Best Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest And Buying Guide

As the title suggests, today’s article will be all about mouse pads with wrist rest. We will take a closer look at this gadget that can make a lot of difference if used properly for many long-term computer users.

Herein, we will also devote a special section to preset you with 12 best mouse pads with wrist rest, which will enable you to simply choose the one best model that may best suit you.

In addition to the list of 12 best mouse pads with wrist support, we also decided to provide you with a detailed mouse pad with wrist rest buyer’s guide, which will provide you with the information needed to make an informed purchase even if you decide to stray away from the list.

As we move along, you will also learn how to properly clean a mouse pad with wrist rest, which is extremely important to keep the germs away.

Without further ado, let’s dig in, shall we?

Are mouse pads with wrist rest good?

Yes, they are if used properly. As a general rule of thumb, the mouse pad with wrist rest is good for you if it promotes a proper and neutral hand position.

However, not every mouse pad with wrist rest is good for everyone. There are many poorly constructed mouse pads with the support that can actually harm your wrist in the long-run. Moreover, there are various types of mouse pads and computer mice that must match your hand shape and your computer use style to offer maximum and neutral support.

We wish it was simpler; that there was a single mouse pad with wrist rest that would work best for all users, however, the reality is that we all have different needs, different hands, and so on. As such, it is important to choose a mouse pad with a wrist rest that suits your needs.

12 Best Mouse Pads with Wrist Rest

This is probably the most important section for most of you. Herein, you will learn about 12 best mouse pads with wrist rest, their pros and cons. That will enable you to determine, which of the following mouse pad with support models is the right one for you.

3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

The 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest is a high-quality mouse pad with wrist support. It comes with a 5-by-2 inches pillow with a height of 0.9 inches and measures 6.8-by-8.6 inches (though keep in mind that is not completely square).

3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

The material used for the pillow in this mouse pad with wrist rest is a gel, which means it will fit various hand shapes and sizes quite perfectly, which makes it highly universal and suitable for a large pool of users.

The 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest offers an extremely high level of precision of the mousing surface. It also comes with antimicrobial protection. All those extra features are sure great, however, it is the comfort that this mouse pad with wrist rest offers that makes it one of the best agronomical mouse pads.

This mouse pad with wrist support also has a non-skid base and anti-puncture gel pillow that ensures that the soft gel liquid stays in the determined compartment. This mouse pad with wrist rest really has what it takes to be your best mouse pad ever since it combines high levels of comfort, support, and precision.


  • Highly affordable
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Extremely comfortable gel pillow
  • Tends to extend the battery life of a wireless mouse
  • Eco-friendly – contains 25% recycled material
  • An antimicrobial protection
  • 1-year warranty
  • Actually enhances pointer precision for some mice
  • Non-skid base

  • Grooved surface gets dirty quite easily
  • Some users received a warped mouse pad due to the improper packaging and transportation

CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad Set

The CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad Set is a great solution for all of you who spend a lot of time typing. It offers a set that will ensure that your wrist is comfortable and in proper position on both, a keyboard and a mouse.

CushionCare Keyboard Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad Set

The support height on this mouse pad with wrist rest is 1 inch tall. The support material used is memory foam (the material used in the best head pillows) and it measures 8.7-by-9.8 inches.

This wrist support cushion is great for work and play and can make a huge difference when it comes to your wrist alignment and carpel tunnel syndrome prevention.

The amazing thing about this set is its impressive 3-year warranty


  • Memory foam provides great support that fits the user’s needs and wrist shape and size.
  • Offers a generous amount of surface for you to work on
  • Packs a rubber backing that keeps the mouse pad firmly in place
  • Comes with an impressive 3-year warranty

  • Has an off-putting smell when straight out of the box that tends to last for several days
  • The areas of the wrist support on the mouse pad could be larger

Gimars Gel Mouse Pad w/t Keyboard Wrist Rest

The Gimars Gel Mouse Pad w/t Keyboard Wrist Rest is another set for both your mouse-handling hand and the keyboard. It suitable for all with slightly higher wrist gaps, as it comes with a 1.1-inch support height. The support pillow is made of gel, which greatly matches your wrist. The pad surface measures 8.6-by-10 inches.

Gimars Gel Mouse Pad w t Keyboard Wrist Rest

If you type a lot, then getting a mouse pad and keyboard pad set is a smart idea. It can help you prevent a lot of potential wrist problems or solve the existing pain or discomfort. This mouse pad with wrist rest uses breathable memory gel foam to keep your palm cool for hours.

The support on the mouse pad is wide enough, which ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed across a larger portion of your wrist.

Both, the mouse pad and keyboard pad have a rubber base that prevents them from skidding across the table.

Gimars also offers great customer support.


  • Very solid value for your money
  • Mouse pad and keyboard pad set
  • Memory foam doesn’t get deformed easily – even after hours of use, it bounces back to its original form
  • Relatively large mouse pad at 10 x 8.6 x 1.1 inches
  • Wide keyboard wrist rest at 17 x 3 x 1.1 inches
  • Impressive customer service

  • The edges have a tendency to curl up in some cases
  • The anti-slip base could perform better

Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad was made with gamers in mind. As such, it offers great support but also enables extremely fast response and control over the mouse. Of course, a proper gaming mouse is essential to make the most out of this gaming mouse pad with wrist support.

Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad

The pad comes with 1.2-inch high wrist support and is made out of memory foam for a high level of comfort and firmness. The pad measures 9.84-by-9.84 inches, though it is not actually squared shaped.

The majority of gamers that have been using this mouse pad with wrist rest report great results. Aside from the Redragon P020 Gaming Mouse Pad’s high-performance, it also looks very stylish, which attracts many users.

The thing about the memory foam is that it softens when in touch with the body heat that way it completely conforms to your wrist shape. It is basically like having custom-fitted wrist support.

The silky surface of this pad also provides great accuracy and gliding for both optical or laser mouses.


  • Anti-skid silicone base
  • Built to last
  • Waterproof coating
  • Washable – easy cleaning
  • Budget-friendly
  • Silky smooth surface for excellent mouse sensitivity
  • Wide wrist rest for maximum comfort
  • Personalized support with the help of memory foam
  • No strong chemical scent

  • Single color scheme – makes thing slightly limiting

VicTsing Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

The VicTsing Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest is another great choice. It is one of the mouse pads that Amazon recommends for those interested in an agronomic mouse pad with wrist rest.

VicTsing Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest

This mouse pad with wrist rest comes with a gel-filled pillow, a non-skid base, and Lycra cover. It is a great choice to help you keep your wrist pain-free and completely mobile.

The Gel pillow really offers a great combination of softness and compactness to provide your wrist with the comfort and support it needs.

The Lycra layer ensures that the mouse moves smoothly and is tracked with minimal resistance. The gel pillow is also cover with Lycra so it does not feel sticky.


  • Very cheap
  • The gel-filled cushion is covered with Lycra so it doesn’t stick to your wrist
  • Lycra cover provides good mouse tracking and minimal traction
  • Very good customer support

  • Has a strong smell out of the box
  • The wrist rest could be larger

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

The Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad is often compared to the 3M Precise Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest. It is almost equally good and performs great. It has a unique dual gel design that offers wide wrist support.

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

Most users are most amazed by the elasticity of the gel pillow, which offers impressive comfort and makes your wrist pain-free even during a long period of computer use.

The support pillow height is 1 inch tall at its center, which is the height that most users prefer. The mouse pad with wrist rest offers a 7-by-9 inch surface to work with.

Unlike other mouse pads with wrist support, the Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad comes with a ventilation channel in between the two gel compartments. That way airflow is ensured, which prevents your wrist from sticking to the pillow.

Since the height of the pillow is not completely uniform across the entire surface, the Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad works best with horizontal mice.


  • Gel pillow has a ventilation channel that keeps your wrist cool even after a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Curved wrist rest secures your wrist in place and prevents wrist strain
  • Rubber base keeps the mouse pad in place
  • Durable Vinyl rigid base for accurate and fast mouse movement

  • Gel pillow is fragile
  • Not the best option for a vertical mouse where your wrist doesn’t lay flat on support pillow
  • Some users have reported a strong plastic smell in the pad

TeckNet Ergonomic Mouse Pad

The TeckNet Ergonomic Mouse Pad is a great and highly affordable mouse pad with wrist rest. It is suitable for left and right-handed users. It packs a unique comfort zone memory foam cushion and special wave design that conforms to your wrists for maximum comfort and support.

TeckNet Ergonomic Mouse Pad

It also has a waterproof coating that takes all the worrying from any potential spills. It also makes it very easy to clean.

This mouse pad with wrist support also offers a very impressive tracking surface for smooth movement and precise tracking. This is ensured with the use of silk-processed cloth.

To ensure that the pad stays in place, it comes with a rubber anti-slip base. To prevent curling, the TeckNet Ergonomic Mouse Pad comes with reinforced edges.


  • Comfortable gel wrist support.
  • Affordable
  • Matte finish surface
  • Rubber base ensure it doesn’t slip

  • Over time the edges of the mouse pad tend to curl slightly

Innovera Gel Mouse Pad

The Innovera Gel Mouse Pad in another mouse pad with wrist rest that deserves to be on this list. It is a 9-by-7.5 inch ergonomically shaped mouse pad. It is stain and water-resistant, which means you can simply wash it to keep it clean, which is extremely practical.

Innovera Gel Mouse Pad

It may not be as soft as some of the above-mentioned models, thus, it may not be suitable for individuals with sensitive wrists. However, due to its compactness, it offers a high level of support and ensures your wrist is properly elevated.

Keep in mind that this is a budget mouse pad with wrist rest, thus it may not be as durable as some slightly more expensive options. If used in an extremely hot and humid environment, it tends to warp.


  • Smooth surface
  • Comfortable design.
  • Non-skid back
  • Stain-resistant
  • Water-resistant

  • Prone to warping (especially in a hot and humid environment)
  • Not suitable for heavy users (gel cushion starts to feel hard)

Jaras Gel Mouse Pad

The Jaras Gel Mouse Pad is another gel-filled mouse pad with wrist rest that offers very good support and enables you to prevent wrist strains and pain. It has a relatively large area for mouse manipulation.

Jaras Gel Mouse Pad

Its plastic lining at the edges prevents the mouse from falling off the mouse pad. The great thing about the Jaras Gel Mouse Pad is that it is stain and water-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

It also has a non-slip back, which ensures that the pad stays in place.

It’s been reported to be suitable for long use. However, the far edges tend to curl slightly over time, though that doesn’t affect the functionality at all.


  • Large mouse pad surface
  • Non-slip back
  • Stain and water-resistant

  • Prone to warping
  • The edges of the mouse pad tend to curl
  • Not suitable for heavy users

MROCO Gel Wrist Support Mouse Pad

The MROCO Gel Wrist Support Mouse Pad comes in two different shapes to fit various table sizes and user needs.

MROCO Gel Wrist Support Mouse Pad

It is an ultra-flexible pad with a non-slip base to stay in place. All types of mice glide easily on the Lycra surface.

The MROCO Gel Wrist Support Mouse Pad uses responsive memory gel foam, which means that it provides perfect rest for a wide range of wrist sizes. To ensure the best alignment, it indents slightly at the base.

With this mouse pad with wrist rest, your purchase is risk-free. You can try it for a full 12 months and if you’re not satisfied, return it without stating the reason.


  • Comfortable, cooling memory foam gel
  • Smooth Lycra surface for smooth mouse glide
  • Great wrist alignment
  • 2 sizes and shapes to choose from
  • 12-month money-back guarantee

  • In some cases, gel has been punctured
  • Some users find it too hard

Soqool Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Soqool Ergonomic Mouse Pad doesn’t just support the wrists, it also allows the one of the most natural hand movement, as many verified reviewers report. The latter is possible thanks to the baseball-mitt shape that keeps the entire hand above the pad.

Soqool Ergonomic Mouse Pad

A gel-filled cushion at the bottom is the support pillow for your wrist that will offer comfort and stability for all your mouse-work. The pillow slopes slightly downward to keep perfect alignment from wrist to palm.

Thanks to the non-slip grip at the bottom, the pad stays in place. The top surface is covered in Lycra so the mouse glides easily and is highly responsive.

The mouse pad with the wrist rest is easy to clean. Moreover, it’s made from ROH safety certified materials and doesn’t come with a chemical smell.


  • Baseball mitt shape matches your hand’s contours
  • Gel-filled wrist rest
  • Wrist pad slopes slightly for natural straight alignment
  • Comes in a pack of 2 mouse pads
  • ROH safety certified materials

  • Durability could be better

Fellowes Gel Crystal Mouse Pad with a Wrist Rest

The Fellowes mouse pad with wrist rest is the last on our list. It is the one that offers a cool look and performance. It’s produced out of supportive, smooth gel polymer and comes in two color choices to match your room.

Fellowes Gel Crystal Mouse Pad with a Wrist Rest

It is a great choice for gamers too since it offers a very high level of responsiveness. It is optical-friendly for superior mouse tracking. In addition, the mouse pad with wrist rest also has a non-slip bottom.

Aside from gamers, home and office users also give positive reviews. Most report to like the comfort of the materials. It is also easy to clean and maintain – keep it looking as new.


  • Contemporary gel look
  • Extra-smooth gliding surface for your mouse
  • Ideal wrist support
  • Wide surface area
  • 2 colors to choose from – blue and purple

  • Not as durable as some other advanced models
  • It may cause sweating at the contact points

What should you consider before buying a mouse pad with wrist rest?

This section is here to serve you as a mouse pad with a wrist rest buyer’s guide. Make sure to go through the point presented below and ensure to account for each of them when you make the purchase. By doing so, you will ensure to get the best mouse pad with wrist rest for your needs and your budget.

Wrist Compression

The wrist compression will depend on the shape of the wrist pillow, the material used, the pillow height, and the shape of your hands. In addition, the height of your chair and table also determine the angle of your arm and wrist. All this must be taken into the account. Not to mention that the size and type of your mouse must also be considered. You want to achieve great support but also retain full mobility.

Pad Material

The pads come in various materials, however, when it comes to supporting wrist pillows, gel and memory foam are the two you should consider. Both of these material options offer great comforts and adjust fully to your wrist shape. Gels tend to be slightly more popular these days, however, keep in mind that the gel pillow can get punctured.

Mouse Pad Size

The size of the mouse pad depends on the type of work you do, on your mouse’s responsiveness, and more. Account for all the factors and ensure to get a large enough pad. Sure, the pad must fit your table, however, it is better to have a pad that is too big, that the one that will be too small for your needs and will require you to constantly lift up the mouse.

Ease of Cleaning

If we have learned anything in the first half of 2020 is that germs are very powerful and that we are never too safe. As such, make sure to clean your mouse and mouse pad regularly. Having a mouse pad with a wrist rest that is cleaned easily is a definite plus.

Non-Slip Back

This is essential. If your pad is not fixed in place, you will find it annoying and rather difficult to get things done properly and fast.


To be honest, even the most expensive mouse pads aren’t that expensive. As such, it sure makes sense to pay slightly extra and get a mouse pad of solid quality that will provide you with the performance and durability you deserve.


The more you pay for a mouse pad with wrist rest the longer it will normally last. Getting a mouse pad from a reputable brand also improves your chances. Making sure to comply with the instruction and not to expose pads to direct UV light or rough rubbing or other chemicals, also ensures a longer lifespan.

Wrist Height

Wrist high that will best suit an individual greatly depends on the chair and table height, mouse type, and hand/arm shape. You most likely already have a mouse, a chair, and a table so use those three objects to roughly determine the best size (the gape) of the mouse pad with wrist rest.

Though keep in mind that most mouse pads with wrist support come with pillows that are somewhere between 0.9 – 1.1 inch high.

Choose an Attached Pad + Wrist Rest

This is something to be considered. There are special table attachments available that you can set in place (on the table or the chair’s armrest). That way you can achieve the best support. Some of those already incorporate wrist rest, while others allow you to use them with any mouse pad with wrist rest that you prefer.

Gaming, Office or Personal Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

It is good to know what kind of mouse use you will focus on. A good mouse pad with wrist rest can serve all types of computer use, however, some gaming or designer work may require larger surfaces and more mobility.

Well-Known Brands

Some of the well-known and reputable brands include Fellowes, Kensington, 3M, and Gimars. However, keep in mind that unlike regular mouse pads, mouse pads with wrist rest do not have such specific leading brands.

Benefits of Using a Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

There are two main benefits of using a mouse pad with wrist rest:

  1. Prevent wrist compression
  2. Help with better mouse handling

Keep in mind that not all mice and wrist types will benefit from using a mouse pad with wrist rest. However, in many cases, the wrist pillow that comes with a mouse pad with wrist support provides additional comfort for your wrist. It enables us to maintain the proper hand-wrist-arm alignment, which ensures that proper blood flow is established.

Within the wrist, there are numerous tiny bones and sensitive nerve connections, which can all get damaged if positioned in improper positions for extended periods. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such common issue that can be prevented or reversed with the use of proper mouse pad with wrist rest.

NOTE: Wrist rest pillows are intended to mainly rest your wrist when you are actually not using the mouse (you keep your hand on it but is stationary). When you are actively using your mouse, you should not rest your wrist on the pillow.

Things to Consider when Using a Mouse Pad with a Wrist Rest

When using a mouse pad with a wrist rest, you need to consider your entire working posture. The posture itself is the most essential part of computer work. The main goal is to distribute the weight and pressure among your body parts proportionally to their size.

The pillow rest can help you ensure proper wrist position and periodical rest between mouse works. However, keep in mind that you should not position your mouse pad with wrist rest in a way that your entire arm weight would fall on the pillow. That could cause severe pressure on that small area and make your wrist pain worse.

Always ensure that the mouse pad with wrist rest matches your mouse type and size and that it complements and improves your entire computer use posture. That is essential.

The Risks of Using Wrist Rests

Keep in mind that human beings have all slightly different body shapes and body parts. As such, there are many individuals who are better off without the use of wrist rest. If you believe that your posture is great without the use of wrist rest and that you have no wrist issues that you probably do not need to consider wrist rest.

If you are one of those individuals, you may actually increase wrist pain and issues if you were to introduce a mouse pad with wrist rest to your computer setting.

Ways to Clean a Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Keeping your mouse pad clean is extremely important. However, you must consider the material your mouse pad with wrist rest is made of in order to go with the right cleaning method. Moreover, always be gentle when cleaning, you do not want to damage your favorite mouse pad.

General tips/warnings to consider before cleaning your mouse pad with wrist rest:

  • Don’t use a washing machine or a dishwasher
  • Don’t use a dryer
  • Use a sponge or a towel with the same roughness the mouse pad has (be gentle)
  • Make sure that the pad is not crunched up when drying it
  • Avoid leaving any visible water droplets
  • If you wash your mouse pad in the sink, ensure to first wash the inner surface of the sink to remove any algae or gunk (you don’t want those in your pad)

In general, there are four ways to clean a mouse pad with wrist rest:

  • The Laundry Powder Methodthis method is best performed using the shower. Having a sponge, laundry powder and a towel are all you need. Do not scrub hard.
  • The Microfiber Cloth Methodbest for small pads that get dirty often and have a smooth surface. For this process, you will need a bowl, hand soap or aloe, a microfiber towel, and a large towel for drying.
  • “RGB Lighting Pads” MethodDo not dunk this type of mouse pads in the water. Use wet fiber cloth or towel and hand soap to gently wash it.
  • Scrub Until Clear Methodfor this method you need shampoo, big and small towel, and a clean sponge. It is the best method for quick results.

Basics of a Gaming Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

All mouse pads with wrist support have two basic components – the pad and the wrist pillow. The pad is the one that will determine the efficiency of the mouse gliding and tracking, while the pillow takes care of the comfort and support to your wrist.

To select the best combination of the two qualities you need to read the buyer’s guide provided in the previous section.

What is a good alternative to a mouse pad with rest?

For the best combination of performance and support, mouse pads with wrist rest are the best option. However, there are some alternatives available. There are separate wrist pillows available. These are placed under the wrist and may be used with any other mouse pad. The universal feature of these pillows is great, however, they are not fixed in place and tend to offer a lower level of support.

Another alternative is a wrist support brace. Some are completely universal, while there are wrist braces that are specially designed for computer use. Those can be a great pain saver and can help you manage your wrist position during those long hour computer tasks.

Another alternative are larger mice. A large mouse, where your entire palm rests on top of it, can greatly improve your palm and wrist position and as such take care of all your wrist problems.

NOTE: It makes sense to start with your posture, your chair, your desk height, etc. these all contribute to your wrist position.