These are all valid, but normally require some hustling, luck, or other types of effort.

These options include:

  • iPhone giveaways – these are offered by various companies or influencers on regular basis. They come in a form of contests, where you will be asked to perform some sort of task (e.g.: like three previous posts and comment on them, etc.). If you do all as instructed and are selected as a winner, you may actually get a free iPhone.
  • Surveys – there are countless online survey platforms, where you collect points and then can trade those points for various products and devices, often iPhones as well. Keep in mind that you will need to invest quite a lot of time and effort into the collection of a sufficient amount of points to be traded for an iPhone, thus this is an obvious free(ish) option.
  • Online lotteries – there are also legit only lotteries run by legit companies, where you will be asked to enter your email address or/and phone number (subscribe) and in return be a part of a draw.

NOTE: All of the above three options (especially giveaways and lotteries) are valid, however, there are also countless scams online. Thus, if you decide to go down that road pay extra attention. Do proper research and make sure not to share any sensitive data. Trust us, free iPhone is not worth risking being hacked or get your identity stolen and abused.

Final Thoughts

Since you’ve gotten this far, you now know that free iPhone government phone options are nothing but a myth. However, you also know that there are other valid methods that can get you a free phone. Keep in mind that some of those free options are actually free(ish) as you will either need to trade in your time and effort or sign up for a relatively expensive monthly plan that includes a long-term contract.

We believe in your ability to use the information provided herein wisely. You’ve got this.