How to get free WiFi anywhere you go

‘How to get free WiFi anywhere?’ Have you asked that question already? I this article we will dive deep into methods and tricks that will help you learn how to get free WiFi anywhere. You will learn that 2021 offers a lot of valid options for you to choose from.

Of course, keep in mind that there is no single solution to how to get free internet. There are many factors that determine whether you’ll be able to get online for free or not. These include the type of gadgets you have, your location, your ingenuity, and more.

However, by reading this article thoroughly, you will learn many useful tips and tricks that will definitely get you several steps closer towards knowing how to get free WiFi anywhere.

To bring you as much value and useful information we even decided to devote an additional section on how to get free WiFi at home, in which you will learn practical tricks that will enable you to get online free of charge.

Since safety must be one of your concerns when going online, we also decided to include a whole section on how to be safe when using free (public) internet connections, which will help you eliminate any unnecessary worrying and potential threats.

Are you ready to learn how to get free WiFi anywhere? Let’s dig in.

Can I get WiFi for free legally?

You may be an exception, but there are many people who connect free internet with some illegal activities. If you are one of those, please, don’t worry because all the methods presented herein are 100% legal.

Thus, the answer to the above questions is YES, you can get Wifi for free legally. Of course, some of the tactics or methods that you will learn herein may be frond upon, however, it is always up to you, to be honest about your intentions and choose the right approach, the one that is legal and morally acceptable for you. By all means, never compromise your moral believes for the sake of getting free internet access.

That said, in case you find any of the methods presented below unacceptable for your moral code, disregard them, and focus on those that are more in line with you.

What should I look into before using free WiFi?

We do owe you a slight warning before we proceed. You should know that getting online using free methods can increase safety risks. Only a few selected free internet methods will provide you with the same safety level that you can obtain if you pay for high-quality internet services.

Getting online through unknown networks can be potentially dangerous and we recommend you to use some sort of antivirus piece of software on the device that you plan on using. Moreover, it really helps if you know where the network is coming from.

However, keep in mind that if you can access it most likely many others can, which includes potential hackers, thus some precautions must be taken.

If you want to stay as safe as possible, make sure to check the section on how to be safe when using the free public internet, which will take place towards the end of the article.

How to get free WiFi anywhere?

This is the section you’ve been waiting for. Herein you will learn several methods and tricks that CAN get you free WiFi access and a chance to get online free of charge.

How to get free WiFi

Keep in mind that in order to make any use of free WiFi anywhere, you need to have a device that can connect to a WiFi network. Your best options are smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If you have any of these at your disposal, you should be able to put many of the methods that are about to be presented into practice very soon.

Keep in mind that many of the options below will include the use of some mobile apps, which means that you will be limited to a smartphone or a tablet to access the web.

Use a Hotspot Database App

Below we have listed three apps that will help you locate hotspots (free WiFi connections) and thus provide you with a good chance to get online for free. We like all three apps thus you can choose the one that suits you best.


This high-quality and easy-to-use hotspot database app contains a long list of hotspots and detailed information about them. For each hotspot, you can view Foursquare and WifiMapper comments, the hotspot’s type, and its exact place. According to the information we were able to obtain, the developers behind this app would like to implement password sharing functionality and offline hotspot maps in the near future.


Wiman is Quickly becoming the largest hotspot database in the world. This powerful app can help you find and locate free WiFi hotspots everywhere you go. Basically, Wiman works like the built-in WiFi connection manager on your smartphone. It offers you free WiFi hotspots and classifies them based on their quality. The app even lets you earn special rewards for using the app and compete with your friends to see who can track down the greatest number of free WiFi hotspots (that is how their database grows).

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

You must likely know Avast since it is a well-known cybersecurity software company. The company has created an incredibly convenient WiFi finder that can give you an answer to the question, “Is there free WiFi near me?” and “What is the fastest free WiFi near me?” with a single tap on the screen. The amazing thing about the Avast Wi-Fi Finder is that it works even without an internet connection. It also has a very large database of WiFi passwords provided by Avast community members from all around the world.

Instabridge Free WiFi Hotspots and Passwords

Instabridge is a worldwide community of people who share WiFi passwords. They’ve collected over 4 million passwords and hotspots, and this number is growing every day, which can provide you with precious information.

The amazing thing about the Instabridge is that it’s totally free. It helps you save money on data usage, and helps those who can’t afford to pay for the WiFi connection to connect for free when they need to.

With millions of secure, up-to-date WiFi hotspots, Instabridge is one of the simplest ways to surf the Internet for free. Instabridge’s Wifi finder regularly checks which Wi-Fi networks work and automatically keeps you off those that don’t. There is no setup required. The app incorporates a beautifully integrated travel map and detailed statistics on every network in their database, as such, you won’t ever have to worry about how and where you can connect.

WiFi Master

WiFi Master is the world’s first and largest peer-to-peer Wi-Fi sharing platform for free WiFi access developed by LinkSure Network. It is available for Android phones. WiFi Master provides its users with hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots shared by their users globally. As their user, you can connect to free Wi-Fi with their app. The WiFI Master helps you save data costs by connecting to free shared WiFi hotspots. It is easy and fast; it lets you connect with one click. It is also safe and secured; all shared passwords are not revealed. The app is encrypted to protect the sharer’s privacy and security. It is available in 19 languages across 200+ countries and regions.


Fon is the world’s leading carrier WiFi provider and offers an app to share their global network of WiFi hotspots with you. If you’re looking for high-quality internet connections on your mobile or tablet, then the Fon WiFi app will help you to automatically join nearby hotspots.

Keep in mind that Fon offers paid hotspot, though, very often they run a special promotion when their (some of them) are for free.

Visit Popular Free WiFi Hotspot Locations/Find open Wi-Fi hotspots

Remember that you can always pull our your tablet or smartphone and initiate network search. This action will provide you with a list of all available WiFi networks in your proximity. If any of these networks are unlocked, you can easily connect to it.

These types of WiFi connections are more and more common in most of the largest cities all across the globe. Of course, not entire cities are covered yet, however, you have a greater chance of finding a free WiFi near some popular touristy spots.

To help you find Free Wifi networks, you may use WiFi Map ( You can visit their site or use their app.

Look for Hidden WiFi Networks

Did you know that there are hidden networks often to be found? These are WiFi networks that have been set up in a way to be hidden. To connect to a hidden wireless network follow the instructions below (the exact step may vary from device to device).

  • Open the system menu from the right side of the top bar.
  • Select Wi-Fi Not Connected. The Wi-Fi section of the menu will expand.
  • Click the Wi-Fi Settings.
  • Press the menu button in the top-right corner of the window and select Connect to Hidden Network….
  • In the window that appears, select a previously-connected hidden network using the Connection drop-down list, or New for a new one.
  • For a new connection, type the network name and choose the type of wireless security from the Wi-Fi security drop-down list.
  • Enter the password or other security details.
  • Click Connect.

You may have to check the settings of the wireless access point or router to see what the network name is. If you don’t have the network name (SSID), you can use the BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier, the access point’s MAC address), which looks something like 02:00:01:02:03:04 and can usually be found on the underside of the access point. You should also check the security settings for the wireless access point. Look for terms like WEP and WPA.

Free WiFi in your office place

These days most offices offer free WiFi. While in your office connect to that network to save mobile data. Of course, you must focus on your work and get things done, however, there are always some short breaks, during which you will be able to enjoy free internet access. Moreover, offices normally make sure that their WiFi networks are relatively safe.

Free WiFi in public bus

In many big cities, you can find public WiFi connections on buses and other public transportation. These networks are sometimes payable or available only to specific carrier users. However, oftentimes, they are free to all for at least some limited time (first 30 min or first hour).

Next time you are on a bus, check if there is a WiFi connection available.

Use free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, restaurants, or libraries

Given all of the above options, these ones still remain the most popular ones. In 2020, almost all users expect restaurants, coffee shops, and bars to offer free internet connections. And, since the owners know that this is what their clients expect, most actually offer free WiFi. This is similar basically all across the globe. Some keep their networks unlocked, others provide their clients (those who order something) with a free passcode. These types of restaurants and bars normally have a “Free WiFi” sticker on their front door.

If you need a quiet working space, libraries may be a great place. You should know that not all libraries offer free WiFi connection, though the majority do.

How to Get Free WiFi at Home

In the above section, we have mostly focused on how to get free WiFi anywhere on the go, however, many of the above tricks could also get you access to the internet at home.

In this section, we will focus on providing you with useful information on how to get free WiFi at home. By reading the following content you will learn how to get free internet without having to leave your house or apartment.

Note: Keep in mind that your location matters. It is what will determine the results of your ‘places with WiFi near me’ search.

Use Your Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

This is the most legit, very safe, and a great way to get free WiFi at home. Of course, this is only FREE if you have a mobile package with an unlimited amount of mobile data that also allows you to use these data via hotspot (make sure to check that with your wireless carrier to avoid any unwanted cost).

Below you can find a typical setting for Android and iOS smartphones that will enable you to create a Hotspot.

Android Settings

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Tap the Network & Internet option.
  3. Select Hotspot & tethering.
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. You should see options for turning the hotspot feature on and off. Additionally, you can change the network name, security type, password, and more.
  6. Follow instructions to customize the hotspot feature to your liking.
  7. Open the Wi-Fi menu on the device you need to connect to the internet. Look for your Android device, tap it, and enter the password that appears on your Android’s Wi-Fi Hotspot settings.
  8. Your secondary device should now be able to surf the web (and consume mobile data). To disconnect, turn off the hotspot.

Note: Many Android devices have hotspot shortcut in the drop-down menu, where you can turn on/off the hotspot with a single tap or hold the icon to access settings.

iOS settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then to Personal Hotspot
  3. Toggle it on (if you don’t see Personal Hotspot in Settings, tap Cellular > Personal Hotspot).
  4. Make note of the Wi-Fi password.
  5. Open the Wi-Fi menu on the device you need to connect to the internet. Look for your iOS device, tap it, and enter the password that appears on your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot screen.
  6. Your secondary device should now be able to surf the web (and consume mobile data). To disconnect, toggle Personal Hotspot to off on your iOS device

Use a Portable Router

Portable Router (also known as instant internet) are routers that don’t get internet access via cable or fiber but via the use of SIM cards. They can be solely focused on providing Wi-Fi signals, in which case they are mostly referred to as Hotspot devices, or they can have an option to connect Ethernet cable or several cables and distribute internet connections to other devices through the cable.

Portable Routers are only free is you already have a SIM card that comes with an unlimited plan that included Hotspot mobile data. If that is not the case, you will need to purchase a SIM card and a plan to get access to the web.

Ask a Friend to Share an Internet Connection

If you are about to use that shared connection in your home, that friend must also be a close neighbor. If those conditions are met, you can pitch in for a powerful Wi-Fi router and you and your friend could both share the same internet connection.

Use free internet access provided by your internet provider

Most providers run a network of Wi-Fi hotspots that are available for free to their users. This principle can be used in combination with the above tip. If your friend provider offers a Wi-Fi hotspot in your area, you can use your friend’s login information to get access for free. ISP account details are typically needed for the login to be successful.

For example, AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum are just a few of the ISPs that offer Wi-Fi hotspots.

NOTE: This can also be a way to get online when on the go in case you are using one of the providers that offer public Wi-Fi hotspots at home.

Use one access point with neighbors

We have covered this one in the ‘Ask a Friend to Share an Internet Connection’ section. If you are in good relationships with your neighbors, you may ask any of them to share the connection.

If you plan on doing so on a long-term basis, it may be smart to upgrade to the fastest internet package and split the cost.

Use a more sensitive antenna

There might be some free Wi-Fi hotspots in your area but your devices aren’t able to detect those signals. In that case, you may use antennas to collect that signal from the outside and transfer it into your home. There are high-quality Wi-Fi antennas to be purchase. However, if you are looking to get it done for less, use YouTube and search for ‘DIY Wifi Antenna’ or similar.

Free Internet for 10 Hours per Month

NetZero offers free 10 hours of internet access for free per month. It is not much, however, if you need to check your emails and do some essential stuff, you can easily get by with 20 min/day. If you do the math, with 20 min per day, 10 hours will last you for the whole month, which means that you have completely free internet access on your hands.

District Offer for Students

Where to get free WiFi for students during COVID-19? Many large companies, including AT&T, Charter Communications/Spectrum, Cable one, C Spire, Atlantic Broadband, and many others come up with special offers during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. These companies signed the FFC’s pledge called ‘Keep Americans Connected’. On the link that follow, you can view all companies that signed the pledge:

The most common offer includes 60 days of FREE internet services for households that have at least one K12 student.

How to be safe when using a free public internet

As promised above, we will use this section to provide you with safety tips, which you should consider applying when using a public internet connection.

Use free VPN services

VPN services are a great way to ensure additional protection. VPN services redirect your IP address via any other IP address and that way makes tracing to your device practically impossible (or at least much more difficult). There are many free VPN services that you can use on your computer or your phone.

Avoid inputting sensitive information

We also advise you to avoid entering any sensitive information when connected to the public internet. Unless you really have to, avoid entering credit card information and other personal data that could easily be exploited to your disadvantage.

Avoid data sharing

We also advise you to avoid data sharing on the public internet. Data that is shared is much easier to grab by a third party.

Stick to using secure websites

Visiting unknown and unreputable sites on public internet connections is highly discouraged. Unknown URLs may be used to scam you and capture your information or even hack into your device easily. As such, we strongly recommend you stick to the well-known and reputable sites when on the public internet. Those sites are safe and normally use a high level of security measures to protect themselves and their visitors.

Uncheck the option to connect automatically

Since public internet connections are generally not very secure, you do not want to be automatically connected to them every time you enter their range. To avoid being connected to any of these potentially insecure networks, make sure to uncheck the option to connect automatically. That way you will always need to confirm before you are connected and will always know that you are connected to the potentially insecure hotspot.

Be Careful about Scanning Apps

This warning applies not only to public internet connections but constantly, at least when you are online. The latest analysis has shown that many apps can scan your phone’s clipboard and use that content. If you don’t know what the clipboard is, it is a part of your phone’s storage that is used when you copy elements, files, or other content.

As such, make sure that you haven’t just copied some sensitive content before connecting online and using an app that operates online (these include most social media apps).

Final Thought

We have covered quite a lot, right? If you read the entire article, you are now a semi-expert on how to get free WiFi on your phone or any other device. You should also have several methods on how to get free internet access in public or at home under your belt.

Keep in mind that not all methods presented above may be applicable in your case, either due to your device type or location. As such, start at the top and move down the list until you find a method that works for you and is able to provide you with a free internet connection.

Moreover, we warned you to stay safe, thus make sure to apply all the safety tips when using free public internet access points.

Enjoy the web, stay connected, and stay safe.

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