8 Best Smartwatch With Speaker

Smartwatches are flooding the market and more and more people are using this relatively new type of gadget. Not long ago smartwatches were only a thing from futuristic movies, however, these days one can get a lot done with a smartwatch. Especially if you get a smartwatch with speaker and microphone, then you can make and accept calls and use your watch to communicate with Google Assistant, which is extremely cool and handy at the same time.

There are so many features that a smartwatch can pack, that it can be truly overwhelming. Heart rate measuring, activity tracking, and notifications are some of the most common ones. However, speakers and microphones are the two features that are too often overlooked.

In our humble opinion, in 2020 and beyond, one should definitely consider a smartwatch with speaker if he or she is to ensure the ultimate smartwatch experience. Sure, we do not know your specific needs and expectations, however, we have been in this line of work long enough to know that not getting a smartwatch with speaker and microphone is something many users regret. Many people think of it as an advanced feature that they’d not need, yet basically, all get used to it so fast that they can’t imagine living without a smartwatch with speaker after a single month of use.

We decided to devote this article to present you with your potential new smartwatch with speaker. We will take a close look at some of the best options currently available on the market. We will present you with the results of our research, which should provide you with some highly valuable insights and help you determine which smartwatch with speaker you should consider.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in and take a close look at some of the best smartwatch with speaker models available in 2020.

8 Best Smartwatch With Speaker Models

As promised above, we performed extensive research and additional testing to provide you with the list below. We did our best to include various models that each offer something relatively unique and caters to specific needs or styles. We advise you to go through the list and determine which of the following smartwatches has what it takes to be your new smartwatch with speaker.

Samsung Gear S3 – Overall Best Smartwatch with Speaker

The first smartwatch with speaker that we will consider is the Samsung Gear 3. It is also the best overall smartwatch with speaker currently available on the market. It comes with a variety of impressive and interesting features, which all contribute to deliver a very impressive user experience. It is a unisex smartwatch, however, women who like small watches may not be pleased with this relatively large and heavy model.

Samsung Gear S3 – Overall Best Smartwatch with SpeakerCheck-Price

The Samsung Gear S3’s features include GPS, activity tracking, a heart rate monitor, water resistance, and an altimeter. All of these are extremely practical, especially if you are an active individual looking for more than just current time from your watch.

The Samsung Gear S3 prides with a very nice screen and excellent speakers for complete audio functionality. This also means that you can make and answer calls using your watch alone, which can be extremely practical since the watch is right there on your wrist. This smartwatch with speaker also offers an impressive battery life – it will last for about 2-3 days if constantly in use.

When purchasing the Samsung Gear S3, you get to choose between two designs – one offers a classic look while the other a frontier look. Whichever type you choose, the watch feels like a huge sports watch on your wrist as it weighs 59g or 62g. If you are not used to wearing a watch, this relatively high weight will require some getting used to.

This smartwatch with speaker is undeniably a superior quality watch and as such an impressive choice if you want to have multiple advanced features in combination with an eye-catching look. The Gear S3 operates on a Fizen operating system, which is compatible with most Android devices. This smartwatch with speaker basically comes as a complete stand-alone cell-phone on your wrist since it includes LTE phone service. You can use the inbuilt speaker and microphone or add a pair of Bluetooth headsets to pick discreet calls. The Samsung Gear S3 can also share several applications with your android phone.

Samsung Gear S3 Pros

  • Activity tracking and a heart-rate monitor
  • Water-resistant
  • Impressive Battery life
  • High quality & sleek design
Samsung Gear S3 Cons

  • Limited app selection
  • On the heavier side

Fitbit Versa – Best Smartwatch with Speaker for Women

Fitbit Versa is one of the leading smartwatch companies. They are based in San Francisco and are a health company, which is reflected in their products. The watch offers a lighter design than most other smartwatch with speaker models. It is packed with an impressive battery life that is capable of lasting for more than four days so you don’t have to deal with daily charging.

Fitbit Versa – Best Smartwatch with Speaker for WomenCheck-Price

The Fitbit Versa shines through a brilliantly clear and bright display that is very impressive. Of course, keep in mind that it features the unique Fitbit’s “Squircle” watch face design which is known for a square face with round edges.

The Versa is doing their best to offer women a great selection of great fitness features, though many other smartwatches on the market pack a very similar selection of fitness features, including the Apple Watch 4, Apple Watch 3, and the Fitbit Ionic, with the omission of GPS.

The watch performs very well. It makes it easy to track all your workouts and also connects with your phone easily for receiving notifications and calls. You can also use Alexa to help you with your questions, commands, and requests.

Moreover, the new improved Fitbit Versa comes with a proprietary charger that uses a clip-in dock, which is much more practical than the magnetic pin used by the Fitbit Iconic.

Fitbit Versa Pros

  • Lightweight design
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Reliable battery life
  • It’s one of the most customizable wearables
Fitbit Versa Cons

  • No GPS
  • The square design isn’t for everyone

Huawei Watch 2 Sport – Best Affordable Option

Many people are surprised to hear that Huawei manufactures smartwatches. But they do. And if you know anything about Huawei phones, then you know that high-quality can be expected from their products.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport – Best Affordable OptionCheck-Price

This smartwatch with speaker is not their newest smartwatch, however, it offers excellent value for the money. This smartwatch offers simple looks – a classic circular screen display. It further packs a number of great features that any smartwatch lover will highly appreciate, including NFC support, a GPS tracking system, and 4GB of internal storage.

The Huawei Watch 2 Sport also offers solid battery life that will last you for about 2-3 days. This is not the most that smartwatches offer but is more than most users need. One of the most important features that this smartwatch offers is an inbuilt speaker that offers loudspeaker functionality for playing music and receiving calls. Once you get used to using this option, you will have no idea how you’ve managed to live without it before.

Of course, there is also a built-in microphone for picking your voice. This smartwatch with speaker is compatible with phones running on IOS 9+ or Android 4.3+.

All of the above-mentioned features are packed in vibrant and bright casing that looks great on both male and female wrists.

Huawei Watch 2 Sport Pros

  • Bright & vibrant casing
  • Very comfortable on the wrist
  • Long-lasting battery life with power saving option
  • Wide range of apps compatibility
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Cons

  • The price could be even lower
  • Tends to not work as smoothly with iOS devices

Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 – Best Minimalistic Smartwatch with Speaker

Fossil is a world-known watch manufacturer and has made its way into the smartwatch arena as well. The Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 is a high-quality smartwatch with speaker and microphone that offers the popular minimalistic looks and high-quality, durable materials.

Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 – Best Minimalistic Smartwatch with SpeakerCheck-Price

As an already established fashionable brand, Fossil is now also making high-tech wearable devices that can rival major brands like Huawei and LG. The Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 offers a simple body and elegant curves.

If you are a regular analog Fossil watches fan looking for something for the new digital age, then you will love their smartwatches with speaker.

The Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 is available in two color options, stainless steel, and gunmetal grey. In our opinion, they both look great and offer a high level of universal outfit matching.

Features-wise, the Q Founder Gen 2 is comparable to all major smartwatch brands on the market, and it runs on almost the same hardware. It has a speaker that performs well in a standard pitch, and an inbuilt mic that picks up your voice commands. Other important features include wireless charging, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and tracking sensors.

However, the Q Founder Gen 2 does not have a heart-rate monitor nor a GPS tracker.

Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 Pros

  • High-quality built, durable materials
  • Extremely eye-pleasing design
  • Smart notifications
  • Impressive face options
Fossil Q Founder Gen 2 Cons

  • On a heavy side
  • Issues with iOS compatibility
  • Requires frequent charging

Fossil Q Marshal – Pack With the Most Features

Fossil may not be as experienced in producing smartwatches, however, their expertise gained in classic watch manufacturing gives them quite an upper hand when it comes to design. Their expertise shines through in the craftsmanship and design of the Q Marshal.

Fossil Q Marshal – Pack With the Most FeaturesCheck-Price

That said, this smartwatch with speaker offers great fashionable appeal. It looks like a traditional mechanical watch, however, it packs an impressive list of desirable features. That includes a full-day battery, LCD, an inbuilt speaker, and a built-in mic.

The Fossil Q Marshal smartwatch is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones as it runs on IOS 9.3+ or Android OS 4.4+.

The inbuilt speaker on this smartwatch with speaker is great for alarm, notifications, and listening to audio messages. Unfortunately, it does not perform all that well while picking phone calls, yet still well enough to make some basic calls. However, that issue can be overcome by pairing it with Bluetooth headsets to ensure better sound quality when calling.

The Fossil Q Marshal smartwatch has a GPS system, Wi-Fi, and other features. If you are looking for a highly customizable smartwatch, it’s a great choice.

Fossil Q Marshal Pros

  • Solid battery life
  • Impressive build quality
  • Attractive classic design
Fossil Q Marshal Cons

  • Sporadic performance lags
  • Underwhelming display

LG Watch Sport – Best For Calling

If you intend to use your smartwatch with speaker for calling a lot, then LG Watch Sport may be your best choice. LG combined the latest technology available in smartwatches with a relatively sleek design to bring you the new LG Watch Sport.

LG Watch Sport - Best For CallingCheck-Price

This high-tech smartwatch with speaker features the latest Android wear 2.0 and a great style, to provide you with an awesome experience. The LG Watch Sport is designed for sporting activities but it can be relatively universal and worn with various outfit styles. The smartwatch comes with several remarkable features; it allows its users to pair it with different Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi. It also supports full LTE phone services, and it works with the majority of SIM cards worldwide. With that function, you can make calls directly from this gadget, even without having your phone close to you, which is pretty impressive.

The LG Watch Sport packs impressive inbuilt speaker and mic, which are excellent for making calls and receiving notifications. Of course, if you want to be discreet, you may want to consider Bluetooth earphones.

LG Watch Sport Pros

  • IP68 water-resistant
  • Very impressive performance
  • Phone tethering not required
  • Google Assistant makes it convenient
LG Watch Sport Cons

  • Battery-life could be better
  • Thick & cumbersome design

LG Watch Style – The Most Basic Option

The LG Watch Style was built by LG in collaboration with Google, which makes it the face of Android wear 2.0. This smartwatch with speaker offers a very simple look – it basically looks like a regular wristwatch. Moreover, it comes with an interface that is easy to navigate. The smartwatch shines through a 360x360pixels AMOLED display, which performs well.

LG Watch Style – The Most Basic OptionCheck-Price

Audio functionality is included in this smartwatch, allowing you to hear notifications and alarms through the inbuilt speakers. However, the LG Watch Style won’t function as a standalone LTE phone as it does not let you insert a SIM card in it. As long as you use it with your smartphone, it is a great choice.

The LG Watch Style is compatible with both IOS (9.3+) and Android (4.3+) smartphones, which is definitely a plus side. On the downside, its battery only lasts for about 16-19 hours, which requires some proper timing regarding charging to make it through the day.

This smartwatch with speaker also comes with an inbuilt microphone that offers a number of options, including accepting voice commands. Moreover, the casing is also water and dust-resistant.

LG Watch Style Pros

  • Reasonable price
  • Slim, minimalist design
  • Water and dust-resistant
  • Great, vibrant display
LG Watch Style Cons

  • Disappointing battery life
  • NFC not supported

Apple Watch 3 – Best Strap & Casing

The Apple Watch 3 comes in two types – one with just a GPS system and one with inbuilt cellular connectivity. Both of these offer a great number of advanced features. The Apple Watch 3 also comes with a water-resistant casing for swimming. Keep in mind that the GPS won’t work well underwater.

Apple Watch 3 - Best Strap & CasingCheck-Price

The Apple Watch 3 packs a speaker and a microphone, which comes in handy for voice commands, calls, alarms, notification sounds, and more. Using the model with built-in cellular connectivity, you can receive and make calls with this smartwatch, even without having your phone near you.

The speaker offers impressive audio clarity, and the microphone has excellent sensitivity, making it great for calling. With it, you can comfortably enjoy your conversation, without having to hold it over your head, which is not something many smartwatch with speaker models can provide.

Looking at its design, the Apple 3 is one of the thinnest smartwatches out there as well.

If you can spare some extra bucks, you may want to consider an even improved Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Pros

  • World-class build quality (probably as good as it gets when considering smartwatches)
  • Adds barometer to swim proofing & GPS
  • Siri is very amazing
  • Fast processor
Apple Watch Cons

  • Cellular connectivity problems tend to occur too often
  • Low battery life when using GPS

How To Properly Choose A Smartwatch With Speaker

You can make things extremely simple for yourself by choosing one of the 8 best smartwatch with speaker models presented above. However, since there are countless other smartwatches with speakers available on the market, we want to provide you with additional guidance. Using the information presented herein, you will be able to select the best smartwatch with speaker according to your needs and preferences.


You want to make sure that the smartwatch will work well with your smartphone. Even the best smartwatch with speaker will leave you disappointed if it won’t work well with your phone.

Leading Brands

Though unknown brands may surprise you and deliver very impressive smartwatches with speakers, it may be a safer bet to go with one of the leading brands. The leading reputable smartwatch companies include Samsung, Fossil, Fitbit, LG, and Apple.

More than Speakers and Microphone

Even when you are in need of a smartwatch with speaker and microphones, make sure to devote your attention to other features. Make a list of the features that you would like to have and additionally mark those that are essential for you. The list might include GPS, heart rate, activity tracking, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi charging, NFC, and more.

Battery Life

When choosing your new smartwatch with speaker, you want to consider its battery life. Especially if you plan on using it as a replacement for your phone (at least during specific activities), you need to make sure you don’t run out of battery. Top-rated smartwatches should provide you with 3 or even 4-day battery life.

However, if you don’t mind charging your smartwatch every night, you should be pleased with most models on the market.


If you get a chance, make sure to try the watch on. It should fit you well. You also need to make sure you like the strap or band buckle/clasp. It must stay on during all activities but also enable you to easily get it off and on.

Apps of Your Choice

If you have any specific apps you’d like to be able to use on your smartwatch, make sure those are available for the model that you are considering prior to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the list of the 8 best smartwatch with speaker models above, you should be able to select the one that best suits your needs. If the list doesn’t provide you with a clear winner for your needs, make sure to consider the ‘How To Properly Choose A Smartwatch With Speaker’ section and perform your own research.

Whichever way you will take, we are highly confident that you will be able to select the best smartwatch with speaker for yourself and enjoy using it.

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